Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia || Kuantan, Pahang || Day 1

It was a last minute decision to spent the nite in Kuantan.. the idea came from my bro since he didn't want to spent the long weekend at home..

We started around 10 o'clock on Sunday morning from KL heading to Kuantan.. the road were smooth.. i guess most of the holidaymakers head out yesterday or even Friday nite.. little Adam was happy cause the grandparents ride with us.. he sings and talked a lot! and sometimes he just kept quite and concentrated on his gadjet..

We neared Temerloh around noon.. so we decided to stop at one of the shops for the famous ikan patin masak tempoyak.. nobody objected as i remembered..heee.. at first we wanted to stop at the shop that we visited last time. but it was closed.. then we head to Temerloh town to try Gerai Pak Usop Ikan Patin as suggested by Mrs. Tini.. but the place was jammed since there were Pasar Siang and we couldn't find a spot to park.. luckily we didn't walk to the gerai.. according to Mrs. Tini (the next day) the shop closed on Sundays.. so we end up having lunch at Medan Selera Bukit Angin.. it was still early.. the choices were endless with lauk kampung and ulams.. i went bonkers.. can't decide on what to eat.. the main star was surelt ikan patin masak tempoyak.. it was yummilicious... meleleh air liur thinking about it..

After that fulfilling lunch, we continue our journey to Kuantan.. We stayed at The Zenith Hotel (the latest hotel in Kuantan).. according to the staff there, they were fully occupied since Saturday.. it took us quite sometime to be checked-in.. we napped the afternoon away..

After Asar we took little Adam to the mall infront of the hotel.. it was also the latest in Kuantan..we didn't do anything just walked around the mall.. except for stopping at Pizza Hut as requested by little Adam to have soup and pizza..

Late that afternoon we went out to have our dinner in Tanjung Lumpur.. seafood!! while waiting at the lobby we could see couple of chinese families came for their reunion dinner.. with colourful attire!!

Arriving at Tanjung Lumpur, we were welcomed by lined of cars.. it was already jam.. most of them headed to the restaurant that we were going.. so we head to other restaurant without the crowd.. haaa.. frustrated.. its either the food were not good or its my full stomach.. but i really was frustrated..

then we call it a nite.. still contemplating whether to go or not to go to Gambang Water Park tomorrow..

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