Sunday, June 30, 2013

Makan - Makan || Mali's Corner, Setapak

I've been pestering Dude to try Mali's Char Koay Teow for quite some time.. Finally he just can't stand it that he brought me there.. He dropped me and Adam infront of the restaurant and he went on looking for a parking space.. 

the char koay tiaw line

Through my reading, I know that we need to queue to order.. But I didn't know that you have to get in line for everything you want to order.. there's a char koay tiaw line, then theres nasik lemak line and there a line for drinks.. it is ridiculous if you went there alone or even a couple.. since you need to queue up for everything and you even have to find a seat.. Since I'm the one queueing (I hate to ask Dude to queue since he already brought us there) for char koay tiaw and nasik lemak for Adam.. And we decided to not have the drink..

my large char koay tiaw
I had the large char koay tiaw and i got a special for Dude.. the differences are the number of prawn.. the prices are affordable.. RM6.50 for a special and RM5.00 for a large.. But personally, it's just a normal char koay teow.. it's not worth the wait and the queueing up thing.. 

nasik lemak ayam goreng

The nasik lemak seems dry. Even Adam didn't finished half of the plate.. Dude tried to help but couldn't.. Let's just the nasik lemak is just a normal nasik lemak..

For me, I won't be coming here again in the near future just for the sake of a plate of char koay teow.. ONE the queueing up thing.. I hate it that you have to queue for everything TWO it is too noisy in the restaurant.. not suitable for a family dinner THREE it is too hot inside the restaurant.. maybe the heat from the frying thing.. FOUR I would get thirsty because I hate to queue up again for drinks

But I wouldn't stop other people to go there and try.. because the food is not bad but I just did't quite like the system..

Mali's Corner @ Danau Kota   

No. 9-1, Jalan Langkawi, Platinum Walk, Danau Kota 53300 Setapak, KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 03 - 4149 1971
Hours : 0800am - 0500am

I Say 

Price : RM6.60 for a special, RM5.00 for a large, RM 5.50 for a nasik lemak ayam goreng
Food : fair
Service : depends on your strength to stand in line.. heee!
Atmosphere : a normal kopitiam but noisy..
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : in front of the restaurant.. or a basement carpark where you have to walk a bit

Friday, June 28, 2013

Oggy & the Cockroaches

Recently Adam developed an interest watching oggy & cockroaches.. he really loves it.. even little Sara loves it.. they would hum the theme song together..

this is the opening theme song

this is the ending theme song

Enjoy the theme song! You'll end up humming the song while driving or anything.. like I did!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Makan - Makan || En. Tan Kopitiam Muslim, Taman Sri Rampai

One of the morning, we had trouble in deciding where to eat for breakfast.. I think we just had enough of the usual.. we stumble on this restaurant while we searching for a good kopitiam for breakfast.. the banner said that RM3.90 for a breakfast set.. and you can choose the set..

The restaurant was quite full.. we sat in the middle of the restaurant.. and Adam and little Sara was already attracted to the colourful crayons at the kids corner.. 

kids corner

The menu is displayed in a frame on the table.. There were 4 choices for breakfast set and everything is RM3.90 and come with either coffee or tea.. We ordered everything in the menu except for the nasik lemak.. 

While waiting for our food, Adam and little Sara were given a paper to colour.. that would make them quiet.. on the wall of the kids corner they put up all the pictures that were coloured by the children.. such colourful view..

adam colouring
wall posted with kids colourings

And as I was walking around the kopitiam, I learned that this restaurant was already visited by the JJCM programme.. haaaa! hopefully the food is good..

our drinks
my cup of coffee
our hainanese toasts
american breakfast

The food was good.. I love their hainanese toast.. but it sure get cold quick.. so need to eat as they serve the bread on your table.. And Adam manage to finished up an american breakfast except for the baked beans.. 

their lunch and dinner combo set

I think I would be coming again to this kopitiam to try their lunch and dinner menu.. I heard and read that it is great!!

All in all we paid RM 38+ for 5 breakfast set, 2 milo & 4 sets of hainanese toast..

