Saturday, May 22, 2010

Carrot Boy

Couple days back we noticed Adam's palm a bit yellowish..but that's it..nowhere else were yellow..with the help from the parents..Adam was brought to our normal doctor..and he confirmed he's a bit yellowish.. he asked us to bring him to see the paeds for me and the husband brought Adam to the nearby paeds..
When we met him..he asked what as the problem..when i said that Adam is a bit yellowish..then he checked Adam's eyes..then he asked this question (he chuckled while asking this) "Dia ada banyak makan carrot ka??" then i said..yupp..every other day.. then he said Adam is experiencing overdose of carrots..and the name is Carotenemia.. he said its not dangerous..there's nothing to be worried about..but to rule out any problem, he asked us to do  a blood test.. so we agreed..

At the lab.. Adam was the only baby/ toddler..and i asked the husband to hold Adam while his blood were taken..and i didn't follow them to the procedure room..but i can hear his scream and so do all the people in the lab.. i can see smiling faces and they are looking at me..then my baby came out of the procedure room.. and he rejected his father..insisted on me to hold him.. it took quite some time to calm him down..

 After his blood taking experience


Then we wait for his blood result.. while waiting we can see Adam has develop quite an antics in acting.. he can be smiling an laughing one minute then the other minute he cried when seeing the area where his blood were taken.. Then the result came out..Alhamdulillah..everything's normal..

So people.. there is such thing as carrot overload..Adam is now under a strict diet without carrot to bring back his normal skin tone.. Then we'll start giving him carrots again..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boohoo to the Malaysian Thomas Cup Team!!

Particularly Hafiz Hashim..since his final match was the match i watched..

Last night the husband and I went out to have our dinner..we end up at Satay Sri Melaka..Actually I was craving for a good steaming hot nasik lemak..but we can't figure out where to get a good nasik lemak with super delicious sambal.. so we just settled for satay.. Since the entire house was having problem with Astro transmission due to the lightning in the evening, the tv at the joint was our window to civilisation (ha!).. The people were watching the Thomas Cup match between Malaysia and Japan..It was Malaysia's team first game after the whole Nigeria thing..

We watched the final game between Hafiz Hashim and [something] Sato.. It was totally a dissapointing game to watch..Hafiz wasn't aggresive enough..for me.. He can do better.. He only snapped out of his dream after the 3rd set with only a point left advantage on his opponent..It was too late.. During that game i also learnt that we only won the 1st single and 1st double..what happen to the Malaysians spirit??

Watching that game made me and the husband discussed the difference between the Thomas Cup team today and Thomas Cup team in 1992..That was the time where badminton was in their glorious phase..but it was too early to say.. Lets see what happens today during the quarter finals match between Malaysia and Denmark..Hopefully we can do better than 2-3..


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 Celebration

Its not a celebration actually.. just our weekly family outing.. Since my birthday on the 5th and yesterday was Mother's Day, we decided to have lunch for 3..and the place was none other than Chilli's (the must place for any celebration or special ocassion) the other reason why we chose Chilli's was Kids eat for FREE! However i didn't enjoy the lunch that much because Adam was impossible.. he can't even sit still..climbing and jumping and shouting.. But I'm happy to see that he's active and having fun..

After that, went to pick-up a cake i ordered from Bite Me a week before for my Birthday.. ordered the Rainbow Cake with couple of Macaroons on top.. Yummeh!! Visit her blog to see more yummies.. Thanx a lot!

These are only pictures of the cake..

ordered from her

The Yummy

The Macaroons

The Cake



The cake after the journey home

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's Day

To all the Mama, Ibu, Ummi, Emak, Mummy and Mom out there! Enjoy the whole rest day..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big 3-0

Wishing for a better future ahead, being healthy and love by my family