Sunday, May 4, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 7 || London - Paris

Today is our train to Paris.. Since there's a lot of advices on taking the Eurostar.. we decided to leave early for St. Pancras train station.. After a heavy breakfast of nasi goreng Brahim and porridge, we checked out from the hotel.. Asked the front desk to get us a taxi to the station.. instead she called us a private car.. ahahahha.. abisla budget.. but from what I recalled it wasn't any much different from our cab ride from Victoria Station the other day.. ok then..

in the private car

At the station, we were among the early ones.. the gate for our ticket is not open yet.. so wait we must.. while waiting, I roamed around the station alone (Dude is looking after our luggage and Adam is eating his bread).. 

st. pancras

While I was browsing thru the window of the shops, a middle eastern man came to me and give salam.. he asked me whether I can help him that he lost his luggage and all his belonging.. I asked him to report to the police that is around and he said he already done that, but the police asked him to called-in another 3 days.. and he asked whether I can borrowed him some money for him to buy tickets to I can't remember where.. but when I said I can't politely, he kept on repeating that he needed my help.. I felt a bit uneasy, because there were lot of other people walking around.. but why me? then I realised.. I was the only one walking alone.. I said sorry and I just walked away.. and I saw him moved to a secluded corner of the station.. before moving to the check-in gate, I saw he approached another girl.. I was so relief that I managed to get away..

The check-in counter for the Eurostar is just like at the airport.. you have to go through a security check and stamped your passport out of UK.. We didn't have to wait long to board the train.. And again I fell asleep almost all through the journey.. and I missed the going under the sea tunnel..


I woke up just as we're approaching Gare du Nord, Paris


Hyde Park Suites : £323.10
Eurostar (London - Paris) ticket : £73.00 (adult) & £51.00 (child)

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