En Tan Kopitiam Muslim @ Taman Sri Rampai   
42A, Jalan Rampai Niaga 4, Medan Niaga Rampai, 53300 KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 012 - 206 9225   
Hours : 0800am - 1100pm (Sun - Thu) || 0800am - 1200am (Fri-Sat) 

I Say 

Price : RM3.90 for a meal??.. that's dirt cheap!
Food : good
Service : good.. with just 3 workers to do everything.. I salute!
Atmosphere : a normal kopitiam but very homely and child friendly with the kids corner

Cleanliness : clean
Parking : in front of the restaurant.. you won't be having problem if you're there for breakfast

Monday, June 24, 2013


Everybody is talking about the haze.. I am not an exception.. these are pictures of me comparing during clear day and hazy day.. the view are from my office.. please excuse the clear day picture.. it was the picture during Hari Belia Negara..

Let just pray that the rain comes and wash away all the toxic in the air and bring back our clear days.. I even feel suffocated indoors..I hate it that I have to work night time during the haze..

So people.. stay indoors.. and if you have to go outdoors please wear masks.. and drink a lot of water!
Stay hydrated..

p/s: Adam school is close today..

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road Trip

We had a road trip today.. a family wedding (on abah's side) at Jelapang, Perak.. it was my parents, siter & BIL and little Sara with me & adam.. Dude (previously referred to as Mr. AZ) didn't join us because he had to work..

WE start after breakfast around 10 a.m.. it was a stressful trip for me since I worked till midnight the day before and did not get enough sleep.. thought of catching up on some sleep during the journey.. but adam excitement in checking on every exit and toll plaza was too fun to missed..  

not much of a picture of the wedding.. just the picture of adam and little Sara during the trip..

enjoying the journey
his 2 favourite things in the world - choc & ice cream
she demanded for pink ice cream
an attempt on gwiyomi
his first peace pose
cheeky girl

Thursday, June 20, 2013


It was one of the colleague's birthday.. and he treated us with Cendol Bakar that recently open a branch somewhere in Dengkil..

special - pulut & durian

For me.. the cendol wasn't that much different from others except for the taste of roasted  palm sugar.. the special.. I can see the pulut but the durian was no where to be found.. I can smell the durian but not the taste.. maybe should try eating it there instead of takeaway..

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forgotten Words

These are words that I used to use on a daily basis.. Now, they were no longer used or have been forgotten.. Not until just now that I blurted out a word and gave me an idea to write a post on this.. these are what I can remember for now.. and there would be other series of this entry.. most of the words here are the words in high school

Okay, lets start..

a hair situation after wearing tudung or even hat for too long.. it usually happens after school, after washing hair or even after cutting hair short.. since we were a boarding school, I don't know why but we tend to cut our hair short.. I guess less maintenance.. the dialogue would go like this

"eh! apasal rambut ko kulop semacam je?"

an impression of a kulop hair - source : google

a walking activity especially in the evening and at night around the school compound.. this is where we usually share problems and gossiping with friends while 'exercising'.. this round compound thing can be participated as small as 2 person to as many as you want.. sometimes the round compound at night would be accompanied by singing loudly.. the bight round compound only happens on weekends night.. but there would be occasional weekdays night round compound..

"malam ni kite round compound nak?"

an impression of round compound - source : google

actually this word existed by mistake.. it was one of the rule & regulation where we were not allowed to share beds.. the sharing beds situation would always happen during scary moments.. I usually had this moments where I had goosebumps and hearing things especially at midnight.. this is where I usually share bed with one of my dorm-mates.. so back to the mistake thing.. In the rules & regulation they were saying about tidur sekatil.. but the typo was tidur sekati.. that word stick till I left school..

impression of tidur sekati - source : google

a situation where usually junior student would be scolded or advice 'nicely' after doing something that angered or displeased a senior student.. the lecture will occur at a 'secret' place and attended by around 15 - 20 senior student.. so just imagine you as a junior student alone being advice 'nicely' by 15-20 pther person.. but mind you.. there were no physical contact..

