Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Discover Japan Part 8 || NARITA to KLIA

We arrive early at the airport.. Mr. David timed it perfectly.. According to him there will be a security check near the airport.. can't remember whether it's customs or immigration.. they would check whether we are a real tourist or not.. But they would only check on the guide.. if they were suspicious.. they would check on every single person onboarsd the bus.. Alhamdulillah.. we passed the check.. I mean Mr. David passed the check.. Since Mr. David stayed in Chiba.. he alighted the bus together with us.. so the bus driver will be the only one going back to the city.. Mr. David would catch the tube home..

with Mr. David for the last time

At the airport we packed on our souvenirs to the luggages.. and move to check in at the airline counter.. this is the first time in my experience that the airlines staff would check every single passenger.. so we have to line-up to be face recognition.. the process of getting us checked in was super long.. we had to wait in line for quite some time.. than the luggage check-ins was even longer.. the most slowest process ever.. Even though we were early to the airport.. we still have to rush to the gate.. There were no time for us to walk around the shops..

Even the airport security check was thorough.. they check each item.. even little Adam milk was being sniffed at.. i mean the bottle of milk that he had on while we push him through the gate.. they do check on the hot water.. men were asked to take off they belt.. But we got through.. After that onwards was rushing till the boarding gate..

It was a tiring day.. so i slept all through the flight home.. I missed on the delicious late supper (according to my sister and dad) and also the breakfast.. bahahahah.. i even missed the inflight entertainment.. uhuhuhuhu.. I do wish to visit Japan again in the same season.. I love all the beautiful flowers!!


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