Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bangkok Break || Day 3

So.. this is the last day.. By the end of today we'll be safely sleeping on our own bed.. We got a lot of final things to do today.. and the most important thing to do in Bangkok on a weekend is going to Chatuchak Market.. WE went out quite late around 9.00 am.. took the BTS Skytrain till the end of the line which is Mo Chit.. the train were full and most of the people are going to the market.. I was planning to do some last minute souvenirs shopping there..

walking to the BTS Skytrain station
from  this station

By the time we arrived at the Market, the sun was already shining so bright.. and it was d*mn hot! with the Market environment.. no wonder there were people selling cold drinks everywhere.. little Adam became unbearable and uncontrollable during the walking around that Mr. AZ decided to find a spot to stop and relax.. by that time it was very hot that it became unbearable to us.. I only manage to buy some things.. and then were off.. back to the city.. I think we only manage to cover 10% of the Market..

to this station
too hot to bear

We took the underground train to city centre.. we tapaw some food for lunch and off back to home because little Adam looks sleepy.. little Adam fell asleep in the cab on our ride home.. ehehehehe.. too tired i guess.. by the time we reached Mr. AZ's friend's unit it was already noon.. Planned to do some final souvenirs shopping before we're off to the airport..

made it on the dot

By the time little Adam woke-up and I finished packing out things.. it was already too late.. so just relaxing while waiting the time to go home.. We thought of taking the train to the airport since we heard there were some planned demonstration by the red shirt people.. and the road were jammed.. so we took the BTS Skytrain to Airport train station.. it was full with people and we didn't get to sit.. ouhh.. and Mr. AZ's friend didn't come with us.. he only bid us farewell at the Airport train station.. it was understandable because it was almost nite time..

boarding the plane

Everything at the airport went smoothly.. and we were off.. little Adam fell asleep just like he was during the flght to Bangkok.. he even missed his dinner.. heee.. and we safely landed on Malaysia's soil at 11.15 pm..

the moon as we took off

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