this is the word that I missed the most.. actually this word I used during my uni days.. It was a nickname for Mr. AZ.. when I talk to him, I would addressed him as dude.. this goes on until we were engaged.. until one day abah heard us and he said "hang still aku-kau and dude-dude lagi? takkan sampai kawen nak camtu?" so, after that we tried to change to saya-awak.. which at first very the weird one... until now.. we had the saya-awak thing.. I think maybe I should addressed Mr. AZ as Dude here.. just to keep the word close at heart right? ok.. so from now onwards.. Mr. AZ would be known as dude in all my entry..

Ok.. I've ran out of words for now..  I would add more words in my coming entry on this..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Makan - Makan || Sushi King @ AEON AU2

Mr. AZ had sushi cravings for weeks.. finally we get the chance to fulfill it..
tea cup
 Now sushi king is charging for their green tea.. no longer free flow.. RM 1 for a tea bag.. they would give you a jug of hot water to go with it..

my perfect quantity of wasabi
soy sauce dip

my have to - california temaki
Mr. Az's have to - soft shell crab temaki
Adam's have to - tenpura moriawase
unagi sliced - smoked eel
chuka lidako - baby octopus
adam's fried rice and tori karaage - fried rice and chicken nugget
salmon skin piri-piri

Yay! we had a new favourites.. the salmon skin piri-piri.. it is sliced salmon skin fried with spicy sauce.. we had 4 plates of the salmon skin alone..

adam with his pororo hat

Adam was very adventurous that day.. he tried on almost all the sushi that we ordered.. but he love the salmon skin the most.. and he loves the flying fish roe.. he even tried to use the chopstick.. that made me bought him a chopstick trainer after that.. talking about being supportive!

our plates tower

I started trying sushi is at the sushi king.. For me for someone who wanted to try out sushi they should try it here.. but I heard of other sushi restaurant that get great reviews.. I would try them soon..

Sushi King, AEON AU2  
Lot 59, Ground Floor, AEON AU2 (Setiawangsa) Shopping Centre, No. 6, Jalan Taman Setiawangsa (Jalan 37/56), Taman Sri Keramat AU2, 54200 KUALA LUMPUR  
Hours : 1000am - 1030pm (Daily)

I Say  

Price : worth every penny for sushi 
Food : good 
Service : good.. there were a bit confusion on the seating at first.. after that was fine 
Atmosphere : modern japanese restaurant 
Cleanliness :clean   
Parking : park at the shopping centre parking

Friday, June 14, 2013

Makan - Makan || Wong Solo, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

MIL came to visit one day and we met up at BIL's house in Bandar Sri Permaisuri.. And BIL treated us to a dinner at a nearby Wong Solo branch in the area..

Me and Mr. AZ shared a set of ayam penyet since we were quite full.. and I already bought 2 boxes of dominos pizza.. Somemore I don't think I can finished up a whole plate of nasik with their sambal tasted like fire.. I had to add the thick and sweet soysauce to finished up.. but I do love it! The nasi set comes together with white rice, quarter of fried chicken, a cut of fried tofu, a cut of fried tempe and terung sambal.. a complete meal and a cup of cool mineral water..

sambal and soy sauce

normal set of nasi ayam penyet
Then I ordered their sweet corn drink that tasted too sweet..

Wong Solo, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras   
Lot 25 & 27, Ground Floor, Jalan Dwitasik 1, Dataran Dwitasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, 56000 KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 03 - 9171 1143
Hours : 1130am - 1000pm (Daily)

I Say  

Price : for a set of nasi ayam penyet and mineral water is RM10.90 if I'm not mistaken because everything paid by BIL
Food : the chicken, tempe and tofu are fired as we ordered.. so.. it is fresh.. but the sambal is spicy to the max!
Service : good service but the waiter was a bit confused with our orders.. but no harm done
Atmosphere : green coloured restaurant
Cleanliness : fair 
Parking : park in front of the restaurant but it all depend on your luck