Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

With the coming Ramadhan I would like to wish every Muslim "Ramadhan Kareem".. Have a joyful  nd blessed Ramadhan..

Ouh.. and don't forget your niat..

-- Whole month
nawaitu souma syahri ramadhaana haadzihissanati kullihi lillahi ta'aala

-- Daily
nawaitu souma ghadin 'an adaa i fardhi syahri ramadhaana haadzhihisanati lillahi ta'aala

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Very Strawberry Pavlova

I was craving for pavlova the other day.. and i remembered reading an entry by this lady : LadyVerde on making a pavlova.. as i go through the ingredients..i'm very sure that I can make it myself.. so this is my journey on making pavlova for the first time..but one thing for really have to have tonnes of patience as baking the meringue takes a long time.. and you guys can add more fruits for your toppings..

Here's the recipe that i got from her blog..for me the recipe is on the sweeter side..maybe i'll put less sugar next time..

-- Meringue
4 large (120 grams) egg whites
1 cup (200 grams) superfine sugar - castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 tablespoon cornstarch - cornflour
tracing/ baking paper

-- Topping
1 cup (240 ml) heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 tablespoons (20 grams) granulated white sugar - or to taste
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
fresh fruits

1.   preheat oven to 130 degC.
2.   beat the egg whites until fluffy.
3.   add castor sugar a tablespoon at a time while continue beating it in medium speed until mixture forms stiff & shiny peaks.
4.   add in vanilla mixture & mix.
5.   take out the mix & sprinkle vinegar and cornflour. mix well.
6.   line the tracing paper on the baking sheet & spread the meringue mix. make an indentation in the middle of the circle.
7.   bake in the oven under 130 degC for 75 minutes.
8.   its done when it turns into very pale pink colour and crispy outside, marshmallowy inside. let it cool.
9.   whip the cream until fluffy, add in vanilla extract & sugar.
10. spread the cream on top of the meringue & decorate with the fresh fruits.
11. wallah! you're done!

the finish pavlova

i add this syrup for more strawberry flavour

Monday, July 25, 2011

I am Woman

Watch the Sex & the City 2 movie over the weekend and I was hooked with this song.. enjoy!

(by: Helen Reddy)

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again


Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman

You can bend but never break me
'cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul


I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin' arms across the land
But I'm still an embryo
With a long long way to go
Until I make my brother understand

Oh yes I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to I can face anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)
I am woman

Oh, I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cat & Dog

Just like the malay sayings "Macam anjing dengan kucing"..thats what I can say about these two.. the big brother and lil sister in this house..little Adam won't share with her but Sara just love everything about little Adam.. So it's shouting here and there almost all the time in the house..  I am worried because little Adam hits Sara everytime she gets near.. So, how now brown cow?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Floria 2011

Me and a couple of colleagues went to visit this Floria thing during one of the long lunch break.. it was really hot since it was middle of the day.. unfortunately the event was not as what expected..It was a disappointment to sacrifice my long lunch sleep under the hit scorching sun..According to one of the colleague, this year they focus more on the nite activities with decorated floats and fireworks..

These are the only I manage to shoot on that day..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makan - Makan || Grand Restaurant Seri Garuda Emas, Kampung Baru

Went for another makan-makan trip with the family over one of the weekend.. this time around we picked a Nasi Padang place..since mom wanted to have the famous nasi padang dish : gulai tunjang.. head to kampung baru that have lots and lots of Nasi Padang Restaurant.. since abah is quite picky on places to eat we chose Grand Restaurant Seri Garuda Emas located near the Paediatric Hospital KL.. this restaurant have another branch somewhere near Chow Kit Road market but without aircond..

one of the branch

inside the restaurant

Once we were seated, the waiter and waitresses served us with their variety of dishes.. we can chose the ones we like but please be warn that if you don't want that dish please don't touch the plate.. better yet put it aside..if not it would be charges to your bill.. we don't want a long list right??

for handwash

dishes spread

I love their gulai tunjang but i don't quite like their ayam pop which is fried ayam kampung..and it was qute dissapointing because there were no gado-gado and fried eel.. and the avocado juice were not as expected..


avocado juice

On the plus point, the ambience was great with ample of tables to eat and parking space infront ofthe restaurant.. service was good too.. by the end of the day, our bill came up to RM97.00 for 6 pax plus 6 fruit juices...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Malaysia-Arsenal Match

I am so not into the football thing but since BIL gave us tickets to the match..why not?? it was a last minute plan as we were given the tickets couple of hours before the match and we decided to bring little Adam since he loves watching football matches on tv.. Right after work we rushed home and get ready.. took the LRT Ampang Line to Bkt. Jalil.. The train was packed with both Malaysia and Arsenal supporters..

On the train little Adam was singing and talking happily.. his mood suddenly changes when we arrived at the stadium..with people shouting selling all their stuff and some were wearing colourful mohawks and whatmore with the blaring of airhorns everywhere.. then only he starts crying and hugging Mr. AZ like crazy..he kept on closing his eyes and cried.. asking us to take him home..shouting "mama!! papa!!"..

the line-up

he's afraid of the crowd

At the gate he was still crying..and still crying at our seats..during this time I was sure that i wont be enjoying the match.. he was hugging me tightly and cries..When the game starts he stopped crying but the tight hugging was still there.. I won't be commenting on the game because you see.. i seriously don't know how the game works.. so lets just leave that to the pros..

the 1st kick

the 1st goal

the supporters from both side

supporters all the way from Indonesia


closing his eyes

Little Adam was relax during the second half.. i guess because of the refueling and he was already comfortable with the stadium environment..

refueling during the break

2nd half line-up

all in red


the stadium

We didn't wait for the game to end.. left the stadium earlier to beat the crowd on the train.. but we were not the only ones having that idea..there were quite a big crowd at the station but we manage to catch the 1st train out..

The experience was priceless but I don't think I would be going to that kind of match unless the tickets were at the grand stand where I don't need to climb up the stairs..fair?! heeee...