Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favourite Ride

Enjoying his ride time

Barney ride @ KLCC

Bee ride @ A&W, PJ

Me and the husband have been trying to put Adam on the rides at the shopping complex but he refuses.. maybe he's afraid..

But after he saw this kid riding the thing one day and he saw that the kid was having fun.. he's interested to try.. after a ride..he's hooked!! Now it's impossible for him to ignore all the rides at the shopping complexes.. so i'm lugging tonnes of coins in my handbag to prepare if the time comes..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Earth Hour 2010

I've been cracking my head on what to do for the earth hur thing.. finally i just thought of having an ealy dinner and spend a whole good 60 minutes only the 3 of us in the room with the help of a torchlight.. so that we can see how Adam's reaction in the dark..

But as the husband came home from work.. he ask me to get ready for a dinner out at KLCC.. We arrived there as soon as there was an announcement made on he PA system that the mall is participating in the Earth they'll be shutting off the unnecessary light and then all the lights in suria KLCC were dimmed.. had dinner at Chilli's.. since chilli's light were always made no difference to us.. by the time we finished our dinner, which Adam enjoy very much.. the 60 minutes are gone..and there were no pictures of hour Earth Hour this year..

KLCC before & after Earth Hour 2010 [picture : googled]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adam's Neo-Natal Check-Up

My happy baby boy

So.. yesterday was Adam's appointment at the Paediatrics Institute KL.. Since he was born he got regular appointments there.. unfortunately this time I can't make it due to work.. I have to admit that I'm a bad mother for putting my work 1st.. but if the meeting were to be postponed for one more time.. I'll be a dead meat in the office.. can't go through another week of hell.. so the husband took a half-day leave to bring Adam for his appointment since neo-natal's appointment only in the evening.. my mom accompanied them..

I thought the appointment went well.. BUTTT.. as i got home.. the husband told me that the doctor on duty yesterday.. concluded that Adam won't be walking anytime soon.. since he's 1 year & 4 months old and still couldn't walk.. and the doctor said this 1 thing that I don't thing I as a mother can accept.. he said that Adam is categorised as OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) and would be needing assistance in his daily life..and he gave the husband one bundle of forms to be filled for a application to the JKM for support.. how dare she said that??!! it's not that i have anything against these people.. but Adam's physiotherapist said that he has no's just that he's a bit late in walking due to his premature nature.. and he have this huge LAZY problem.. Somemore Adam showed that he's on his way to walk because now he's walking with support from tables and chairs.. it's just he tiptoed when standing and walking..but the therapist said that can be corrected with exercise and massages.. so why is this doctor saying that we would be needing support from JKM?

To make matter worst the husband told me that a nurse (she's not even the nurse on duty for the neo-natal room) said Adam is a Down Syndrome boy.. again..i don't have anything against Down Syndrome people.. but to say that you are something that you are not is not nice.. to say something to a parent after a big blow would be super rude.. and somemore you didn't even know the case..

Adam's next appointment would be for another 4 months.. I'll be praying hard that by that time Adam can walk..hoping that you guys would be praying for him to walk soon too!!

Adam standing with support

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pot Luck

So.. today we have a farewell lunch for two collegues whose leaving for a better job offer.. we ordered the main dish from caterer.. but we decided that all of us brought deserts or titbits.. so here i am still thinking.. at 3 in the morning..what should i bring?? this is what i got from Mr Google..

fish crackers [picture : googled]

fried chips (kerepek) [picture : googled]

Fruits Platter [picture : googled]

Moist Chocolate Cake [picture : googled]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motherhood Expo 2010

We went to Mid Valley after the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.. Arriving Mid Valley, we were greeted by lines of cars queueing to enter the car park.. Somehow we manage to get a space somewhere.. AS we enter the shopping mall, there were also throngs of people.. but we rushed to get our lunch at Burger King.. luckily that was the only place that were not packed with people..

Then we head to the Expo.. there again.. packed with people..the place was so crammed.. that the expo was jammed with loads of stroller.. not moving.. after a couple of minutes of not moving, the husband decided to stay outside with Adam while me carry on with the expo.. so i wander around to catch something nice or even free samples.. in the end i only managed to buy a magazine (plus a free magazine), a free sample of nextcare plaster and and info folder on stem cell..To me the expo wasn't that interesting.. But the review i read for last years' expo was interesting..that made me come for this years'..

