Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Makan - Makan || Meat U Here Steak House, Wangsa Maju

I was in the mood for red meat again.. this time around I suggested to try this one place that we found by chance during my last red meat craving.. 

Before that I googled to find out about this place.. afraid that I would be frustrated if that place doesn't offer t-bone eventhough they claimed to have variety of cuts.. According to most review they do have t-bone.. Mind you not all steakhouses offer t-bone in their menu.. Futhermore their drinks are bottomless.. thats good!

We found the place without a problem but to find a parking space seems like an eternity.. Alhamdulillah.. we got a space just infront of the shop after what seems like hundred of minutes..

At first I was afraid to enter because it was empty..totally empty.. is it close?? but there were some people in the kitchen.. so no.. its open.. why were there no people?? is the food bad?? hmmm.. but for the sake of t-bone I just entered (takut dengan Mr. AZ sebenarnya..mau die mengamuk kalau tiba2 tukar plan)..

A waitress came to greet us and offered me to look at their rows of meat cuts in the cooler.. whoaaahhh!! banyaknya... ok..ok.. cool.. don't be greedy.. I chose a medium size t-bone while Mr. AZ settled for a grain fed tenderloin.. plus point is.. we get to choose what we were paying for..

After settling everything with the cook we get back to our table where I ordered mushroom soup for Adam.. freeflow drinks are available.. hot and cold.. there is a machine at one corner for you to make your own hot drinks or even to get you juices.. and at another corner were entertainment area with karaoke machine and what not..

adam mushroon soup

We don't have to wait that long for our food.. i think it's just the normal waiting time.. and to me.. my t-bone was good.. Usually I would have to share with Mr. AZ.. but this time I finished it all by myself.. yummss!! I even love their salad & mashed potato.. Mr. AZ also gave a smile for his plate.. even Adam finished his bowl of mushroom soup..

my t-bone steak

Mr. AZ grain fed tenderloin

the gravy

I guess we would be coming here more frequent after this.. that is if we don't find any other better steakhouse than this..

I Say
Price : the total price was RM100 ++.. hey it's t-bone and a tenderloin!! worth the money paid
Food :  of course i love the food.. and fell in love with their mashed potato & salad
Service : great service
Environment : a casual and relaxing setting perfect for any ocassion
Parking : park by the roadside if you are lucky.. if not park at the parking area of wangsa walk mall but you have to walk to the steakhouse

Meat U Here Steak House

No.25, Jalan Wangsa Delima 12 (Wangsa Walk)
Section 5, Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 41420029 | Facebook

1100am - 1100pm (Mon - Thu & Sat - Sun)
230pm - 1100pm (Fri)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kursus Makan-Makan

I was instructed to attend this course last minute.. so we take it as a Kursus Makan-Makan la ok? sebab too last minute.. and I didn't get to prepare much.. Kursus Makan-Makan adalah di mana kita hanya tunggu masa untuk makan saja.. Mencelah sekali-dua and that's about it..lain just makan je..

Better yet the venue is Equatorial Bangi.. I love their food variety and especially their dessert.. Focussing on their choco fountain.. heh..too bad didn't get to take their desserts pictures.. was too busy eating..

my plate after a couple of round of main dishes

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nasi Tumpang

Pernah dengar Nasi Tumpang? me?? never in life.. first time la dengar ni.. and terus dapat rasa.. Actually this was a couple of months back punya cerita.. Nasi ni was given by a collegue.. dahla macam good timing.. was very hungry at that time.. 

According to my collegue this nasi was made by a person who is incharge of istana's kitchen.. which istana I'm not sure.. And after googling [thanx to Mr. Google] i get to know that this nasi originated from Kelantan.. also locally known as Nasi Tupe... 

4 layers of ingredients

The rice is wrapped in cone shaped banana leaf and consist of 4 layers of ingredients consist of omelette, prawn sambal, cicken floss and fish curry.. this ingredients are arranged in between rice and then were wrapped..I was so excited that I get to try one of the traditional food of Malaysia..

The Verdict?
I love the taste but for me the rice is too squishy.. more like a bubur or nasi lembik.. Maybe it was a one time thing with the nasi incident.. As a whole I love all the ingredients.. flavourful.. Every ingredients I get to taste all the necessary taste..get what I mean?? all the manis, masin, pedas, masam segala la.. cukup rasa.. But this nasi get me to wonder.. kenapa even dah mixed begitu rupa pon.. rasa die still tak bercampur?

Another downside is takde vege..

Would love to try a well cooked rice next time..

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Makan-Makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Again??!! Ahahaha.. another lunch trip to Galeria.. this time to celebrate 2 collegues.. 1 is for becoming birthday since she's in Melaka.. and another 1 is because she's leaving the department.. We went there with a large group.. 12 to be exact.. ahahahah.. kecoh kejap Padi.. Luckily it's during Friday prayer's break..

menu book
our table

We agree to order different menu so that we can taste everything.. ehehehe.. good idea right?? this is what we ordered..

drinks - honey lemon (RM5.90)
drinks - iced honey lemon (RM4.90)
drinks - passion fruit ice tea (RM6.90)
drinks - orange juice (RM4.90)
caesar salad & smoked salmon (RM14.90)
fried mee hoon (RM8.90)
ginger & onion beef hor fun (RM9.90)
thai style fish finger rice (RM10.90)
seafood pasta with marinara sauce (RM14.90)
pasta de pesto with grilled chicken (RM13.90)
grilled salmon fish with key lime sauce (RM24.90)
grilled chicken with cafe de paris (RM14.90)
grilled chicken with pesto fondue (RM16.90)

Plus a couple of order that i didn't manage to take picture..fresh green apple (RM4.90).. mocha ice blended (RM7.90).. grilled lamb chop with black pepper sauce (RM16.90).. mongolian lamb cutlets set (RM17.90)..

