Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Open House

My dear boy playing by himself

My parents decided to open our house to families and friends..but however i tried..i was still down with the unknown sickness..even after i'm back to my parents house..i did manage to invite some of my friends..but here i have to apologize for being a very bad hostess that day..some of my families commented that i look like a ghost..very pale..even the niece suggested that i go put on some lipstick..guess i 'm still under the weather..

But from what i heard the food was great..(i missed all of that!) all friends that came..thanks! hope you guys enjoy the open house.. heeee..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eidul-Fitr 1430H

The house of my husband's late paternal grandmother

This time around..we celebrated Eidul-Fitr in Melaka since last year was my family's turn.. but i was down with something that makes me feel tired and lack of energy..theres no fun this raya for are also limited for the 1st day..that's the only strength that i could manage for the pictures.. I'll just summarise Adam's 1st raya in one entry..aight??


Woke up as a little bit with Adam..around the time my husbands and the whole family went for the Eidul-Fitr prayer..i fed Adam his breakfast..than he fell asleep (as usual!) by that the time all of them are back from prayer..when Adam awake..we bathe him and dress him up.. but this time around minus his songkok..he threw his songkok away..where did he learn that from? i wonder??!! he was okay during the fitting session at home..that's long as he's okay with his sampin..such a cutie!


The 1st house we visit was the grandparents house nearby..most of the family members were there..a quick stop than to another house..then another house before we call it a quit..too hot to handle..and adam was a little bit cranky..he's hungry me think..milk doesn't help..

Back at MIL's i fed adam and bathe him and put him to sleep..i think he suffered enough..i took the opportunity to sleep also..

By the time he woke up it's time for his dinner..i decided to fed him outside while strolling at MIL's compound..he enjoyed his time especially with the cousins running and playing with him..and he ate alot!

After his nitetime bath..he slept right away..too tired i also had an early nite off..



I seriously can't remember what we did the 2nd day..but i guess it's just the same thing as the first day..visiting families..i guess that just it about our 2nd day of eid.. hehehehhe..


Daytime we received return visits from family members..and we went to 3 other houses in the evening..

That nite the grandparents hosted a bbq dinner for the immediate i was really excited that i get to eat something else other than nasi himpit & kuah kacang and also rendang..quite refreshing i must say..what watered my mouth was the bbqed was served in a very large tray..i can't resist it even with doubt..i popped 2 in my mouth and it tasted fine..until tomorrow.........


This is the day i felt helpless..was so sick and lack of energy..i can't even make myself out of the bed..i guess the bbqed mussels was the culprit..and my day passed-by unnoticed..but i know we went to several houses..but can't remember who..but it was family members..

Adam was taken care by SIL and MIL..i can't even take care of myself..let alone to take care of my poor little baby..


Still down with the unknown sickness..and i still feel my day passed me by unnoticed..i need my mommy!! but i know the husband need to spend more time with his family since we seldom go back to his hometown lately..i'll survive by myself for the time being.. for today only..tomorrow i'll be back to my familiar surrounding..hope i'll be fine..

Today we went back to my parents house..something that i'm looking forward to..we need to be somewhere we are comfortable and familiar when we're down with and i really need my mother..

Luckily Adam was behaving well all through the journey back to KL..

That was the story of our raya celebration this year..i spoiled all the fun..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eidul-Fitr 1430H

Enjoy the holidays! We would because this is Adam's 1st Eidul-Fitr..this year we're celebrating in Melaka..
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Thursday, September 17, 2009


With his first sitting position pose
While waiting for and my baby boy watching his favourite channel on the tele.. then i try to put him in a sitting position with his back at the sofa..first he struggles to control his body from falling down or sideways..then he gets the beat..he lean back a little and wallah!! he's stable in a sitting position..and he watched the tele till the end while sitting..
My Haji Kechik
After his evening bath..we play dress-up..while mama trying on few old clothes Adam tried on papa's kopiah..and he look a Haji Kechik! so cute..while his hand holding my hairband which looks like a tasbih..and he finish it up with a cute smile.. ouuhh.. i so love him!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Adam in raya full dress rehearsal

I send a couple of material to the tailor for Adam Baju Melayu..all with the same brown colour but different tone..And today..after rinsing one of the Baju Melayu.. i let Adam do a full dress rehearsal for the grandparents and aunty since we're celebrating Eidul-Fitr in Melaka this year..
It seems he enjoy wearing the attire..he didn't even touch the songkok and sampin..and smile from ear-to-ear..especially when he heard them saying "handsomenye!" or "comelnye!" That's the story of Adam and his first sets of Baju Melayu..