Friday, May 2, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 6 || Legoland , Windsor

Today we went to LEGOLAND!! It is located in Windsor, so we have to travel there.. took the Greenline Coach from Victoria Station.. from London it took us around 1 and a half hours to reach Legoland.. but we made a couple of stops along the way including Windsor Castle.. It seems like an extra tour of London..

from bayswater
in the bus
stop at windsor castle
windsor castle

Legoland was already open when we arrive there.. and the throngs of people.. We were quite surprised since it is on a Monday.. only to learn later that most of them took leave for the easter weekend that week..


To tell you the truth, we didn't get to cover most of the park.. because it took us quite some time to queue for the rides.. we just concentrate on Adam.. every ride that excites him, thats the ride that we queue up for.. we had to queue for around half and hour per ride..

shooting water

driving school

happy with his legoland driving license

another queue

boat school
queue for train ride

plating control 'car'

more queue

site office
in the office

excited to work
operating a digger

final train ride


But it was priceless to see that Adam enjoy all the rides eventhough we didn't get to cover all.. we missed the miniland (only to hear that Windsor's is the most famous miniland) and the star wars and a couple more rides..

legoland big shop


We went back to London with Greenline Coach because we bought a return ticket.. the best thing about travelling by bus here is that you can time trip.. the bus will arrive on time or almost to the estimated time.. so not much of a waiting time..

Adam was talking about his whole experience at Legoland the whole way back to London.. that night we have our dinner in the room.. packed a couple of foods from the restaurant in hotel's area..

Legoland Admission : £87.75
Greenline Coach London-Legoland return ticket :  £10 (adult) & £5 (child)

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