Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 1

So.. we're back!!.. it was a tiring long weekend but somehow enjoyable..

Adam at the Petronas stop where we had our lousy breakfast

We started the trip early Saturday morning with the arrival of the big brother's family at 6 a.m.trying to beat the holiday traffic.. but we only manage to leave the house at 7 a.m. By the time we arrive the Gombak toll, the traffic had built up.. try to stop at the Genting Sempah for a breakfast but it was to congested.. and we manage to squeezed in at the Petronas couple of km ahead.. but the food was lousy.. and we were overcharged!! A reminder.. never to stop for a meal there ever again...

Adam enjoying his trip

And this boy enjoyed his trip too

The rest area up ahead in the eastcoast highway was totally full.. We regrouped again at a small restaurant near Bandar Al-Muktafi Billah for lunch.. it turn out we had a nice lunch compared to our dissapointing breakfast.. Had a fried fresh Lampam fish.. the price were reasonable..

Then we hit the road again.. this time straight to K. Terengganu.. We arrived at Primula Beach Resort close to 4 p.m. After refreshing ourselves and the kids hit the beach and pool.. we then went out to have the battered fried seafood at the beach nearby the airport.. unfortunately, we got a last minute info that the stall closed at 7 p.m. and double dissapointment as the road was jammed along the way to Seberang Takir.. and we had to divert to Losong and have the famous Keropok Losong..

Trying to tip the bell boy helping him with his luggages

On the way to seafood spree

There we had another info about fried seafood being available at Pantai Baru Buruk's food stalls.. so we head there and true to the info there was fried seafood especially squid..verry large squid.. but ii was a bit pricey.. but hey.. who cares??!! rather than not fulfilling our main agenda.. and the seafood meal ended our long day..

p/s: there's not much pictures here because the camera was with the nephew and the battery went dead in the middle of eating session..

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