We end up in the nike store next to the expo.. i parked Adam's stroller next to a huge mirror in the store.. and he enjoys himself..

Playing with his strollers' steering wheel


Talking to his mirror image

We arrived home almost to 6 in the evening.. after and early dinner the 3 of us knocked out infront of the tv..

Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

We missed last years' event.. so I made it a point for us to go for this years'.. and since Adam is a big boy.. i could imagine him being excited watching all the huge hot air balloons.. kept on reminding the husband the whole week..

Then Sunday came.. and we made out of the house close to 9.. the husband said that we'll missed the hot air balloons launching..and he was right.. we missed the launch.. but got the opportunity to saw a late launcher..

The late launcher

We decided to have our breakfast at the F&B area before the next event started which is the miniature helicopter and blimp..However during both events we were still stuffing out stomach out..the line at the food booths was quite long..

After that we just visited some of the booth available..luckily Adam didn't ask for the thousands of characters balloons selling at the fiesta.. and he didn't made any gestures towards the kids holding the balloons..

Then we watch couple of hot air balloons for ride.. but the tickets were all sold out.. too bad! but i wouldn't dare taking Adam up in the air on that!.. no-no-no-no-no-no..instead of feeling excited watching the hot air balloons, Adam was more excited seeing the crowd.. he talked, laughed and even sang the whole time..

The balloons for ride

The crew stabilising the ballons before every rides


Adam & Papa

Other than the whole on air event with the hit air balloons, blimp, mini helicopter and a RM120/10 minutes helicoter ride, there were also some extreme rides such as zorb on the gound and water, go-kart and also 1/2 priced cruise tasik rides.. we got to see the zorb thing in action both on the water and ground..but didn't get the opportunity to take photo of the water zorb..

Zorb on the ground

Adam making friends

Then we saw this kids playing with bubbles

Adam attracted to the bubbles

It was almost 12 when we left the that time it was very-very hot! I was sweating like crazy and felt like i was the car me, Adam and the husband rehydrated with water.. milk for Adam..

The three of us

Friday, March 19, 2010


the working days for the week are over.. i was clouded with bad luck this wise.. hell week i must say..

it all started with my boss blaming me being lazy & everything.. the fact is i was trying my very best to do what was expected of me BUT it all depends to other people.. something that is beyond my control.. but she refused to listen to my explanation.. well.. that's it.. i just sucked it all in that day.. and it ruined the rest of my working day.. but as i went back home and saw my handsome boys' face..all the bad things that happened that day just vanished.. can you imagine the power of a 1 year old smile have on me? it made up to all the tears wasted that day..

The face that made my day

then today i was scolded by another boss (a higher ranking boss) on the mistake done by his assistant..and he also didn't listen to my explanation.. does he thinks that his assistant is always right? she won't do any mistakes? in the end the truth surfaced.. but it didn't made up for the words that have been blurted out to me.. even the assistants' appologisng didn't meant a thing!

this really was a bad week for me.. hope next week would be much nicer.. and more jolly..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Desperately Need..

a decent black working shoes.. eversince my trusted black wedges gave way last years.. i wore my mom's black clarks loafers to work.. easier to move around.. BUT.. lately i felt a bit clumsy wearing them eventhough they are super comfortable.. so..yes! i need a black working shoes..\

p/s: ouhh husband dear.. can u get me one?! or even 2..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


MAPPA xi @ Plennary Hall, PICC

Today i was directed to go to a public servant's ceremony at PICC..It was the Majlis Perdana Perkhidmatan Awam officiated by the PM.. The PICC was jammed with throngs of public services cars climbing it's way up.. The hall was situated at the top of the PICC.. thanks to the escalator.. the hall was half empty.. but it was almost time..

The Hall

While waiting for the arrival of the VIP's, we were entertained by the host's choir.. they sound lovely with nice songs..

At almost 9.30 the ceremony starts with speeches by the KSN followed by PM.. then there were closed Q&A session between the public servants and PM..

