Friday, August 31, 2012

Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

Since I was unable to take additional leave during the 1st week of raya.. I opted to take my leave after all the people came back from their raya leave.. so here I am.. on my leave..

An express plan from us.. a getaway to somewhere near the husband's workplace.. Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa it is.. eheheheh.. a short getaway.. Luckily I get special government servant's discount on the room..

Thursday afternoon, me & Adam took the ERL to Putrajaya.. the husband fetch us from the Putrajaya Central.. Adam was the most excited person all through the journey.. he loves taking the train ride..was jumping and shouting at every train he saw..

a gift from the hotel -on the bedside table

bar of chocolate

Nothing much that we did at the room.. since the  husband works.. after his office hour.. he came back to the room and brought Adam to the pool.. I didn't join them.. too lazy and too many mosquitoes..

making friends

enjoying himself

going back to our room
view of the lobby from pool
That night we had dinner out.. Nandos.. and a night drive around Cyberjaya.. such a relaxing night.. usually at home by this time we were already in our room relaxing on the bed..

The next day was an early morning since we rushed to have breakfast with the husband.. he's working and have to clock-in at 8 in the morning.. we were the only ones at the restaurant.. This was my first experience with hotel breakfast buffet where I don't have to queue up for ommelette.. they even sent it to our table..

We didn't stay at the restaurant for long.. after the husband took off.. Adam was too restless to stay indoor where the swimming pool is within view.. too bad I'm not in the mood to bring him for a swim.. just lounging at the seat provided and went back to our room when the sum was too hot too handle..

We checked out close to lunch time.. such a short getaway.. such a nice time.. just to relax and detox from the normal hectic life.. and now Adam is always asking about staying at the hotel.. in fact now he is asking me when we'll be going to the hotel again.. ohhhh....

Friday, August 24, 2012

While everybody raya sakan...

I'm all alone at the office..

And this is what I have for breakfast and most probably my lunch..

Sedih much??!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makan - makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Since people are still in their raya holiday, saya yang bekerja ni takda tempat nak makan.. Yesterday sedih betol.. minum kopi & biskut kosong.. Itupon nasib baik ada biskut.. If not berlapar laa..

So today, I planned ahead.. Ajak Mr. AZ lunch together-gether.. haaaa.. the place.. where else?? Galeria laa.. Padi House.. muahahahha.. Here is where I share my first and second experience dining there.. Actually there is a third experience.. tapi tak share lagi sini.. Will do it soon.. heeeee..

We took the lunch set.. Mongolian Lamb Cutlets.. with mushroom soup and ice lemon tea.. and it costs us only RM17.90 per set.. value for money?? yesssss..

But my verdict of the cutlets.. well.. I've had better.. I mean during my second & third experience was better.. this time around I can taste the "lamb taste".. get it?? hanyir sikitlaa.. & most probably tak marinate lama like before..

from outside
money plant
starter - mushroom soup
drink - ice lemon tea
Main Course - Mongolian Lamb Cutlets
Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4 Putrajaya
(Opposite Menara KBS)
10am - 10pm daily

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aidilfitri 1433H Celebration

So this year the husband got his turn to raya at his hometown..Unfortunately I can't get the extra leave.. Have to be on duty for the rest of the first week of raya.. 

Went back to Melaka after terawikh on Friday night.. The road was okay.. I guess most of the city people rush out the day before.. Arrive safely at MIL close to 2 a.m.. that is with a pit stop at RnR Ayer Keroh for supper at KFC.. You can guess that little Adam was the one excited with the supper.. and I was super surprised with little Adam.. he didn't slept all through the journey..

We were shocked by a news received that Mr. AZ's only uncle on his father's side passed away the night before.. the jenazah will be kebumi in the morning..

The next day nothing much we did.. Just a day spent in the kitchen helping MIL.. Macam la tolong banyak sangat kan??!! heee..

Buka puasa that night with nasi himpit, kuah kacang, rendang daging & kari ayam.. No lemang or ketupat palas to be seen.. such a different spread from my side.. While the adults were having last buka puasa outside.. the kiddies was excitedly playing bunga api & mercun.. and sadly I have to admit that my little son are still afraid of all those thing.. he was screaming and crying when he heard all the dentam-dentums.. and the perang mercun all around MIL's house was not helping at all.. That night, he slept restlessly.. still uncomfortable with all the sound.. heheheheh..

