Friday, September 28, 2012

Oil Palm

I took this picture of a fresh palm oil fruit while going on a course.. it is at one of the palm oil mill.. I should've taken the pictures of the fresh fruit until it was process with the kernel and fiber..

This is how a fresh palm oil fruit looks like..  I mean the inside of the fruit.. The oil mostly came from the orange coloured area..

In this course also i learn that an oil palm tree can be used fully.. just like a coconut tree could..

Friday, September 21, 2012

Makan-makan || Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung, Presint Diplomatik, Putrajaya

Another eating place that my collegue & I tried.. We know about this place by chance after a having an appointment somewhere nearby.. This place was the only place nearby that is not fully occupied.. Berserah je and hope that the food was acceptable.. haha..

We ordered a dish each (there's 3 of us) to have together with rice.. Goreng-goreng only available in the evening.. So we end up with Green Curry Chicken, Daging Masak Merah & Baby Kailan Ikan Masin..

The Restaurant
the ambience
White Thai fragrant rice
Chicken Green Curry
Daging Masak Merah
Baby Kailan Ikan Masin

The 3 of us went back to the office with a full and happy stomach.. In the car we were already discussing what to order for our next visit to the restaurant.. Haaa! Talk about being full.. We were a very happy customer..

I Say
Price : The price was around RM40.. can't remember the exact number.. but it was worth for the taste and the value..
Food :  Authentic Thai food.. real authentic thai food.. We ordered the smallest portion.. but that was also too much for us 3 to finish.. Yet to try their Goreng-Goreng menu.. and also their Tomyam..
Service : The service was express for a place where your food are prepared after you ordered.. it was really fast..
Environment : a nice and relaxing environment.. A good place to dine either with family, friends or even entertaining guests..
Parking : Ample but would be difficult to fins a space during lunch hour on weekdays..

Where :
Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung
No. 8, Jalan Diplomatik 2
Presint 15
62502 Putrajaya

Monday, September 17, 2012


My grandmother passed away last nite after 11 days in the hospital.. al-Fatihah for her..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding || Yasmin & Aisar

A cousin's wedding.. Mr. AZ's site.. somewhere in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.. Went there a bit late since Mr. AZ is working.. I make sure little Adam ready at noon so that we can fetch Mr. AZ before going to his the wedding.. My mom joined us since my father went back to his hometown..

As we arrived we met the family first since MIL is also here.. then we went for the food.. the food? yummmsss! I so love the daging masak hitam and also the cendol.. almost went for second round.. the rice grain was so long.. just like nasi arab..

After that went inside to relax.. It was a good timing because the bride was about to go out to welcome her groom.. She's pretty.. with all white dress.. AS she walked away.. I noticed that her shoes were striking pink!! and was really really tall.. mind you, the bride is a bit petite.. but as a whole she looked lovely on her wedding day.. just like a princess..

I love their theme.. colourful flowers with offwhite background.. i took the dais & hantaran pictures.. all with fresh flowers.. but Mr. AZ accidentally deleted all of them.. but it really was beautiful.. But i have a picture of the high table flower centrepiece..

high table centrepiece - fresh flowers
We stayed a while.. and then went back and little Adam was asleep all the way home.. too tired playing with all the cousins.. he missed them very much..

To Yasmin & Aisar "Congratulations on your wedding. May you live happily together ever after!"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Raya Celebration at Work

Every year the office sambut raya towards the end.. last year pon same.. This year we stick to last years arrangements.. Pot Luck hoping that every pot would bring a lot of luck!!

Tapi this year meriah sikit.. the boss belanja Pizza and our whole menu changed.. main dish is pizza and sate.. so orang lain bawak dessert.. and the list of dessert goes on and on.. sampai dah x terimagine..

On the day itself, ada la pulak orang bawak nasi kerabu (that was the best plain nasi kerabu I ever had.. all this while dok makan dengan lauk).. and loads of dessert.. and the must haves for raya.. lemang, nasi impit & rendang.. our sate came late sebab it seems that ramai orang buat raya celebration.. and there were birthday cake for some of us yang celebrate birthday..

Sangat happy with the food.. and now I am craving for more nasi kerabu!! Dahla tadi I had 2 large helpings of it.. Oh my!

