Sunday, April 25, 2010

Penang Holiday || April 2010

Adam and Papa

The water slides

Happy boy in the water

Tasting the water

Playing with the cousins

Posing for mama

Cooling off with his small fan

Too thirsty to even talk

The hand-tag to enter the hotspring

Me and the husband took annual leave to join in the husband's side family vacation.. Last minute some of the inlaws had to cancel joining the we were left with 2 families and MIL..

The 3 of us left the house around 8 in the morning after Adam's bath and breakfast..We stop to meet the other family at Sg. Klah Hotspring somewhere in Slim River..Adam enjoy the place very much.. ouhh..the place are run by FELDA.. a nice place to be..but too hot since there's no shading and the husband just watch Adam played in the pool..then we just stay in the car to cool off..

After that we left the area and make our way to Penang..we didn't stop until we reach our place for the stay in Penang..

All in all the trip was a good relaxing trip to run away from all the hectic city life..with traffic jams and works..but we didn't manage to go to all our eating places except for Nasi Kandar and Gurney Drive food stalls..And not that much pictures as i expected since Adam was a bit clingy..maybe he's not used to the MIL and inlaws..

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