Saturday, April 21, 2012

Discover Japan Part 1 || From KLIA to NARITA

We were talking about Japan since last year.. My parents, my mom especially, wanted to view the cherry blossom also known as the blossoming of sakura..

As I was browsing through MAS website one day earlier this year.. I stumbled upon a Japan flight ticket promotion to Narita.. called my father and the rest was history.. everything went quickly with all the ground arrangements for the whole family.. we managed to get the best deal for our ground arrangements for 12 persons that includes Tokyo Disney Resort 2 day pass (Disneyland and Disneysea), Mount Fuji, Tour of Tokyo, 3 night stay at Tokyo hotel, 2 night stay at Hilton Disney Resort, a private transport for the whole trip, a shinkansen ride, a tour guide, and couple of lunches and dinners.. Oh.. this time around my big bro and wife and also their youngest son won't be joining us.. so is my BIL.. had other engagement..
fighting over big mac for dinner
waiting for our train
all the people on the midnight flight
we're going to Japan!
sleepy boy waiting to be call

The departure day came.. our flight was close to midnight on the 10th of April.. everything went smoothly..little Adam behave well.. he even enjoy the inflight entertainment.. after supper.. he slept.. so do I.. all through the journey.. the inflight entertainment wasn't entertaining enough.. the only movie that caught my attention was Ombak Rindu.. but on that situation.. sleeping was better than watching that movie.. 

Arrived at Narita 7 a.m local time.. Japan time is an hour ahead of Malaysia time.. not that much of a difference..the process was smooth except for the communication problem.. the japanese don't speak english.. they only speak in their own language.. but they are helpful.. eventhough you have to explain a couple of times including do a little action of the thing you wanted help.. they would help you.. please learn a couple of important words like 

Ohayo gozaimasu           Good morning
Arigato gozaimasu         Thank you
Sumimasen           Excuse me

view from the plane as we approaching Japanese airways

yay! we've landed at Narita

We had problem with our luggage.. one of our food box went was being checked-in in KLIA because we had the luggage tag.. but the box was nowhere to be seen in we were stuck at the baggage claim area for quite some time..since we were the last to get off of the plane.. so we were the last ones in the area.. everything was sorted out.. the Narita officials would check with KLIA and would contact us at our hotel for any progress of tracking our lost box.. it is an important box! our food for the stay.. the officials was very friendly and helpful.. luckily we kept our luggage tag.. i would usually either left it on the plane or stuffed it somewhere unknown.. eheheheh..

At the arrival area, out tour guide, Mr. David were already waiting for us.. pity him that he had to wait for quite some time without knowing what happened to us inside.. heeheheh.. sorry Mr. David.. he is a Singaporean but working in Japan for almost 8 years.. he can still understand and talk malay.. so easier for us.. my nephews and niece were busy asking Mr. David on how to operate their mobile phones since all the menus were in Japanese after turning it on after arrival.. Mr. David said to just don't use their phones here.. something about the charges or something like that.. can't remember..

Our bus was already waiting for us infront of the arrival door.. after putting all our luggage in the luggage compartment under the bus, we moved out of the airport towards Tokyo city centre.. the temperature was cooling comparing to Malaysia.. ha ha!! and showers expected later in the day..

NEXT || Part 2

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