Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stick to this one

Actually dah try banyak skincare regimes.. yang separa mahal ada.. yang murah pon ada.. tang sangat mahal belom berani try lagi.. but still my dry skin problem still there.. with staying indoors most of the time.. indoor means air-conditioned environment.. that doesn't help..

Not until my friend introduces her own brand of skincare.. there's a skin soap.. moisturiser.. and the best thing, she have lots of types of it.. 

In the soap range.. she have lavender, tea tree, neem and ricemilk.. moisturiser pulak ada rosehip, ricemilk, almond, argan, apricot kernel and lots more..

The miracle thing of using her skincare.. my skin dah takda kering lagi.. sikit pon tak.. stay 24 hours dalam aicond  pon maintain je.. skarang I used her lavender skin soap and rosehip moisturiser.. pakai tu jer.. Best.. I give all my thumbs an up sign!!

Nak try or nak tau lagi pasal her product boleh visit her fb page.. Kadang-kadang dia ada promotion buy 1 free 1.. 

lavender skin soap (front view)
lavender skin soap (back view)
rosehip moisturiser

Friday, November 28, 2014

What are you?

Got this forwarded by a friend..

And guess what?

I'm a DWARF!! ahahahaha..

So.. what character are you at your height?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Exclusive Chocolate

One of the boss gave us a box of this chocolates to share..

What a rezeki to get to taste this chocolate..

To buy this my own, that won't be happening anytime soon..

The taste? heavenly..


Monday, November 24, 2014

Get Together @ myHabitat2

Lama dah tak jumpa the bestfriends from my uni days.. actually bestfriends sampai sekarang pon.. the friends yang I would say will always stand by me 24-7.. (ye ke korang?).. ehehhee.. kalau tak pon aku akan demand jugak..

Tapi this time special sikit sebab yang jauh pon datang.. so bila jauh datang.. it means kena fikirkan tempat yang family friendly.. and so sweet of Elly to offer her as tempat berkumpul cum melepak.. her house is in the heart of the city and easily reached by public transport..

Since the melepak day set to be Saturday.. Dude tak boleh join.. its Adam and me.. masa nak pergi tu excited la hafal jalan.. pastu hafal pulak pulak apa nak cakap dekat guard (since security kat situ very tight) kalau bawak kereta lain instruction dari yang naik public transport (which is menapak la kan)..

dalam lift

Masa register dekat guard tu Adam dah tanya "Mama.. ni hotel ke?" ahahaha.. tapi security situ baguslaa.. the guard tunjuk jalan sampai lift and dia tunggu sampai lift tu bukak and tekankan floor number.. then baru dia biar kitorang jalan sendiri.. Adam dah excited macam nak pegi hotel dah.. sampai je floor elly, ada 2 pintu je.. Kiranya confirm ketuk pintu rumah yang betul is dengar gelak ketawa riang ria kat dalam..

the view from the balcony
at the balcony

Rumah Elly is like WOWWW!! sangat best.. macam hotel.. masuk sampai dapur dulu.. simple tapi siap ada island.. then meja makan.. ada rooms and a working area (yang lengkap).. the living area and ada balcony overlooking the busy Jalan Tun Razak.. and the whole house is fully aircond..  
After buat tour rumah Elly, kitorang melepak kat dapur tunggu bagi cukuo korum..Elly order semua food.. yang nampak sangat inviting.. nasik and lauk-pauk.. I had to mintak suap Adam awal sebab dia dah macam lapar..
melepak kat dapur
dessert - green tea puff pastry
Tak lama lepas tu korum pon cukup.. and kitorang pon makan laaa.. the men & kids ambik lauk and duduk makan kat depan sambil tengok tv.. kitorang ladies.. makan kat meja makan sambil berborak and catch up.. tambah food pon senang.. ehehhehe.. kiranya Elly ni dah cover everything.. for the kids ade juice caprisonne.. and dessert pon ade 2-3 that includes ice-cream.. ouhh.. ice-cream some one else bawak..

Borak-borak and catch-up sampai tak seda dah pukul 5.. so kitorang pon kemas2 the leftovers and biasala ambik gambar sebagai bukti sapa datang.. Adam sampai taknak balik.. punya best.. Tapi kesian Elly, banyak la dia nak mengemas after budak-budak ni tolong die kemas.. siap ada yang basuh lantai pakai kopi lagi.. ehehehehhe..
dalam lift masa nak balik
All in all, Adam and me enjoyed the get together very much.. Thank you Elly for being a perfect host! Bila balik cerita kat Dude.. then he became jealous.. and konon nak call Elly cakap dia nak visit pulak.. eheheheh.. too bad!! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bits & Pieces || Adam's Rapid KL Theme

Prepared as per requested by the birthday boy.. he's so into trains nowadays.. and he picked PUTRA LRT as his choice this year.. so mama had to cracked her brain for his RAPID KL theme.. 

prepared a round sticker for his goodies bag.. the bag is a normal transparent plastic that used for food packing.. and blue and red ribbon as the holder..


