Monday, September 30, 2013

Humble Pie

I read bout mille crepe couple of months back.. but kept on backing out to order.. One of the weekends during the month of Syawal I ordered a whole cake with french vanilla flavour since some of the family decided to come for beraya with my mom.. why french vanilla you may ask? it was a safe order.. I guess everybody would like it..

It was a smooth process when ordering at Humble Beginnings.. And I ordered the cake to be delivered to me in cuts in cubes with toothpicks for ease of tasting for everybody.. when they called to confirm on my order I requested for the cake to be delivered during the morning trip..

And at around 10++ in the morning, the most awaited van came delivering my cake.. yummy yummm.. and there you go.. a whole cake finish in a blink of an eye (hahaha.. tipu!) actually.. it was quite hot selling because it was something different.. half of the cake was safely set aside by my nephews and niece for them.. ehehehe..

Would reorder to try other flavours since Dude and abah agreed to the taste.. but it is best eaten cool..

cut into cubes with toothpicks
20 layers of crepe

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rare Fruits

Seriously when my colleague was telling me about these 2 fruits I was lost.. never knew about them..

Buah Tampoi

The look is more like a duku.. the white flesh tasted like a mangosteen..


Buah Jentik

Similar to longan but with sweet and sour taste.. and the flesh colour is bright orange..


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Makan - Makan || Panettone, KL Sentral

Actually tengah cari tempat nak breakfast one Sunday morning.. masa tu I have to go to the office.. weekend yang kena kerja sebab ada sports event tu.. Dude and Adam accompanied me to KL Sentral by train.. ni pon sebab Adam dah seronok sangat masa sampai LRT station tu..

Pusing punya pusing kat KL Sentral tu ternampak la kafe ni.. so why not give it a try kan?


Adam - egg croissant set
mine - jumbo breakfast set
Dude order american breakfast set.. the food was ok.. Adam paling suka la memang his kinf of food.. siap poww mama punya sausages lagi..

Next time boleh makan sini lagi bila kat KL Sentral..

budak happy

Panettone @ KL Sentral
Unit 7B, Level 1, KL Sentral, 50470 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 2279 8733
Hours : 0700am - 0900pm (Mon - Thu & Sat) | 0700am - 1000pm (Fri) | 0800am - 0900pm (Sun)

I Say

Price : its affordable because we paid RM26.50 for 3 sets..
Food : no complaint on anything else except the toast and croissant.. the toast is already cold and the croissant is not fresh
Service : good
Atmosphere : a simple cafe with free lighting from the sunlight
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : at the carpark but its better to take the train or any public transport available to KL Sentral

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hariz's 9th Birthday Party || Bangi

Another birthday party attended.. this time around a joint celebration with a twins aqiqah.. it was a simple one.. birthday song-cake cutting- then all the kids jumping into the pool.. done!

but I didn't let Adam join them because malas nak change him.. he cried but I manage to calm him with some promises.. hehe..

Please focus your attention to the boy and the girl in the centre.. it seems they are conquering the centre and push the birthday boy to the side.. maybe they thought it was their birthday?! eheheheh..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Makan - Makan || Old Town White Coffee, Taman Permata

I had a sudden crave for toast.. I drag Dude and Adam for a not so late night out toast and coffe at the nearest kopitiam we can find.. so Old Town White Coffee it is..


Ordered their toast and steam bread with hazelnut white coffee for me and NanYang coffee cold of Dude.. for Adam I ordered garlic bun and shared the father's drink.. mine? strictly no sharing.. heh!


Had a lovely relaxing coffee time with the ones I love.. Adam was the one most excited with this night out.. but it won't happen often Adam! once in a while only.. (boleh caya ke?)


Old Town White Coffee @ Taman Permata 
No. 1, Persiaran Permata, Taman Permata, 53300 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 4105 2937 
Hours : 0900am - 1230am (daily)

I Say

Price : normal for every kopitiam.. we paid around RM20 for everything
Food : do i need to explain?
Service : good
Atmosphere : good
Cleanliness : good
Parking : plenty in front of the kopitiam

Friday, September 20, 2013

Brother & Sister

Pictures of Adam & Sara before going off to school.. Sara started school in July.. She's adjusting well.. Unlike Adam.. he took couple of days to adjust to new environment..

When I asked her.. "Sara, what did you learn at school"
she answered "Ya (her nickname) taktau la mama!"

When I asked her "Sara, what is your teacher's name?"
"Auntie Hanna" Adam answered..

But she always hummed asma'ul husna.. just like Adam did during his early days with Brainy Bunch.. Now he is way advanced.. Even some of the Surah mama didn't know.. malu!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Makan - Makan || Alaa.. Kasim Ikan Bakar, Alai, Melaka

Another balik kampung trip.. kalini balik kampung for Raya.. this year my turn beraya so balik Melaka weeks after first day Raya.. dah takde beraya pon just trips to certain-certain family houses yang MIL tak sempat with other children masa raya itu hari..

So one of the night Dude suggested to eat out.. mana lagi kalau bukan ikan bakar?? and mana lagi kalau bukan Ala.. Kasim.. this is our 2nd time here.. click here for our 1st time

Kalini order macam biasa.. udang sambal, udang bakar, must have sotong celup tepung, ikan bakar and I added black pepper crab..
otak - otak
buah sepinggan RM8
While waiting datang la 2 baskets of otak-otak.. and then ada budak perempuan datang dengan sepinggan buah.. dia tanye "nak buah?" BIL said yes.. nak tau brapa harga a plate of cut fruits? RM8!! gila!

nasik lemak up & down - sambal & other condiments kat bawah
Lepas tu another basket of warm nasik lemak came.. nyummmss!

sotong celup tepung
Sementara makan nasik lemak tu.. 1 by one food came.. masa sotong celup tepung tu terperanjat kitorang.. rasa macam dah pilih sotong besar-besar.. tapi dalam pinggan tu semua sotong kecik-kecik.. ok-ok.. takpe..

sambal udang
udang bakar with butter & garlic
lepas tu datang udang.. udang bakar tu dry sangat la pulak.. sambal tu ok laa..

ikan siakap bakar
black pepper crab turn curry crab
tapi paling frust sekali adalah black pepper crab.. pedas amat.. somemore bukan black pepper pon.. dia letak rempah kari banyak sangat.. pedas!! rasa rempah tu sangat kuat.. tak sanggup nak makan.. tapi since I'm the one requested.. terpaksa la habiskan.. gagahkan diri.. no next time dah black pepper crab kat sini.. FAIL big time!

Ikan Bakar Alaa.. Kasim
Gerai No. 1, Medan Ikan Bakar Alai - Gerai MBMB, Crystal Bay, Alai, 75460 MELAKA
Tel : 012 - 611 9161

I Say

Price : reasonable for all that we had that night we were charge around RM150.. I didn't know the right amount..
Food : The seafood was ok.. not as fresh as the first time we were there.. but still acceptable..
Service : since there were few people that night.. the service was tip top..
Atmosphere : a food court..
Cleanliness : fair..
Parking : paid parking.. but you can gamble by parking in the housing area..