Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recording.. Ucapan Raya

We had a recording at the office.. we recorded wishes for the whole department to be presented during our Raya get together.. and the recording coincide with the judgement date for the Raya decoration.. 

Ouh.. we get #3 out of 7 participating division.. still a lot of improvement could be done..

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Super-Duper-MAN

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Makan - Makan || Restoran Kapitan, Georgetown

This is our second time here.. we made a point that we would always come here everytime we are in Penang.. Its that good you guys!! I love their tandoori.. the chicken still maintain moisture even after grilling.. the naan.. oh don't let me start on the amount of cheese.. yummy yeah!!

This time around, we shared the meal since we just had our late breakfast before making our move back to KL..


Restoran Kapitan, Chulia Street, Penang
93, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, 10200 PENANG 
 Tel : 04 - 264 1191
Hours : 24 hours (daily)

I Say

Price : around RM25 for a claypot briyani and a set of cheese naan and tandoori chicken with an additional cheese naan.. I guess the price maintain the same
Food : I stick to their tandoori chicken and cheese naan
Service : serving the food was fast but its hard to get their attention for an order 
Atmosphere : a normal mamak ambience
Cleanliness : fair but it would help if they get to clean their floor once in a while 
Parking : park at the spaces near the restaurant

Friday, July 24, 2015

Makan - Makan || Roti Canai Transfer Road, Georgetown

Ni first time breakfast outside hotel.. selama ni free breakfast.. tapi this time around kitorang nak try breakfast in Penang.. banyak choices tapi Dude malas nak pegi jauh lagipun takut sesat dengan ada my dad in another car..


Actually dah penah suggest to Abah utk try breakfast kat Transfer Road tapi dia kata tak sedap.. Pelik jugak sebab base on review semua bagi good review.. so cakap Dude kita pergi try jugak Roti Canai.. biar kitorang be the judge.. Sekali Abah pon ikut jugak.. malas nak pikir nak makan mana la tu..

Sekali, bila order datang, baru dia confess dia tak makan pon kat situ sebab tengok macam biasa-biasa je.. Dah makan baru tau sedap.. siap tambah lagi.. tapi bila tambah tu dah slow sikit service sebab orang dah ramai..

Kitorang prefer kari ayam instead of reviewed kari daging is better.. takpa-takpa next time kita try lagi.. and be the judge..

Yang frustrated nya adalah teh tarik.. warna orange sangat! and cair.. Adam siap marah.. sebab dia ingat kitorang saja order air carrot untuk dia.. ahahahha.. funny betol..

Ada jugak order roti bakar telur goyang.. roti bakar dia bakar dengan arang.. sedap.. ada rase burnt burnt gitu.. telur dia pon masak just nice..

And kitorang discovered that roti bangali yang dia bakar tu ada dijual kedai across the road.. Melila Bakery tak silap nama dia.. and kitorang beli satu buku roti dengan homemade kaya.. kaya tu memang rich sungguh.. sekali makan nak lagi.. dan lagi.. dan lagi..

Roti Canai Transfer Road@Georgetown
56, Jalan Transfer, Georgetown, 10050 Penang
Hours: 0630am-0100pm || 0330pm-0700pm

I Say
Price: I dont know the exact price but I guess its affordable since its by the roadside shop
Food: the roti canai is nothing to shout about but the curries.. YUMMMSS!
Service: fast service

Atmosphere: not something to comment about but its ok
Cleanliness: fair
Parking: park at your own risk by the roadside..

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Short Trip to Penang

it seems like a must go place everytime we were in the northern part of the country.. yerp! Penang.. the food heaven! the must haves, nasi kandar from restoran yasmeen, tandoori and naan from restoran kapitan.. for me thats enough.. but still different people different taste.. there's stop to fulfill everybody's taste.. no worries..

So we stayed at Jen Hotel formerly known as Traders Hotel.. yup.. in the middle of the city.. not a good place for a foodie.. Since thats the only hotel available.. so we'll just make do..

The hotel is and old hotel that have been refurbished.. You still get this gloomy feelings but not that bad.. We manage to get a connecting room.. so we get to share everything.. Adam was all out with his lego and couldn't care less about the pool view we had..

We stayed there for a night just enough to get our doses of nasi kandar.. we had for snacks then dinner and a little bit of supper.. go figure how many calories just for a night..

Jen Hotel models

The next day after breakfast outside, Dude bawak jalan-jalan Penang and we end up kat Padang Kota.. rupanya ada exhibition transformers.. patutla ramai orang.. Bergambar la anak-beranak dua orang tu di celah-celah orang.. asal boleh je..

optimus prime

Monday, July 20, 2015

Balik Kampung for Raya

Sambung balik entry sebelum ni.. So, kitorang balik kampung.. tapi tido hotel.. Sila jangan bash saya di sini.. kiotrang tido hotel sebab no house yang available untuk kitorang lepak lama.. orang semua pun keluar nak beraya.. so, that the perfect plan.. beraya sampai crazy.. then check-in hotel and tedo and wake-up to a new day the next day untuk sambung beraya.. Tak susah kan orang lain..

Adam paling seronok raya ni sebab dia buat tour old rail station Taiping..excited bukan main.. tengah breakfast dah berangan.. Kiranya itu je la aktiviti kat Taiping sebelum bergerak ke tempat lain.. Tempat apa?? sila tunggu...

new taiping station
old taiping station

historical landmark

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family Eidul Fitri 2015 Pictures

This year quite a meriah Eid for us.. the year that semua dapat berkumpul.. usually 2 family je.. but this time around dapat 3-3 family sekali beraya with the parents.. So peluan ambik gambar memang tak dilepaskan..

Sekali jugak gambar with my uncle's family.. memang dah tradition kitorang akan raya kat rumah dulu baru berkonvoi balik kampung.. One of the reason macam tu sebab dah takda rumah nak lepak lama-lama dah.. 

Kitorang akan bertolak tengahari, sampai kampung terus beraya sakan.. sampai nak maghrib baru check-in hotel and kemudian sambung dengan dinner kat kedai or continue beraya if ada jemputan makan..

Hotel pon macam dah auto book je.. eheheheh..

Bawah ni gamba kitorang beraya kat KL sebelum bertolak balik Tepen..

abang's family
kakak's family

me & Dude
failing at wefie
another fail attempt
special kiss for along
sisters.. ngeee..
my twin niece
the twin brother
salah tu adam!
at uncle's house

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eidul Fitri 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

27th Ramadhan 1436H

Final days of Ramadhan.. we were just concentrating on the dishes for Eidulfitri..

air longan
rendang daging
sambal bilis petai
sayur campur
ayam bakar