Monday, March 18, 2013

Away to Kuantan

Made another last minute plan.. but this time we headed to Kuantan.. didn't plan on anything.. just relaxing and let Adam enjoy the swimming pool..

At first I thought that we would be leaving for Kuantan early in the morning..  but Mr. AZ only took half-day leave.. so we started out after Zuhur.. Adam was totally excited..

The initial plan was to stopped to have lunch at Temerloh.. the ever so famous Masak Lemak Tempoyak Ikan Patin.. but the plan was scrapped to make sure we arrived on time at the hotel for check-in.. most probably will stop on the way back..

We arrived just in-time before the check-in time were over.. freshen up a bit and head out to search for a place to eat to have our dinner cum lunch together.. hah!

our room

My search for food reviews landed mostly in Cherating where it is quite far from our hotel.. but still we determined to go there.. half way to Cherating from Balok the rain came and we turn around and decided to stop for dinner at the most appealing restaurant that we saw.. and we did had a nice dinner.. where I would write about in the next entry..

at the hotel lobby

Back from dinner.. we hung out a bit at the lobby.. because Adam loves the water feature so much that he requested to sleep at the lobby.. eheheh.. so funny my boy..

back from breakfast

The next morning we had to head out for breakfast since our room did not come together with breakfast.. we saw a decent place for breakfast mend by some makcik-makcik kampung.. there's lines waiting to be serve by them.. the food must be great! Yup.. it is.. I had Nasi Dagang, while Mr. AZ had Laksam and Adam had nasi lemak kosong and telur mata.. it was a hearty breakfast I must say.. but sorry no picture and review of the stall..

Back from the breakfast we just hung out at the pool until check-out time.. Luckily it was not difficult to persuade Adam to leave the hotel and the pool.. the most difficult part to leave the lobby.. he can cry and shouted "Adam nak tengok water fountain!".. Had to promise him to come again to get him to enter the car.. hahahahha..

the face of budak taknak balik
On the way back we stopped over at Temerloh for our Masak Lemak Ikan Patin treat.. Mr. AZ requested for 2 fish cuts.. 1 for me and 1 for him.. whose the Ikan Patin freak here?!! the luch was super nice except for the hot weather..

Arrived KL just nicely to relax and get ready for work the next day.. It was super nice getaway from the hectic life in KL.. hope to do this again..

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