Saturday, March 2, 2013

Port Dickson Weekend Getaway

It was a last minute plan to go to Port Dickson.. It was Mr. AZ who realized that the 1 night stay voucher at Avillion PD will soon expire.. so he called and book a 1 night stay.. 

Adam was really excited seeing our room.. he said.. "mama.. my bed on water!!" ahahahha.. sangatlah on water kan?? he booked the daybed for himself.. and enjoy the nature view..

adam and his bed

Sadly.. it was raining most of the time we were there.. we only stay indoors.. some more Adam was down with fever the night we were there.. i guess it was the rain during his swim that evening.. he was moody during our dinner (which I would story in my next entry).. On the way back to the hotel, I managed to grab all the necessities for a kid with fever  at the pharmacy..

Adam and Mr. AZ enjoying the view
he's okay now

Alhamdulillah.. the next morning Adam was all okay.. but it was still raining..after breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.. we went to the kids club and stayed there until it was almost time to check out.. so that was our weekend getaway..

at the kids club
Avillion Port Dickson is a nice place to stay and relaxed.. but if it rains, then it wont be an interesting experience.. because to move from one place to another you have to have an umbrella (the hotel provide 1 umbrella at each room).. the bathroom is an open concept.. it's quite smelly from the ocean water.. the breakfast spread is quite limited..

But all in all.. we do enjoy the getaway.. even for a short period of time.. hope to be coming here again.. and hoping that the weather would be on our side next time..

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