Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cameron Highlands Holiday - Day 1

Holidays have been planned and cancelled..all because of the swine flue outbreak in the country..so this time around we determined to just go for a holiday since it is Adam's first holiday and its been ages since our last holiday together..awal-awal lagi dah apply cuti..all because being so excited to go for the holiday..Cameron Highlands..last visit was way back mase kat Uni dulu..while the husband..this will be his first visit..and he's super duper excited..The preparations list for this holiday is super long..dengan carseat Adam (since he's outgrown his carrier)..sweater..long pants..macam nak holiday oversea jek..hahahah..but it was fun..dah lama pon tak beli barang Adam..

Sleeping on the way in his car seat

The journey was fun because Adam fell asleep once the car start to move..and all the way till our pit stop at R&R Simpang Pulai..i think the new carseat is comfy..ouhh..we decided to take the new route up..most of the people that took that route said that the view was nice along the way..and the road was much-much better that the other one..After the R&R stop, Adam stayed awake up till we arrive at the appartment..i think he's pretty excited with the new atmosphere..he enjoys the cool air.. he jumps al the way up to the top..i'm the one whose a little bit dizzy because of this..lol!

We stayed at Desa Anthurium..an apartment located at one of the valley between Tanah Rata and Brinchang..a perfect place to stay!

After a rest and lunch and also unpacking plus settling down..we make our move to the first stop..

The farm is open

The strawberry farm..where we can pluck the strawberries ourselves..and enjoy the homemade icecream plus topping (strawberries of course!)..jams and lots more..and its owned by a malay..price for the plucked strawberries depends on the size of the pack you choose.. this is our first time plucking..it was so d*mn exciting..for me and the whole family..our last visit to Cameron Highlands..strawberrries are like a forbidden thing to touch..we can only see from far..but not anymore..

Rows of strawberries waiting to be plucked

My choice.. red & ripe

Plucking as in cutting the strawberries

Adam join in the fun

The tree of us at the farm

after that relaxing at the farm enjoying the homemade ice cream..yummaayy!! little nephew had 2 cups of the ice-cream and i heard he said this

"sedapnye... tak penah makan aiskrim sedap macam nih!!"

Even the husband finished a cup of the ice cream..he never do that!!

Ice cream time!

Adam?? he just enjoying his milk in the cool weather..

Adam milk time

By the way the name of the farm is KHM Strawberry Farm in Taman Sedia..but the for plucking the farm is just a couple of minutes walk from the KHM farm..can't remember the name..but it's their family too..Taman Sedia is situated nearby the Ye Olde Smokehouse..

After that went to Kea Farm to buy salads (fresh!) for our barbeque that night..i had strawberries dipped in chocalate there..tak suka laa!! i prefer the fresh strawberrries..

No more chocolate dipped strawberries for me

For the barbeque thing..i didn't join them cause its too cold..like ice cold! Pity Adam for that..luckily i bought a grobag-like by George..that kept him warm!.. and he sleeps like a prince in that cold weather..

Little nephew enjoying his barbequed chicken

More stories on our Cameron holiday in the next entry..

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