Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia || A' Famosa Resort, Melaka || Day 2

Today was nothing special coz the check out time is 12 noon.. so we had an early out for breakfast and continue to the Animal Safari.. it was nothing much because i was counting to take the truck for the safari ride.. but the queue was endless.. and i gave-up..

At the entrance

We head for the multi animal show.. but Little Adam wasn't paying any attention and so was I (have to pay attention to my son so that he won't disturb other people) He was walking all over.. so we passed on the bird show.. and took the ferry ride to Monkey Island without even stepping any foot on the island.. and then went back.. had our lunch that comes with the entrance ticket (note 1 : the food was lousy. note 2 : the entrance ticket was ridiculously charged since any other ride accept for the safari truck and ferry ride we had to pay extra)

At the peacocks cage

On the ferry

During his ferry ride

I wasn't enjoying the trip to the Animal Safari at all.. so do Little Adam.. he was getting restless.. and we ended our trip and head back home..

p/s: today Little Adam was down with fever and quite a serious tonsilitis on both side.. the doc suspected that he swallowed the pool water and his throat was infected by the chlorine and sodium in that water.. so no more swimming pool for Little Adam.. but how can i say no to "Mama, summing*!"

*summing - swimming

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