Monday, April 28, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 4 || Manchester - London

The main activity today is to travel from Manchester to London.. by train.. since Adam is obsess with train..
in the lift going down

watching the tram passing by

We checked out from Ibis early in the morning after breakfast.. and were picked up by Dude's friend for a final tour of Manchester before our train to London in the evening.. Somemore we have to maximise our rented car usage.. we have to return it back by 11 in the morning..

selamat datang

at manchester city store
We went to Etihad Stadium.. the homeground of Manchester City.. just a couple of pictures and a visit to their store..


After sending the rented car and sending our luggage for storage, we walked to the City of Manchester.. About the storage.. the name of the facility is Excess Baggage located somewhere at Track 10.. you just enter the track and tell the officer that you were going to excess baggage.. there the attendant will scan your luggage (just like security checks at airport) and tag it.. the rates are £6 per luggage..

chocolate stop
walking to Hard Rock Cafe

with our host at manchester - Hanif
eye of manchester
After we're done, we walk to the city.. thought of going to Hard Rock Cafe.. but after the long walk there, it's close.. and I just forgot to take picture there.. After that we walk to one of the mall opposite the cafe and have our lunch there.. at the food court were lots of Halal Food.. so it won't be a problem..

piccadilly manchester station

After that we just walk back to Piccadilly.. a slow walk.. we said goodbye and thank Dude's friend for being a very good host.. and he went off for is appointment.. we didn't wait that long before our train came.. Virgin Trains.. Adam was truly excited.. he asked to sit by the window.. since we travel in 3.. Dude have to be seated infront of our seat.. We didn't get a box seat..

first stop stockport

sea of mustard seed flower

The journey was smooth.. At first I enjoyed the view.. After a while the view became dark.. ehehehe.. I fell asleep only to wake up as we neared London.. my last memory of the journey was the sea of mustard seed yellow flowers..

charging in the black cab
in the black cab

Since we were with quite a bulky luggage, we decided to take the black cab to our hotel in London.. we chose Hyde Park Suites based on a couple of advices.. But we were quite unlucky though, the hotels there are without lift.. I've requested for a ground room, but we get a third floor room.. according to them, they were full.. I pity Dude.. he had to carry all our luggage up the flight of stairs.. and why Bayswater? according to some people thats the most strategic place since the Underground Station is just nearby and Bayswater area is closer to shops..

We decided to stay in that night to prepare a full day tomorrow.. It was a nice night in watching animated movie Epic.. Luckily we brought along our external hard drive..

Ibis Budget Hotel Manchester rate : £67 for 2 nights
Virgin Train : £31.25 [£12.50 (adult) & £6.25 (child)]

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