Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Exploring Europe Part 5 || London City Tour

Today plan is London City Tour.. we bought the London Big Bus Tour that covers around 50 stops including River Thames Cruise.. I was excited especially to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.. I planned that we took the full bus tour and then head towards the Palace around 10.30 a.m to catch the parade.. since the parade would start at 11.30 in the morning.. 

at queensway station
From our hotel, we have the choices of taking the underground from 2 stations, Bayswater and Queensway.. Since we're still not familiar with the area, we were lost and finally found our way to Queensway Underground (only to find out later that our hotel is much closer to Bayswater)

at green park station
while waiting for the tour bus


We stop at Green Park to catch the bus at its first stop.. There we get the bad news.. It seems that day is the London Marathon and most of the road are closed.. The tour are still operating only that they reroute from the original plan.. We'll definitely missed the changing of the guards and Buckingham Palace (its one of the route for the marathon) and London Bridge (also one of the route).. but they extend our ticket until the next day.. it didnt make any difference to us since we had something else plan for the next day..

in the bus

We decided to make do with anything we have that day.. But the traffic was bad.. We didn't get to cover much.. but it was ok.. atleast we can say that we have toured city of London.. and ohh.. we missed the River Thames cruise too..

hyde park
marble arch

oxford street
baker street station - one of original station

the first hard rock cafe

trafalgar square
west end district london

london bridge and river thames

the shards london

eye of london

big ben

an old pub
one of the upperclass area

limkokwing university in london
in london hard rock cafe

london hard rock cafe
hyde park

If ada rezeki for next visit I would do a deeper research on any events.. no more surprises like this I hope..

kebab for dinner

That night we had kebab from a nearest restaurant.. the que was long that we assume must be good.. BUT.. the food was nothing to boast about and the small portion.. it was not enough for Adam alone.. and is quite expensive compared to the one we had before at Manchester..

The London Big Bus Tour : £20 (adult) & £10 (child)

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