Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Weekend

Since Adam's toys are now scattered around the house, me and the husband decided to buy a box or some sort of a chest to put his toys.. so we went to the most interesting home furnishing store (for me)..IKEA!!..i sooo love this place.. i can spend the whole day in the store without realising it..

So, after the husband's weekly tennis..we headed to IKEA..quite a traffic near ttdi..but smooth flowing from thereafter.. 1st we headed to Marche in Curve for our lunch..i packed Adam's porridge to be eaten together with us.. Marche have gone through quite a refurbishment from my last visit..the check-out counter now is at the back..and no more pizza to order (i've been looking forward for that)..we ordered rosti with cheese, baked potato & fettucine alfredo and a glass of freshly squeeze lemon juice.. and now i'm crazy for rosti.. need to buy US potato..

Next..went back to Ikea for the toybox/ toychest hunt.. instead of searching for his toybox, Adam prefers to play in the box with a ladle..such a cutie..we settle for a tortoise laundry net for his toy and a crocodile..
note to self : need to bring out Adam as often as we could because he reacts strangely to crowded environment..need to make him feel comfortable..

Adam on a red rocking moose eyeing other kidddies stuff

Playing in one of the boxes

Posing with papa

On a furry white carpet

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One For The Album

I will always remember his facial expressions.. This are the current favourites.. I think the 1st expression is due to teething.. When i say 'no' to the expression he'll do it more frequently..

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is Adam asleep just now in the car after our usual breakfast out..when he sleeps.. nothing would make him wakes up..the hard part was putting him to sleep..with tossing and turning..and the drama part..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Since Adam's loves to play with water especially during bath time where its impossible to take him out from his tub.. I decided to introduce him to super duper large bath tub..the POOL.. after careful plan with the nephew and niece..we went to my brother's house during Deepavali.. to share their club membership..heee..

The best part was the shopping for his swimming stuff part..swimming trunk..float..

But as we put him inside his float..he screams! i wonder why..when i take him out he wanted to go father took him in the pool..holding him because he refuses the float..but during practised at home his okay with the float..maybe he was shocked by the large bath tub..nevertheless..he enjoys the swim..he spends in the pool for almost an hour..even the nephew and niece enjoy the swim..according to them it's ben ages since their last swim.. I guess we'll be frequenting my brother's house after this

His first dip

Posing for mama

Splashing water

Enjoying his dip with papa

One for the album

Resting with kakak kirin after a day's hard work

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past Time

Lately..this boy loves to sleep or even lie down on my lap.. Especially when watching his favourite channel..and fell asleep right after his finish his nilk..He's quite heavy now..different from when he was small..and he can't even stay still..he moves around a lot! But i do love this feeling..that he needs me whenever i'm around..he would ignore others even the granparents that spend more time with little boy...

Watching his favourite channel


Distracted by the camera flash

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raya Open House and Mall Visit

On the way to BIL's open house

We were invited to BIL's open house somewhere in Cheras..i was excited as i have fully recovered from the unknown sickness..thanks to plain porridge and my mom's back rub..heee.. Adam was excited also because he couldn't stop mumbling all the way to BIL's house.. he's trying to talk me guess..

We were the first to arrive..the food were great..the specials were Char Kuey Tiaw made by BIL..super delicious! But we couldn't stay long! had other things in mind..
< align="justify">We were searching for adam's baby walker as the parents have been asking about it for quite sometime..went straight to Mid this is adam's first visit to the mall after the H1N1 outbreak..he was quite confuse with his surrounding.. He even refuses to sit in his stroller.. Tiring i must say as he wants ME to carry him..Unfortunately all the baby walker in Mid Valley has sold out.. Apparently according to the SA in Mamours..this is the season where all parents searching for baby walkers..and we were the last ones to search..bummer!!

At the play area in Robinsons's