Monday, September 29, 2014

Makan - Makan || Restoran Homst, TTDI

It all started after the working trip to Pahang.. the boss I there with suggested me to try the salted egg soft shell crab here.. according to him this this is to die for.. his family would come here just to have the dish.. he even said they won't mind to order that this eventhough their stomach was already full..

Not wanting to be behind.. I suggested to Dude to try this particular to die for dish at one of their branch.. TTDI.. so my mission was to try their salted egg soft shell crab.. oohh.. this restaurant is a chinese muslim restaurant.. so go figure on their choices of food..

After ordering our drink and food.. soft shell crab and a plate of cantonese noodle.. we waited.. then the dish came.. I was thrill to try.. but was dissapointed that my crab was already cold.. did they pre-cooked the dish since it is the most popular dish? It took us quite sometime to finish it.. We even  managed to clear up the noodle before the crab..

the little guy wanted sirap ais
salted egg soft shell crab

cantonese noodle

Even I was dissapointed with the crab, but it wont stop me from going to their other branch (planning on going to the specific branch that the boss went)..

Restoran Homst @ TTDI
No 34 - 36, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 7728 0760
Hours : 1100am - 1030pm

I Say

Price : affordable
Food : nice taste
Service : good service
Atmosphere : nice ambiance
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : ample parking when I went there for dinner

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mini Handbag For A Mini Lady

Lately Sara's been acting all girly-girly and princessy..

So I gave her a mini jelly pink handbag as a present

just to get her in the mood

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sweet Tooth

I get this from my father.. A sweet tooth.. FULLSTOP

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a Familiar Face

Finally sampai jugak hari tu.. Hari where my eldest nephew sambung belajar oversea.. dari pagi lagi rumah dah penuh dengan family members datang visit and wishing him well.. and also tebalkan poket die.. My sister pon macam ok je.. sebok melayan tetamu sambil final check on barang-barang yang nak bawak..Dah macam ada kenduri je kat rumah.. orang keluar masuk.. eheheh..

Kitorang bertolah from rumah ti KLIA petang dalam pukul 2 macamtu.. safely sampai airport.. sementara my nephew and abah plus his good friend (ohh.. lupa nak bagitau.. my father and his good friend accompanied my nephew untuk settle down there sambil both of them jalan-jalan makan angin) check-in.. kitorang yang lain lepak-lepak ambik gambar sambil minum kopi kat Old Town White Coffee..

Bila dah dekat time nak boarding, masa tu baru everything sinked-in.. masa my nephew salam.. eventhough we were not that close (macam anjing and kucing!) but he used to be so manja with me masa kecik.. sikit-sikit ada la rasa sedih jugak.. Masa sending-off and final wave kat imigration.. I saw my sister cried.. and tengok budak-budak kenit 3 orang ni waving and shout "bye-bye Yeop!! I love you Yeop!" serious suasana macam sedih giler!! menitik jugakla air mata.. kehkehkeh..

Tapi lepas tu terus lupa and happy-happy, boleh?!

on the way to KLIA

ok this part really sedih
"bye yeop! I love you"

Friday, September 19, 2014

Makan - Makan || Naan Corner, Ampang Jaya

the menu

Mak wanted to have naan at a place where we used to go.. its the Naan Corner in Ampang.. its been ages since we went there.. one of the reason not going is the parking.. it is very hard to get a parking there..

waiting for food

A lot has change there, the stall was not exclusively serving north indian food has expended to wider range of foods.. but sadly the food where overpriced.. and the portion was too small.. even one portion of the meal is not enough for Adam.. we had to reorder..

roti boom

vege something
chicken masaala

chicken tandoori

Since my father wanted to pay for the dinner, and the overpriced food, me and Dude shared..(and we went for another round of dinner at mamak after that!).. even it didn't taste as good as before..

Sorry but I don't think we're coming back after this..

Naan Corner, Ampang Jaya
No. 12 - Naan Corner, Lorong Kerja Air Lama, Ampang Jaya, Ampang, 68000 SELANGOR
Tel : 016 - 947 2020 | 012 - 206 2020

I Say

Price : expensive
Food : small portion
Service : good

Atmosphere : stall
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : quite a problem to find a parking but if you were lucky you can get a parking just in front of the stall

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Movie Night Out

It so happen that the movie Planes 2 was featuring and I had this sudden urge to let Adam have a proper Movie at the Cinema experience after the disastrous Man of Steel..

I sort of prepare and double prepare for everything.. put him in the most comfortable attire..brought his monkey neck pillow and a throw blankie that he got from Emirates Airlines and also loads of titbits..

It was a successful experience since he can't stop asking me to bring him for another round of Planes 2 at the cinema.. hee!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Makan - Makan || Teh Tarik Place, Ayer@8, Putrajaya

Finally dapat jugak makan kat sini.. dah berapa kali nak makan asyik takda rezeki.. But this time timing dah baik.. but still.. food yang nak order takda la pulak.. apparently, segala roti canai, roti telur dan yang seangkatan dengannya is off from 11a.m - 2p.m.. so during that time either order nasi berlauk or goreng-goreng..


Lapar punya pasal, order la maggi goreng.. Proses mengorder kat sini adalah beratur di kaunter, order dan bayar.. kita akan dibagi nombor (yang nanti boleh gantung kat penyangkut yang ada kat meja).. Lepas tu boleh terus cari meja & duduk dan tunggu lah minuman dan makanan sampai.. Kitorang pilih meja tepi tingkap.. Kalau ikutkan panasla sebab tengahhari kan.. Nak tengok view tasik punya pasal.. buat-buat tak rasa panas tu..

Servis quite lambat jugakla, sebab nak dapat air pon agak lama.. mungkin sebab ramai orang.. Kalau air dah lambat, food mestila lagi lambat.. tapi bila dah dapat, the taste memang cover all the waiting time.. takdela sampai tak rasa masa menunggu tu tapi ok-ok laaa.. Puas hati jugakla.. Kiranya kalau nak makan ala-ala cafe.. boleh datang sini lagi.. Tapi mesti datang sini lagi untuk makan roti canai.. (Semua orang yang penah makan cakap sedap!) 

C1-G-2, Ayer@8, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62250 PUTRAJAYA
Tel : 03 - 8861 3340

I Say

Price : standard price eating at a cafe
Food : delicious
Service : good even during peak lunch hour
Atmosphere : a bit crowded because it was during lunch hour
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : ample at the parking lot

Saturday, September 13, 2014


One day mak made roti jala..
Usually she will make it together with chicken curry..
but that day she made another sauce.. durian..
yummm.. we had savoury and sweet

which one I like best?
I can't decide
I love both..

kuah durian

chicken curry

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Makan - Makan || Serabei Cafe, Ayer@8, Putrajaya

Actually we planned to have our lunch at one of the eating places at the newest hotspot in Putrajaya.. But they are closed for Friday prayers.. too bad! So, we had to change the location..

As we walk around the area of Ayer@8, we saw this simple looking cafe.. Serabei.. being curious us, we entered.. eventhough they offer limited menu but it looked tempting.. We ordered Nasi Dagang and Laksam..

nasi dagang

The wait for the food and drinks was not that long.. Unfortunately the taste was not as expected.. we've tasted better with a much lesser price.. sorry to say this.. maybe they can improve on the taste a little??   

Serabei Cafe, Ayer@8, Putrajaya
Lot A2-G-3A, Ayer@8, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, PUTRAJAYA
Tel : 012 - 958 1056

I Say

Price : it is a little bit expensive
Food : have tasted better food
Service : good
Atmosphere : relaxing, cafe ambience
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : a lot of parking spaces