Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Shoe For Sale !

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I bought this shoe for Adam during one of my impulse buy at one of the sales..then i put it somewhere and forgot about it totally.. Until recently i went through Adam's closet to do some spring cleaning to make room for new items this Raya that i found this pair of shoe from Clarks.. The husband suggest to let it go..

So.. here I am trying to sell this has never been worn before..

Size : 4
Price : RM 90 (inclusive of postage)

Interested? Drop me an e-mail at for any inquiries..

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adam & Food

My baby boy makan sendiri.. he demanded to use plate like everyone else.. but usually he would only act eating but didn't get anything into his mouth..and a bit choosy on his food.. but likes rice and ikan gorenggg..

ohh.. how fast he grew.. can still remember the day he was born.. hmmmm..

p/s : please ignore all the background voices or sounds..hee!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5th Syawal 1431H

Today we had a day off of Raya mood.. we went to hubby's aunt and then we're off to Bukit Bintang.. Bought nothing major just some random things.. Adam was asleep most of the time.. I guess we was still recovering his energy from enjoyable kampung trip..

Having his snacks while on the go

Asleep all through our lunch..

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Monday, September 13, 2010

4th Syawal 1431H

Today we went back to KL.. Arrived around 2ish.. But in the morning Adam had his usual morning walk & run with nenek's chickens..Today the big boys joined him as well.. And he was excited running after the chickens.. Had a heavy breakfast and then we took off.. 

His fresh from bed face

Running after the chicken

Playing with the big boys

Minding his own business

The highway was smooth flowing.. no jam anywhere.. We slept through the rest of the day.. It was too hot to do anything..

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

3rd Syawal 1431H

We spent the whole day doing this..

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd Syawal 1431H

The morning of 2nd day of Syawal, we only spent the day at home relaxing.. for Adam he play a lot! and not eating (he only munch here and there.. no proper eating).. too busy too eat..

We only went out to visits family members after lunch.. up to Muar..

Enjoying his afternoon walk

 Now he's running

The day was very hot! Me and Adam can't stand the heat.. Even during night time it was hot.. we end up sleeping in our own sweat.. heh.. not funny..

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Friday, September 10, 2010

1st Syawal 1431H

Morning of 1st Syawal finally came.. Adam woke-up early and was fed breakfast and took his bath early.. by the time we finished preparing for breakfast, he was all ready for Eidul-Fitri..Complete with his baju melayu & sampin.. but i couldn't pujuk him to wear songkok.. 

When all of his cousins went for Eid prayers he thought he was going together with them.. when he realises that he was left behind, it took me quite some time to console him.. kesian... 

We finally managed to take pictures of us during eid.. I think the last decent pictures of us together during eid was a couple of years back..

After all the picture taking, me and my men went back to Merlimau to celebrate Eid with my inlaws.. We stop at R&R Ayer Keroh for lunch.. and continue our journey.. the highway was smooth flowing..

Adam in the car on the way back to Merlimau

My pahlawan

Complete with sampin

My two heroes wearing similar attire

Arriving at Merlimau, we went to several houses for Raya and then it was evening.. and we went back to the inlaws and we just spent the night at home receiving visits by family and friends.. Adam was the most happiest boy ever because he have lotsa cousins to play with and meters of land he can walk and run without hearing mama shouting.. he slept early that night.. too tired i guess.. However I managed to make Adam wear his baju melayu complete with his sampin the whole day without him being cranky or anything..

Adam during 1st Syawal evening


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eidul Fitri Eve 1431H

The final night of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak was a blast! All of my siblings (all 3 of us) were together during Iftar.. Simple dishes including dishes for Eidul Fitri the next day..and the night ended with full stomach and the happy faces of the children playing fire crackers.. 
It was Adam's first experience with fire crackers.. and the only word he muttered was "Takoooot!".. and asked me to carry him cause he was afraid to stand by his own.. Good boy Adam! Stay feeling afraid of fire crackers.. It would save me and papa a lot of money to buy you the supply every year.. heee!..

Fail Attempt of Light series

~ Toodles!

Eidul Fitri 1431H

It's the end of the month of Ramadhan..the holy month for all Muslims.. and now we welcome the month of Syawal.. the month of celebration.. and the month of family & friends gathering.. and most of all the month of fabulous FOODS!!


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Very Own Rafael Nadal

True to his 3rd given name which is Nidal, where my husband dream that one day his son would love tennis as he did.. This happened during last weekend when my nephew came back from his usual morning training (even during Ramadhan he stick to his regime).. Adam waited for him at the door..And he eyed for his racket.. when he get the hold of the racket, he won't let go.. He even lifted the heavy racket up with his own strength.. and he was fascinated with the yellow smiley damper attached to the racket..

He even loves to watch tennis matches with his father on the television.. he even clapped when the spectators clap..
Below are the series of Adam posing for me with the tennis racket..

!Our Adam Nidal or is it Adam NADAL?
Lifting the racket on his own

Smiling like the yellow smiley damper

p/s: Mr. Husband.. maybe it's time for us to buy him a tennis racket?? or let him follow you to one of your weekly play..

~ Toodles!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Iftar with Colleagues @ Alamanda

As planned, me and couple of colleague went out for Iftar at Alamanda..specifically Secret Recipe..The husband were there also.. It had been years from our last Iftar together.. I think it was way back in 2007 when we attended our 3 months course together.. but then the dining hall was the place of choice..

It was fun with our spouse and some brought along their children..but we didn't bring Adam.. because we have to go through jam to pick him up and back again to Alamanda.. We might as well Iftar at home.. But seeing my colleagues with their kids, me and the husband experienced the same thing with Adam during our outing especially during meal..It was too exhausting to handle him.. But I wont trade the experience for anything..

It was fun to gather again with this bunch of people..Eventhough we work in the same office but we seldom meet each other.. But it sure would be much happening if the whole gang of our 3 months course were there..
We had our Iftar here
Our table 

The mastermind ~ Janggeltrekker

Free during Ramadhan ~ Tamar & drinks

Danial ~ He's the same age as Adam

Cute girl with curly hair ~ BeautifulLife's daughter

One of the food that arrived just before Iftar ~ after I just when crazy with the foods

 ~ Toodles!