Thursday, April 26, 2012

Discover Japan Part 4 || DisneySea

The theme was Spring Voyage

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of a land park and sea park.. Mr. David said that the sea park would be a little bit on the adult side.. so won't be an interesting place for us with small kids.. but they do have some rides that can be enjoyed.. Before we left for DisneySea, we moved our bags to only one room since our check out time was 12 o'clock.. We requested one room for a late check out.. For solat and everything.. By the way we're changing hotel in the evening.. the one in Tokyo city area.. We enter the park using the same 2-day pass as the day before.. the security still do the checks on all our bags.. and our food were still given the okay sign.. ehehehehe..

At the globe
the 3 of us
ready to roam DisneySea
scared of Goofy??
little Sara & Ummi
At the Mediterranean Harbor
wanted to stay there and watch the water
It was sunnier than the day before.. and much much less people.. I guess Disneyland must be packed!! First we head to the Mediterranean Harbor.. since it was the first "ports of call".. i mean it was the first port after the entrance.. little Adam was hooked to the water.. he won't move an inch.. i don't know what part of the water that he was mesmerized with..

boat ride
watching the scenery
Port Discovery
little Adam made a toilet pit stop
at Lost River Delta

But we managed to persuade him to take a boat ride on the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line.. He was having super fun!! since he loves water.. We stopped at the Lost River Delta port for little Adam to take his toilet pit stop.. we stopped quite a while.. blame it all on little Adam!!

at Mermaid Lagoon
waiting the elevator at the DisneySea Electric Railway
Tower of Terror
Empty hotel lobby

After he's done, we went to Mermaid Lagoon where I thought is a much appropriate port for him.. but nope.. not for him either.. by the time we were done at the port, it was close to 1 o'clock.. had to rushed back to the hotel for check-out.. we took the DisneySea Electric Railway from Port Discovery to the American Waterfront which is at the front.. heheheheh.. then we had our hands stamped and off we go back to the hotel.. during that time little adam was sound asleep.. so we freshen up a bit and then checked out.. Left our luggage at the concierge and off we went back to DisneySea.. this is where the 2-day monorail pass is such a money saver and a convenient..

On the way to DisneySea after checking out
DisneySea from Tokyo DisneySea Station
another view of the globe
pretty pink flowers
colourful flowers
During the afternoon session at DisneySea, we just strolled along enjoying the show "The Legend of Mythica" at the Mediterranean Harbour..  It was quite a scary show even with the Disney characters appearance.. little Adam and Sara cried and screamed all through the show.. i think maybe because of the wild colours and with the dragons and all the mythical things.. for me the show was interesting.. it's just like the show in Disneyland but this time they put the colourful float on the boat.. But no picture of the show.. too busy calming little Adam while catching on the show..

The Mickey head

little Adam excited to get on the gondola
waiting for the waterways to calm
he's just too excited
waiting for our turn to get on the gondola
our gondolier
waiting for other people to get in
she's excited too! 
very excited when the gondola moves
admiring the gondolier
telling stories in Japanese
asking us to take pictures
the 3 of us on the gondola
the Mysterious Island
Then we took the gondola ride somewhere near the show area.. but we have to wait quite awhile for the gondola service to start.. since we'll be using the same waterway as the show just now.. It was a  nice ride.. I enjoyed it very much.. a relaxing apart from the not understanding what our gondolier was talking about.. he was speaking in Japanese.. eheheheh..

little Sara and her Minnie ears
the shops area
colourful tulips
is this poppy??!
i love this tones of colours
the banner were made of fresh flowers
But this time at the DisneySea, I am proud to say that I went to all the "ports of call" unlike in Disneyland that i missed a lot of area.. As usual, roaming the shops before going back to the hotel.. to be picked up to our next hotel in Tokyo city..

final MickeyBus ride
leaving this hotel
me and little Sara's Minnie ears
At 5, Mr. David are there to arrange for our moving out.. On the way to the city, it started to rain.. so it was quite cold.. We stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel, Ikebukuro.. the hotel was packed with tourists.. it took Mr. David quite some time to get us checked in.. We even have to bring our luggage upstair by ourselves.. they were short of hand..

at the tempura restaurant
hungry for a decent food
the tempura set
for the tempura dip
freshly fried prawn tempura

Mr. David gave us around 1 hour to rest and freshen up before taking us for our first japanese dinner.. It is tempura time!! it was really fun eating real japanese food.. they serve the tempura fresh.. i mean they fried the dishes one at a time.. but to be real honest.. that meal was not enough.. but my stomach slept happily that nite.. it was a nice meal instead of the usual maggi mee in cup..

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