Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bangkok Break || Day 2

what i saw when i woke up
Woken up to a new and unfamiliar environment..Had breakfast with the mee goreng mamak we tapaw the nite before from Cili Padi Restaurant.. then we took the taxi Sathorn Pier.. Kalau nak naik BTS Skytrain pon boleh.. stop at sa€thorn Thaksin Station.. Kat sini we're gonna catch the Chao Phraya River Cruise.. I was imagining a cruise.. little that i know that the cruise was on a public boat.. were people can get on and off along the river.. Quite a hassle with the stroller and all.. tp for the experience kan?? takpelah.. the cruise took us around 2 hours from one end to the other end and back again..kitorang tak turun pon for any attraction.. malas laa.. since its a hassle nak turun and naik boat with the stroller.. but we still have to change boat at the end station to get back again..
the Pier
the boat
Adam enjoying the ride
the temple of dawn
at the end station.. changing boat
the tree of us
the cruise ticket
By the time we get back it was almost to Zuhur and it was Friday.. so Mr. AZ's friend have to go for his Friday prayer.. we cooked sambal sardin for lunch.. ehehehe.. make do je la dengan apa yang ada..
little Adam playing at the kids play area
complimentary drink
playing while we're having our coffee
After lunch went for MBK.. MBK ni sama macam Bkt. Bintang or Sg. Wang.. full of baju-baju murah and some souvenirs too.. electronics pon ada.. kitorang spent quite awhile jugakla.. balik2 tu dah petang.. Little Adam pon macam sleepy jek.. kasik die tedo.. kitorang pon skali join.. ehehhee..
That nite went for dinner at Mr. AZ's friend usual.. sampai tuan kedai tu dah tau die nak order aper.. we even bought tomyam pes to be brought back.. Food sangat sedap!!
the BTS Skytrain
ice milo
kangkung goreng belacan
tomyam seafood
ikan siakap masak 3 rasa
 After that kitorang jalan-jalan area Siam Square to get the feel of their nite life.. and browse through their nite market.. kat sini nite market macam merata-rata..

at the renovated rock shop
buying ticket for the skytrain
 Yang frustnya tak dapat nak rasa their variety of fresh fruits and fruit juices yang jual2 tepi jalan.. as I saw it je.. cakap nanti depan sikitla.. then dah takde..nak patah balik dah malas.. too many people..

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