Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bangkok Break || Wrap-up

What I can summarised on out trip to Bangkok.. for you people and for my future reference..

  1. Try to arrive Bangkok during non-peak hours
  2. The best mode of transport in Bangkok is public transport.. best cab service i have ever experience..even the skytrain/ underground is good but quite hassle because some of the station don't have lifts let alone escalator for stroller/ people with wheels..
  3. It's easier to pack up with own food because halal restaurant are quite far and hard to find in Bangkok.. summore it's quite expensive to eat out..
  4. Next time try the fresh fruits and fruit juices that sells by the food peddlers at the road side..
  5. Shop for souveniers & t-shirts at MBK complex instead of waiting for's cheaper and you don't have to think much.. way waaaaaayy comfortable shopping there..
  6. Search and ask around incase there were some planned demonstration by the political groups.. you might get stuck in a massive traffic and crowd
  7. When buying food at convenient store please look for a halal logo..InsyaAllah it's halal..
  8. Try to get to Chatuchak very early in the morning since it will be hot early..let say that the sun at 8 am equals to the sun at 9 pm in Malaysia.. and stock up with loads of fluids.. it will be hot and humid there.. 
  9. The most important thing when shopping at the road side/ nite market/ Chatuchak Market.. is bargain!! go as low as you can think off..
  10. Planned a longer stay as in more than 3 full days of stay..Because there's a lot to do and a lot of place to go..
That's about it..

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