Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 3

Morning sun

Me & Adam strolling along the beach in silhoutte

This is our final day.. we had an early morning.. hit the beach for a stroll and some photo taking.. i tried to put Adam down on the sand.. but he refused and screamed with all his might.. and then had our breakfast at the hotel.. verdict.. food was nice.. better than in Primula.. but according to my brother & SIL.. they preffered Primula's spread better.. as for me.. i had more than 2 rounds of the breakfast..

Adam enjoying the waves

Do we look alike?

Afraid of the sand and tiny crabs

maybe he feels icky

with Opah

table centrepiece during breakfast

After the breakfast.. we brought Adam for his dip in the pool.. this time he was more confident to be in the water than before.. he now can paddle his feet to move around the pool with Ilman's watchful eyes.. i see a lot of visits to swimming pools in the future..

Adam during his swimming session

Clapping for himself

After his midday nap..we packed-up and checked-out of Impiana heading home.. took the east coast highway from cherating.. the journey was tiring.. i guess we're drained out of energy..

Helping in the packing-up process

Nearing Temerloh we decided to stop for lunch at any restaurant serving "masak asam tempoyak ikan patin".. Stop at another small restaurant called C'wok couple of km after Temerloh's toll gate heading towards Temerloh's town.. The fish was totally fresh as the restaurant owner catch and clean the fish at a stall selling live Patin fish infront of the restaurant.. the asam gravy was so nice and a nice amount of tempoyak was added to complement the fish.. all of us enjoyed more than 4 servings of the dish.. and the dish was complemented with ulam raja and sambal tempoyak..yummaaaayy.. we even take home a couple of kg of fresh fish for future cooking.. heee!!

We arrived home around 5 p.m. and unpacked and passed out.. the journey was a nice one even with a few hiccups here and there regarding hotels and food even the weather was not on our side.. it was super hot that we spent most our time inddors except for during visits to the swimming pool..perhaps we could make the vacation a little bit longer so we wont be rushing here and there. and to count in traffic jams and the journey..

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