Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eidul Fitri 1432H

At this opportunity, I and my little family would like to wish all Muslims a very happy Eidul-Fitri.. we made it through! Hope to meet Ramadhan again next year..

p/s: we're gong back to my hometown in Taiping for 3 days.. and will continue with Raya here in KL..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eidul Fitri Eve

It was the last day of Ramadhan..since tomorrow is the day of celebration, me and Mr. AZ decided to celebrate a bit..  he bought a couple sticks of bunga api for little Adam to enjoy.. i was expecting he'll excited like i am.. unfortunately.. he ran and hide behind my mom once we light up the candle.. and he was nowhere to be seen after that.. so me and Mr. Az was left outside with the bunga api..luckily little Sara was not afraid at all.. and she enjoy the experience..

p/s: can't wait for tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eidul Fitri Fever

Friday, August 26, 2011

26th Ramadhan

Today's iftar was requested by me.. i keep on remembering when were small.. my mom used to make us this nasik tomato where she dum all the rice and chicken with chicken stock and tomato puree in the rice cooker and wallaaa..there you go the most delicious nasik tomato ever.. so i requested for our iftar.. and everybody agreed..and we enjoyed the iftar very much..even little Adam enjoy the rice too.. it was accompanied with salad, sambal telur, sambal kacang goreng, pumpkin pudding (cousin's food tent) and beef tomyam.. and the drink for today was honeydew juice.. fresh!!

nasik tomato ayam kambus
sambal telur
sambal kacang and bilis goreng
beef tomyam
pumpkin pudding
honey dew juice


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23rd Ramadhan

Today's iftar still with the simplest mood.. today's choice was bihun goreng [plus] daging masak cili [plus] ayam goreng uncle bob [plus] some kuih for dessert..

bihun goreng
daging masak cili
ayam goreng uncle bob
appetizer / dessert

p/s: for some of you who might not have heard about ayam goreng uncle bob..this is a quite famous franchise of fried chicken selling at pasar malam.. priced at rm 5.50 per crispy cut sprinkle with pepper and chilli.. yummss..

Monday, August 22, 2011

22nd Ramadhan

Today we had the simplst dish ever.. nasik goreng [plus] vege soup [plus] sambal sardin.. and we wallop all of it clean.. eheheheh.. simplest is the bestest right??

nasik goreng cina
sambal sardin
stuffed bitter gourd soup

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moreh with besties

Since it's hard to get a date to gather all of us..and it's quite a hassle to gather with kids during iftar..we decided that this year's Ramadhan gathering by having Moreh together.. after it was decided that we should Moreh instead of Iftar.. then come to the part to decide where to eat.. finally we decided to have at Tony Romas Yap Kwan Seng since it would be open till late...

Me and my troop arrive a little bit late waiting for Mr. AZ from Tarawikh.. unfortunately Tony Romas kitchen already closedby that time.. so we had drinks only.. ordered chocolate shake for little Adam which he refuse after the first taste.. it does taste a little bit weird..for me la kan..

we did some catch-up eventhough only 5 of us were there.. it was fun though.. to have this kind of thing once in a while.. and during that gathering i realised.. that i missed our uni days.. the time that we did everything together.. and how time flies..and now here we are.. some with kids..

Ladies! lets do Syawal Gathering oso.. rumah aku pon takpe.. nak??!!
of all the things..i forgot my camera..uhuhuhu..luckily Ayu brought hers.. and thanks to her for these pictures..

gyah & tini + hubby

elly & ayu

raes - tini's son

little Adam
all of us

Saturday, August 20, 2011

20th Ramadhan

Today we've entered the last leg of Ramadhan.. the final 10 days.. no more pictures of our menu for iftar as we've done some recycling of the menu.. not the same food.. but the menu.. it's still being cook fresh..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

18th Ramadhan

Thanks for today menu change.. i feel more alive!! (such a drama queen!) but we do still prepare rice and a couple of dish for my mom and a certain people that must be have rice for a meal.. but the main dish was fried kuehtiaw.. with lots of prawn and small bits of chicken.. yummy yumm...
fried kuehtiaw with loads of prawn
masak lemak ayam kampung
sotong masak cili

sambal telur
steam vege
sambal bilis + cili padi
roti john rendang daging

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17th Ramadhan

I think after today's iftar mark the i-had-enough-of-rice day.. i became confuse on what to eat.. so i end up by having kerabu daging (given by my cousin)as appetizer and bread with fish curry as my main dish.. that bad huh??

fish head curry
ikan kembung bakar
kerabu daging
kerabu mangga

You guys have any idea for iftar's menu?? do share..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16th Ramadhan

Today, as normal we prepared our normal iftar dish.. at the end of the day, with my cousin (with the food tent) joining us for iftar, the menu became larger..

afraid that the rice is not enough, my sister fried an express nasik goreng sardin during the last hour..it turn out that the nasik goreng was hot selling rather than the normal white rice.. heeee.. the tribe has spoken..maybe we should change our menu la kak..

these are our menu of the day..

telur masak kicap

ikan goreng masak cuka

gulai kawah

ayam percik

daging salai

otak - otak
pisang goren thai style

the express nasi goreng sardin