The next morning was an early morning.. even little Adam pon bangun awal.. He can sense something's happening.. and it was easy to prepare him that morning cause he saw all the abangs are already on their baju melayu.. so he agreed to wear his baju melayu.. the theme for this year is blue.. 

When all came back from solat raya, we were already prepared for salam-salam & picture.. but the MIL was too busy.. I still can't remember what she was busy about.. kept on going from front to back.. In the end we salam-salam almost noon.. haaah.. picture?? none.. it was almost a rush.. and we went out to raya after that..

The only house we went for raya was Mr. AZ's grandmother's house.. that's it.. and the rest of the day was spent at home.. ZZZZing...

these are series of our family picture.. and it's among the best..

my handsome hero in full attire

me & my hero

Second day of Syawal was like a normal day.. the only difference was lotsa kids came for beraya.. Only manage to go out for beraya after Zuhur.. and was like 3 houses.. than back home and ZZZing some more.. heee.. The hot weather was not helping with the beraya at all..

At one of the houses we went for beraya, I get to try for the first time buah koko.. anybody ever tried it before?? I was imagining that it will taste like the cocoa powder.. but it was sweet with a little twinge of sour..Macam mana nak cakap ye?? macam buah durian belanda kot?? or even a mangosteen?? ntahla.. combination of both.. Tapi tak puas sebab too small and there is 1 je buah koko yang survived from squirrel attack.. so we had to share.. Sape tau mane nak carik buah koko?? sila share.. muahahahha.. macam teros addicted jek..

isi buah koko yang sedap [pic : google]

beraya- raya day 2

Day 3 pon takda buat apa..just hanging out and tolong MIL.. sedar-sedar dah petang and we had to go back sebab esoknya dah nak keje.. what to do?? Raya this year not so sakan.. onething sebab tak boleh extend cuti.. and the other thing.. tak ramai yang beraya at MIL's.. so not so fun.. ehehehe..

Sampai KL dah pukul 1.. and straight to bed we go sebab esok kene bangun pagi nak gi keje.. huhuhuhuhuuh..

p/s : now at office.. alone.. sejuk.. ngantok..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aidil Fitri 1433H

The big boss asked me to make a raya wish for her.. then I realised that I haven't made mine.. so here it is..

and these are my 'Keep Calm' posters.. I tried to get an icon for ketupat but couldn't find it.. so just make do with a muffin.. still can considerla kan?? kuih-muih = muffin.. muahahahah

p/s: By the time this post is published.. I'm already at  the husbands' kampung and enjoying my pagi raya.. ehehehhe..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Authentic Homecooked Thai Food On Sale During Ramadhan

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During this whole of Ramadhan Month, my cousin's wife will be selling her home cooked Thai food.. She changes her menu every day except for a couple of main dishes that would be available daily.. but you can also request for a certain Thai menu.. but it all depends on the ingredients.. but if she can't meet your request she would inform you.. Fret not.. all the foods here are guaranteed halal..

I would be uploading the pictures of her food (sometimes there would be added dishes prepared by locals) daily.. depends on whether there is and added dish.. so enjoy drooling! and don't forget to come and visit to taste the yummilicious authentic thai foods!!
chicken green curry (available daily)
tomyam seafood (available daily)
kerabu mangga (available daily)
otak-otak (available daily)
pulut mangga (available daily)
beef soup
fried brinjal
daging salai masak cili
kerabu daging
kerabu chicken sausage
sayur kacang panjang & kangkung
thai style chicken
fried tofu
rendang daging
fried macaroni
fried mee
pineapple fried rice
spring rolls
cucur bilis @ jemput-jemput
chicken sausages (a little bit hard & sweet)
bubur kacang
pulut labu
pulut + kuah durian
mini pulut mangga
black pepper beef
ginger chicken
spicy fried catfish
Thai style beef rendang
sweet sour quail eggs
spaghetti bolognese
nasi goreng pattaya
spicy fried spaghetti
cream caramel
ubi kayu sira
bubur cha-cha
vietnamese spring rolls
dessert sagu

4pm to 7pm daily (during month of Ramadhan)