Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 8 || Paris City Night Tour

The night tour was on the night we arrived from London.. After freshen up and a heavy tea cum dinner, we made our way to Paris Metro.. It was quite a problem with language.. but the map helps a lot! Do get a decent map that includes on the metro.. From our hotel we have to walk to Gare du l'est (that takes about 10 minutes from out hotel) to take the Metro to Paris City Vision office at Rue des Pyramides.. So we have to take stop at Pyramides Station.. The Metro was not the same as Underground in London.. I felt more safe in a London Underground rather that in the Paris Metro.. Felt like being an alien as all eyes were on us..

walking to the meet point

After arriving the station, we had 1 more problem.. didn't know which side to go.. the road were HUGE and lots of intersection.. Luckily there were a local helping us.. he said he thought we were looking for Malaysian Tourism office.. We arrive at the Paris City Vision just in time before the coach came..

About the city tour, I book through Viator.. the tour includes an hour of River Seine Cruise and 1.5 hours of Paris Night Tour..

the intersections
eiffel tower

The Cruise was nice and relaxing but the weather was too chilly.. We get to see a lot of buildings but I can only recognise Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.. At the end of the cruise we get to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated with twinkling lights that lasted around 15 minutes.. 

After the cruise we board the same coach for our night city tour of Paris that includes Eiffel Tower, Rue de Rivoli, the Louvre, Les Invalides, Place de la Concorde, the Grand Palais and Petit Palais, the Champs-Elysees, l’Arc de Triomphe and more. But sadly I couldn't get a decent pictures of the building (since it is at night)

At the end of the tour, we took the taxi (I insist on this) rather than Metro to the hotel.. before going back to our hotel room, we had a plate of kebab for our supper.. and that night we sleep soundly.. 

the twinkling lights


Paris Night Tour (+ River Seine Cruise) : €94.05


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