Saturday, April 26, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 3 || Liverpool - Cheshire Oaks - Manchester

Sambung Part 3 pulak..

The main activity today is shopping!! at one of the Designer Outlet.. Cheshire Oaks.. around 45 minutes drive from Manchester.. Today kawan Dude accompanied us.. so takda problem with navigation.. and since Liverpool is nearby, Dude decided to make a pitstop to Liverpool.. Nak visit the stadium of MU rivals.. Liverpool and Everton..

from side

in the LFC store

another gate

beside these houses
The first stop is Anfield.. stadium ni located between houses je.. kira kalau ade game memang bergegar laa rumah keliling tu.. Sini, kitorang just ambik gambar at the front and visit their store.. sama macam at Old Trafford.. just the fridge magnet..


Next is Goodison Park.. located not far from Anfield.. tapi stadium ni tak dekat sangat dengan rumah.. Here, we just take couple of pictures just to mark that we were here.. Tak nampak pulak store dia.. only to find out later that the store is on the other side of the road.. duh!

eye on Liverpool

Then, Dude's friend brought us to Albert Dock.. One of the must visit place.. Kat sini ada shopping area near the dock.. mostly local brands.. tak masuk pon sebab allocation is on the next place.. Kat sini jugak ada the Beatles exhibition.. Tapi kitorang tak masuk.. sebab not our scene.. ehhehe..

museum of liverpool

By that time dah close to lunch.. so cari tempat makan.. According to Dude's friend, most of halal restaurant serves fried chicken.. It wont be a problem for Adam.. Tapi.. restaurant tu tutup pulak since it is on Friday.. terpaksa la pusing-pusing and finally jumpa satu restaurant halal bukak.. fried chicken for Adam and Dude's friend.. Me and Dude ordered kebab (which end up tak habis).. rasa sikit Adam punya fried chicken.. terus rasa menyesal tak order fried chicken.. sedap!

Lepas makan terus rasa excited sebab.. we're heading to Cheshire Oaks! Kat sini tak payah cerita la yeh? it was fun! memang murah.. 


By the time we left Cheshire Oaks dah almost gelap.. and sampai Manchester memang dah malam.. Dude's friend bawak kitorang dinner at one of the famous Restaurant in Rusholme are.. Rusholme ni area Malaysian ramai.. sebab dia dekat area university.. Restaurant Al-Jazeera ni famous because of the price and the portion.. a huge plate of rice and half spring chicken is only £6.. 3+1 orang makan 2 plate of rice.. tak habis.. go figure!

That night, kitorang tido lena.. Its our last night in Manchester.. esok nak pegi London..

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