The food was yummilicious.. the fact that it was fullhouse doesn't disturb their service.. our food and drinks arrive as per ordered and was great.. no comment from the table..

It was a great birthday and farewell lunch.. would be missing the colleague that would be leaving..

I Say
Price : the total price was around RM300.. still worth every penny that we paid..
Food :  love the food.. but for me the noodles was average.. not to my liking
Service : no complain on the great service
Environment : relaxing ambience.. nice place to celebrate any ocassion..
Parking : park by the roadside and at your own risk.. because we walked there..

Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4, Putrajaya

10am - 10pm daily

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cheesy Tarts

I am craving for these babies!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adam Current Favourite

One day... Adam managed to finished.. sekeping roti canai.. and he kept on asking for roti canai cicah kuah dhall.. aiyooo

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Makan - Makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Actually this is my third time coming here.. After my successful first and second experience here, I came again with another group of friends during lunch hour.. and this time I ordered different menu..The taste maintained and the ambiance maintained.. They were still full during lunch hour and the staff still managed to handle all orders without any delays.. 

our drinks - mine in the middle is honey lemon
my order - mexican beef taco
I love this taco.. would be ordering it again if I were too full to have a full meal next time..
spaghetti something
Too creamy for me.. cepat muak.. but it came together with a drink and mushroom soup.. super save..
Another friend ordered lamb cutlets.. yumm.. still taste yummy..

I can summarised this lunch a success and my order turned out very fulfilling.. I love! and this time around I force myself to order their pavlova.. but I didn't like it.. full of cream.. the creamy taste lingers in my mouth until that night.. it almost make me p*ke.. So no more pavlova after this.. not my cup of tea
I Say
Price : The total price was around RM70.. worth every penny..
Food :  Fusion I guess.. the quality and quantity was still the same as my first and second experience and it brought me to my fourth experience.. 
Service : Am satisfied with the service.. no complain there
Environment : A good place to eat once in awhile.. a change from the normal cafe food at the office..
Parking : Park by the roadside and at your own risk.. because I usually walk there..

Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4, Putrajaya

10am - 10pm daily

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding || Zalikha & Hazwan

Another family wedding this year.. this time around it was held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay.. Actually the couple was solemnised the day before.. on Friday.. i missed the event.. have something to settle at the office.. heard the ceremony went well and beautifully.. I get to see the akad nikah setting a day earlier.. and it was really beautiful..

the dais
the hall from family section
I arrived early at the reception.. as a family member.. makan dulu la.. heeee.. the food was great.. yang paling best of course ayam percik & daging masak hitam.. seriously.. i like! the dessert pon diorang keep on replenish.. so there's no short of things to eat.. and the best part is there's a section reserved especially for family members.. so boleh hangout lama sikit without rasa bersalah to other people..

grand entrance

Masa the couple masuk they were escorted with 2 little misses yang sangat excited dapat pakai baju "pwincess".. the couple wore maroon & gold attire.. cantek! lepas dah settle down semua.. ada slideshow.. ehehehe.. nice presentation.. lepas je slideshow tu i just lose track of what happening.. Adam dah mengaruk sebab mengantuk.. after that we just went back.. memang macam rushing sikit balik tu sbb adam dah terlentok sangat.. kesian..

Ouuhh.. forgot to tell.. the bride is my cousin's third child.. rumah dekat je.. setaman.. so..

"Ika & Hazwan.. enjoy your life as a couple in the MarryLand (as you put it)" 

husband & wife [picture from her fb page]

Friday, October 5, 2012

Makan-Makan || Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung, Presint Diplomatik, Putrajaya

Another trip to this restaurant. But this time I came with different people and ordered different food from my first experience..

Still with the one person one food concept.. Ordered 1 chicken menu, 1 vege and 1 soup and added with an egg menu..

Malas nak bercerita.. so just enjoy the food pictures..

our order
our drinks - belimbing, tembikai laici, nenas
The drinks memang pure blended fruit.. kire bukan cordial.. the bestest is nenas.. will order that for my next trip..

kankung crispy
This is best as appetizer.. nice to munch as we gossip.. sama macam cucur.. kirenye cucur kangkung la.. a good idea to teach kids to love their vege..

tomyam hatyai

The soup memang power! pedas kaww! seriously hirup sampai the last drop.. tapi at the bottom of the bowl dah rase serai and halia kuat sangat.. but still oomph! Isi pon banyak.. ketam, udang, ikan & kepah.. mind you! this is the smallest portion..

telur goreng kungfu
This is an evolution of normal telur dadar.. They added vege & prawn.. but it is more fluffier.. rangup sikit dari the normal telur dadar.. something that can be ordered again next time..

ayam gajus
Ok, ayam gajus ni is a little bit letdown.. nothing special.. just like a normal sweet sour chicken.. just they added gajus.. won't be ordering it next time..

I Say
Price : The total price was around RM50++.. did'nt know the exact amount since my collegue belanja.. but it was worth it for the portion and kekenyangan.
Food :  Authentic Thai food.. Still ordering the smallest portion and still paksa diri menghabiskan all th food.. Still didn't get to try their Goreng-Goreng menu.. only avialable in the evening and also to try their Tomyam Kung..
Service : The service was still fast, the same as my first experience eventhough it was quite pack during that time
Environment : still a good place to dine either with family, friends or even entertaining guests..
Parking : Ample and can be difficult to find a space during lunch hour on weekdays..

Where :
Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung
No. 8, Jalan Diplomatik 2
Presint 15
62502 Putrajaya