During the PM's speech

Q & A Session

Around 11.30 the ceremony ended..we we served with refreshments.. buffet style..After that we have to wait for like a wasted 30 minutes for our transport to arrive.. according to the driver, it was a difficult ride up since every one's going up all at the same time..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Visit To The National Zoo

The husband suggested that we brought Adam to the zoo since we noticed he loves animals so much.. How did we know?? he's not afraid touching the animals expecially cat and rabbit..So after having breakfast with the whole family we made our way to the National Zoo our house..I thought we were the late ones because it was almost 10 o'clock..But there were not that many people there yet..only couple of preschoolers group for their school trip i guess..As we neared the entrance..there were more preschoolers group there gathering..Then it hit me that it was children day..No wonder.. HSBC are also doing one of their event there which is The Zoo Negara Lake Restoration Project.. but still it wasn't that pack..

Infront of the entrance gate

Ignoring me

While the husband went to get our tickets..i took a couple of pictures of Adam infront of the gate.. but he was more interested with his travelling fan than my lense..

As we entered we went straight to the monkey's sections..On the way, we saw a tent with a pony, a colourful bird and a snake.. it was set up for picture session..went there and took pictures of Adam with the pony.. the handler reminded us to make sure that Adam is not that close to the pony afraid of the pony bit him.. but we said we are more afraid of Adam pinching the pony.. true to our words Adam extended his hand to 'touch' the pony.. ehehehe.. see! he's not afraid.. Next we took a family picture with a colourful bird..the blue and yellow feathered macaw..can't remember the name..but it was very a common name..When the handler put the bird on the husband's shoulder..Adam extended his hand behind the husband to 'touch' the bird..luckily the handler was faster that him.. so i had to hold Adam's hand during the photo taking.. After that the handler demonstrated to us how the bird eat..It took the food out from the handler's mouth and eat..using only it's beak and tongue.. very cute!!

Adam with pony

Us with the blue and yellow feathered Macaw

The handler demonstrated how he fed the bird

Next we went to the kids's kind of a petting zoo..there were cute animals such as tortoise, goat, rabbit, deer and even pony.. Adam was very attracted to deers and goats..i guess because both of the animals was moving all over their cage.. some of the other animals only stay still such as the monkeys.. tired perhaps?

Bambi the deer

Nest we went to the amphitheatre to catch the multi-animals show.. while waiting for the show to start i gave Adam his milk.. I was talking to him sudenly his bottle fell of his hand.. he's asleep! But i was looking forward to see his reaction during the multi-animal show especially the swimming seals.. well.. he's tired..He had an early morning.. I wont be telling about the animal show.. it would be much better if you guys see it for yourself.. my story won't do justice..

My sleepy boy

One of the show ~ a huge white eagle

After the show ended, we stayed a bit to let Adam sleep..but as we moved towards the aquarium, he's awake! and talked non-stop.. After the aquarium we decided to take the train ride to see the whole zoo since we were very hungry and hot! was almost noon.. no wonder!

I thought the train system was the same..we can stop any train at any stop.. but they've changed the system..we must pay for the tickets and only able to board the train at the ticket counter.. not wanting Adam to missed anything we paid Rm3 for each of us adult..we have to leave Adam's stroller at the counter since the trin is much more smaller than before.. and there were only 2 stops during the whole journey.. But the journey was not that interesting since the train driver sped all through to the 1st stop..Adam can only see giraffe & elephant at a glance.. you know how babies easily attracted the time he saw those animals it was too late..

On the train ride

We stopped at the pit stop which is the big cats section.. most of thae cages was empty.. we could only see a tiger looking hungry.. Adam was smiling went he saw the tiger and he mouthed out a "meoww" sound.. maybe he thought it was a cat.. Next cage was a lion.. but it was sleeping.. Not moving.. so Adam didn't noticed it..

Watching the big cat

Picture with papa

Then we took the next train back to the entrance..on the way we saw camels, deers and hippos.. but Adam was more interested with the food that a family was eating behind us.. i know he's hungry.. At the entrance we bought a giraffe soft toy for Adam because he took it and kissed and refused to put it back..

On the way back i gave Adam another round of his milk..and he fell asleep without having he's lunch..