Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 2

The 2nd day started with breakfast at the hotel.. the verdict?? Primula need to add a little variety to their breakfast menu.. I ran out of what to eat after the 1st round which is couple of chicken sausages & a scoop of spaghetti alfredo..

Adam enjoying his morning dip

Eyeing other kids' float

Playing with his cousin ~ Afnan

Ilman showing hitting the slide

Next we hit the pool.. Adam was afraid at first especially after a big splash by a bigger chils near him.. but as he gets comfortable in the water.. he tried to kick his legs in the water and moves around papa.. with the watchful eyes of his older cousins.. We took him out after his crinkled fingers and toes became visible.. then the rest of the morning went by with him sleeping..

Envious.. your time will come Waeis!

By noon we checked out of Primula to our next destination which is Cherating.. but need to make a quick stop at Seberang Takir.. to a keropok lekor stall near Biro Tatanegara.. there we had couple of plates of keropok lekor with loads of fish, delicious fried & grilled satar.. a lovely desert called Bingka (pronounced bike) and washed down with purely coconut drink.. we even bought couple of RM's worth of fish products.. Thanks to K. Laili and family for your hospitality..

Crossing a bridge toward Seberang Takir, we got to see the famous Crystal Mosque.. i always imagine it to be huge.. to my was quite small for the story been told..

Around 2 p.m. we started our journey to Cherating.. expexted to arrived at Impiana Cherating 2 hours later.. butttt.. we only arrive at the border of Kemaman & Cherating at around 5 p.m. it was exhausting.. but we made a stop for our lunch cum dinner at another small restaurant right after entering Cherating.. there we had KFC bought near Awana Kijal which is on the way and the restaurant's specialty Baung fish cooked in Asam gravy.. and a fried Baung fish plus fried kampung chicken.. it was a vary satisfying meal..
A couple of minutes ahead we reached Impiana Cherating and checked in.. first impression.. there were no elevator??!! the bell boy had to picked up our luggages (which is a lot! especially Adam's) couple of flights above.. and the room was located far ahead from each other.. and we got the room that is one level up than the lobby.. poor mak..with her knees and all.. but there were no more rooms available to change.. then there were mixed up on the room..but that was a small matter.. there were lots more coming.. the aircond was not working in 2 of the rooms.. towels was not provided in all the rooms..only after we reported it that the towels came.. and it was 6 P.M!! what kind of a service is that?? it seems that the room was not ready.. A note.. not to stay in Impiana Cherating anymore after this.. lousy service..

We ended up the day staying in the room due to exhaustion..

In one of the suite in Impiana

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