Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia || Batu Feringghi, Penang || Day 2

getting ready for breakfast

The day start early because we wanted to beat the crowd for breakfast.. since we had to cross the road to the other wing of the hotel to the cafe.. the breakfast buffet was ok.. nothing extraordinary.. just the usual breakfast.. little Adam enjoyed the scrambled egg with chicken sausage.. after one serving he was distracted by the pool..

We went for a walk at the beach after breakfast.. Mr. AZ was trying to take little Adam for dip.. but he refuses.. i think he's afraid of the wave..he kept on pulling Mr. AZ's hand away from the water.. We decided to just lazed around at the pool and let little Adam enjoy his time there.. He was afraid at the 1st dip but when later joined by Waeis and Ilman the cousins he braved up.. he even saved by pulling Waeis's float as it went to the centre of the baby pool.. how cute.. just like a big brother..little Adam even manage swallow the pool water for couple of times..

taking a walk at the beach

afraid of the wave

trying to get away from the beach

now he's afraid of the pool

relax a little

enjoying himself with Waeis

lifeguard cum watchguard

shivering and all crinkled up

Around 10 am we went up as my bro's family wanted to checked out early..but me and Mr. AZ decided to stay a little while.. we rested and took a nap first.. around 12 in the afternoon we checked out of the hotel and headed to the jetty to catch the ferry out of the island.. by this time little Adam was asleep.. but as we were on the ferry, i woke him up.. so please excuse the face in these photos.. During this time, my camera battery went out..

Penang Bridge

little Adam sleepy face


Penang Island

We stopped at Juru Autocity for lunch and then head straight ot Taiping to my grandma's house.. we rested there and regrouped with the whole family there..

We finally made our way home at around 6.30p.m.. as we joined the highway, there was a massive jam.. and the jam was all the way from Changkat Jering exit till R&R Sungai Perak.. and from thereafter couple of heavy traffic along the way.. We arrived safely in KL at around 1.30 in the morning.. 

It was a very tiring holiday/ vacation.. ehehehe.. no more vacation during public holiday + school holiday..

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