Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was just discharged from the hospital after a week stay.. due to infection.. not too worry.. i was the healthiest person there.. now i'm back!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa's Day is Papa's turn to be celebrated..still thinking on what to do.. all the father..papa..daddy around the world.. "HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Triple Celebration

Since today is my brothers' 17th anniversary, me & the husbands' 4th anniversary and my nephews' 19th birthday, the whole family went for a dinner out to celebrate..Join the whole end of the week traffic jam..

We chose Al-Rawsha somewhere in Jalan Ampang.. took a whole room for us.. theres no table there just cushion..sat on the floor (i mean cushion) to eat.. Adam was very..i mean verrrrryyy excited with the dining order because he gets to disturb everybody.. and he enjoyed the rice..

 Relaxing while waiting for the food

 Chicken Mandhy

 Lamb Mandhy

Ordered a couple of serving of Lamb Mandhy and Chicken Mandhy.. a plate of Mix Shawarma, salads and 2 jugs of lime juice.. the food was superb.. surprisingly the Lamb dish was selling like hotcakes..the juice was refreshing..pure lemon..

Dinner aftermath

Close to sleep

After their meal the boys relaxing and lounging on the cushion as if they were at home.. i guess they to enjoy the dinner (or is it the relaxing part?)..

Below are series of Adam enjoying his time or is it bullying his parents..

With mama

Feels like flying.. can you see my face? he's getting heavier..

With papa


"Happy Anniversary To Abang & K. Syamie & Happy 19th Birthday To Mat Beim!"

4 and Counting!


Dear Darling Husband,

Happy 4th Year Anniversary..Hoping for more wonderful years to come.. So.. where to tonite?? heeee..