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adam Nidal Six Years Old Celebration

As updated earlier.. Adam requested for his birthday celebration at school to be themed LRT.. I searched high and low to make sure that everything is according to theme.. everything settled except the cake.. I only make the cakes order a week before the celebration.. its hard to find cakemaker to put an LRT on top of the cake.. but I manage to get it done..

goodies bag

I only saw the cake when I went for the pickup.. and I was totally satisfied with the design.. and hope that the birthday boy (waiting anxiously at school) would love it too!! thanks to rizqcake
the cake

When I arrived at his school, he seems sad.. maybe he thought I forget about my promise for his birthday celebration.. when he saw me and saw his cake.. his expression is PRICELESS.. No money in the world can buy that..


After a simple celebration.. with birthday song singing and cake cutting, the kids were ushered for their morning break.. and I left Adam and promised to picked him up later.. Ouhh.. Adam shared celebrating with another 2 girls.. hence the frozen decoration..

celebrating together

That's his 6th Birthday celebration at school.. and that night we celebrated with dinner with family..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Makan - Makan || Kulcats Barrio, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

This happens after Adam's graduation.. was confused on where to have lunch and we ended up in TTDI.. and I suggested Kulcats based on some of my review readings.. Most were good reviews.. and the dessert is to die for..


Since this is our first time there, we asked for suggestion from the waiter.. the guy was very nice that he answered to every question.. I almost asked him to describe every dish in the menu list..

so we ordered these as our first try...

seafood marinara
I love the sauce.. even Adam love it too.. so I had to share it with him.. but it the end the pasta became his.. So I had to finished his dish..

chicken parmigiana

this was actually ordered for Adam.. but I ended up finishing it because he took my marinara.. the chicken was nice too.. but the portion was too big that I kinda of having trouble at the end.. 

I can't remember what Dude ordered.. but it was a chicken meal.. that also came with big portion.. 

It was a nice experience at the restaurant.. but we were too full for their desserts.. and make a point to come back here again for their desserts.. We went back home that day with a happy mind and happy stomach..

Kulcats Barrio @ TTDI
No. 35, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 7733 3420
Hours : 1200pm - 1100pm (sun-mon,wed-thur) || 0400pm - 1100pm (fri) || 1200pm - 1200pm (sat) || closed on tuesdays

I Say

Price : affordable and worth for the money paid
Food : love the food!
Service : good service
Atmosphere : family kind of restaurant/cafe eventhough the ID is more towards a hangout place for youngsters (skaters)
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : lots of parking in front of the restaurant

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brainy Bunch International Montessori Annual Concert & Graduation, International Islamic University of Malaysia

Finally it was the end of the year.. and it's the final concert time.. Adam was all excited the moment he gets the poem that he needs to memorised and was the same words all over everyday.. but it was kinda cute..

this time around Wangsa Maju branch combined together with another branch.. so tak ramai sangat comparing to the year before.. and venue pon closer to home.. Dewan UIA Gombak.. tapi morning session.. memang kena bangun awal.. 

on that day.. nasib baik dah siap semua malam before that.. sebab.. kitorang terbangun lambat!! tapi takdala lambat sangat.. by the time sampai tu the hall still can be considered kosong lagi.. Nasb baik they prepared snacks for the parents sementara nak tunggu the concert to start.. the kids pon were given snacks for breakfast.. all taken care by the teachers..


Like the previous year, the kids all in white lining up for their intro performance.. national anthem, selawat, asmaul husna and reciting surah with their translation.. and like usual Adam is at the back of the group.. can't see him during the performance..

the playhouse

Then the concert starts with the usual welcoming speech.. and then performance by the playhouse with fashion show.. Then there's another performance by the other branch.. ouhh.. the theme for this year is occupation..

my handsome boy

Then Adam's group turn to perform.. well.. they perform the poem fluently without any hesitation or hiccup.. such a beautiful sight..

then a couple of performance again.. and towards the end is the graduation ceremony.. here Adam have to wear the graduation robe.. all taken care by the teachers behind the stage.. I get to see him only when they line the graduating kids and brought them to the back of the hall for the marching in of the Graduates together with their teachers.. Adam is a bit conscious wearing all those robe and the hat because he refuse to look at me and smile..


After the marching in the Graduates are seated on the stage where the parents can see them.. then they call for the best student for each branch and they gave their speech.. which they memorised.. then they call one by one the graduates name to present their graduating certificate..there is also a picture of them in the file.. after giving their parents a chance of a snap or two, they asked to seat again.. then they invited a parent on stage for the kids to hand over their certificate for the parents to be proud of..
After a photo or two, the ceremony were over.. then they have to return the robe and the hat.. We didn't stay long because were too tired and hungry..after taking a picture or two we leave the hall..


outside the hall I saw there were a booth for taking a studio picture and another booth selling bouquet of flowers.. Just exactly like a real graduation ceremony.. but we didn't stop for both.. and thats the end of Adam school year at kindie.. after this he's joining the big kids at real school..


At this opportunity, I would like to convey my appreciation to all the teachers in Brainy Bunch Wangsa Maju Branch.. Adam was totally happy and enjoy all through his 2 years learning there.. Not a single complaint from him and not from us the parents too.. We were satisfied.. Thank you BBIM WM!!