Monday, February 21, 2011

Bangkok Break || Day 1

Flight kitorang at 3 o'clock.. so dalam pukul 12 tu dah bertolak to KLIA since we have to be there 2 hours prior to our flight (kan? ke salah?) so arrive at the airport dalam kol 1 gitu.. tros check in and lepas tu lepak at KFC just so that little Adam boleh main at the play area and get the feel of naik aeroplane there.. (since this is his 1st time on a plane).. What I  notice at the airport adalah ramai gila orang nak g Umrah.. Mebe Umrah season baru bukak kot after the Haj season haritu.. or isit because of the cool weather..

its his first time on plane

Moving on.. Another hour to departure kitorang bergerak towards the gate.. imagining that we have to take the bus (ketapi tengah repair) to the satellite building.. went through security check.. little Adam was more interested with going down the escalator than saying goodbye to the grandparents.. Tp bila dah dekat immigration baru sebok nak wave goodbye kat grandparents yg tgh tunggu tu.. 

That point announcement on the PA system bagitau that a bus is already there to the other building.. so we rushed through another security check only to realised that our gate is in the same building... duhh!! So now we took our time.. little Adam still on his feet.. As we arrive at the gate, they were already calling our seat number for boarding.. so there we go.. little Adam was still unaware that he's entering a plane because he was busy looking at other "aewoplane" on the runway..

on the way to board the plane
calm and relax playing with the safety belt
Little Adam was calm and relax in the plane unlike me, I was quite nervous since it has been a while since my last trip on flight..I'm like a virginnnn.. fly for the very first time!! (singing like madonna, like a virgin) Just before the plane took-off, little Adam fell asleep.. he was due anyways.. Bila dah tedo tu, I relax a bit.. takut die menangis je mase take-off.. On air, as usual refreshments are serve.. I fell asleep soon after meal..

the sky
our meal
both are asleep
Then it was already 2 hours and time for landing.. Adam was still asleep.. legaaa.. The landing was rough.. guess it was a junior pilot and because of the small plane (Boeing 737) Elok je landing.. little Adam pon bangun.. eheheheh.. good timing sayang.. He was okay..

feeling fresh
We were among the last ones kuar plane.. and straight we went to baggage claim.. before that had to go through immigration.. Luckily kitorang tak isi lagi immigration form.. so pinjam a pen from one of the officer there.. Lepas pulangkan pen die tuh.. she told me that since I'm with a child I can skip the normal immigration line and go to the express line..Mind you the normal line was realllllyyyyyyyy looooooonggg.. So save some time there.. Everything went smoothly after that..

Now its waiting time.. tunggu for Mr. AZ's friend balik keje and pick us up.. he arrived around 6 o'clock and the we took the public taxi to his apartment.. The timing was bad since it was peak hour summore tomorrow was a holidat in Thailand.. bad jam all the way to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport.. it took us around an hour to arrive at Centre Point Hotel & Residence..

the public cab receipt
our stay for the weekend
After we freshen up we went for a Halal dinner around Sala Daeng area.. nama kedai tu is Cili Padi.. the food was nice.. but it was quite expensive to compare to the price in Malaysia.. the restaurant even have Astro channels on the TV.. after that we took the famous ride in Bangkok which is Tuk Tuk to PatPong nite market.. didn't buy anything there.. not in the mood i guess.. too tired.. took the BTS Skytrain home.. then we end the nite..

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