Feast your eyes with all the food.. sebab gamba orang takde..

main dish : pizza
main dish : nasi kerabu
main dish : nasi kerabu (salads)
main dish : nasi kerabu (condiments)
main dish : nasi kerabu (condiments)
main dish : nasi kerabu (salty eggs + lime)
mush haves dish : nasi impit and kuah lodeh (i forgot to take the picture)
must haves dish : lemang
must haves dish : beef + lung rendang
dessert : green trifle

dessert : fruit cocktail
dessert : mini desserts
dessert : fruits
dessert : birthday cake

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Icon Is Back, Das Auto || KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

Everywhere was raving about VW The Icon.. At first i didn't know what it was about.. until a friend told me it is actually VW launching gimic.. they were introducing The Icon.. So I registered the 3 of us to attend at KLConvC on Sunday.. It was during afternoon session.. 

our admission ticket

We arrived just in time to collect the ticket.. and then line up for photo booth outside the exhibition hall.. By the time we entered the hall it was already full.. and we were seated at the back.. nothing much to see from there just the back of people heads..heheeh.. rasakan!! sape suruh lambat..

photobooth photo

Little Adam was afraid of the dark and the loud music.. But when they brought out The Icon.. he was shouting.. "mama! Sport Car! Sport Car!" What I don't understand is that some people who were seating infront.. kept on standing up to see The Icon.. they were acting like they were the potential owner of The Icon.. but I doubt that because they were the ones left the exhibition early.. infact earlier than us.. 

Then we were ushered to another big exhibition hall.. this is where all VW cars where displayed.. We spent a little time there and off we go for our late lunch..

at the exhibition hall
with the red The Icon

Friday, September 7, 2012

Makan-Makan || Kyros Kebab, The Streetmall, Cyberjaya

Bila hari Jumaat.. lunch break panjang.. langkah pon jadi panjang.. this time around.. ke Cyberjaya kite!!! a collegue need to get her novel at the streetmall.. So.. berjalan la at the flea market.. Lastly can't decide on where to eat.. Looked around nampak la Kyros Kebab Cafe.. usually Kyros Kebab dekat kiosk je.. this is my first time jumpe Cafe Kyros Kebab..

The collegue pon mentioned that she never had kebab from kyros.. so a good time to on the other hand already had a couple of experience with Kyros so directly ordered their mixed (lamb & chicken) wrap.. and an ice lemon tea..

Taste wise was still the same.. but I still have my favourite kebab somewhere else.. will blog about it when I visit that place next time..

It was a hearty & healthy lunch for me..

ice lemon tea
Mixed Wrap

I Say
Price : I can't remember the price but for me it's reasonable..
Food :  What do you expect from a kebab kiosk? but would love to try their Portugese Grill Fish & the desserts.. looks tempting..
Service : Order the food at the counter and would be given your drinks.. The cashier was friendly.. and then your food would be sent to you at the table.. The service was good also..
Environment : a cafe like environment..
Parking : ample

Where :
Kyros Kebab
Lot F,G & E The Street Mall
4210 Cyberjaya Bus Terminal
Persiaran Multimedia
63000 Cyberjaya

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Saw this drink when I did some groceries shopping the other day.. Attracted to the word mangosteen.. And I remembered that mangosteen is good for health.. 

The fruit just taste somewhat like a blackcurrant drink.. can't find the real mangosteen taste there.. so am not a satisfied customer.. heeee.. nak yang ori makanla fresh kan??!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Precious Moments with Truddy & Teddy

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I fell in love with Trudy & Teddy when I first went shopping for my then unborn son.. Walking around the mall (Jusco) to the familiar brands section searching for baby clothes.. Then I stumbled upon a section of cute and classic looking clothes that I instantly fell in love with.. with all the whites and earth tones.. yummmy.. but I said to myself "not now.."

My moment with Trudy & Teddy came when I had to dress my baby boy for a family wedding.. I always envision that my son would dress up smart just like the boys in Sound Of Music.. you now the Von Trapp boys?? or even just like Trudy & Teddy models.. I sooo love the material.. its so soft to my then delicate son's skin.. Now my son have his own taste for his wear.. But I noticed that he's more than always end up with a Trudy & Teddy shirt/pants..

Thanks Trudy & Teddy for the lovely material and superb classical yet modern design that I love so much to put on my son.. I hope for our relationship to last as long as possible.. and now I wish that my son would stay a toddler forever so I can always dress him up with Trudy & Teddy..

look how cute and smart he is with Trudy & Teddy

And to make it even better, Trudy & Teddy is giving an opportunity to take home the following prizes!

Most Creative Blog Post
1st Prize: RM800 Cash + T&T RM500 Product Voucher = RM1300
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Consolation Prize
5 x RM80 T&T Product Voucher = RM400

All you have to do is just follow the steps below to share your most precious moments with your baby and you could stand a chance to be one of the winners:
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  4. Create a blog post titled “Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy” and share with us your memorable baby moments with Trudy & Teddy. The most engaging and creative blog posts will be chosen as the winners. Do make sure to include the photos that you have edited with the Trudy & Teddy photo widget.
  5. Once you are done with the post, insert the permalink in the form here.
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  3. Prizes are NOT for resale to other parties.

So please..please.. PLEASE let us win.. so that I can continue dressing up my son with Trudy & Teddy especially during this Eidul Fitri celebration.. I can just imagine him wearing Trudy &Teddy and shines among all his cousins..