Monday, December 21, 2009

Penang Holiday || Day 1

We started the journey around 8 in the morning after Adam's breakfast and all.. My brother left for Penang earlier since he got something to do and my sister left the night before.. The journey was okay.. smooth.. even Adam was behaving in his car seat.. he sang and everything.. The first stop was my hometown.. went to visit my grandmother, my aunt and another aunt who lost her house to a fire..

Adam slept all through the journey

Then off we go to meet my sister at Sungai Dua for a mee udang treat.. it is said that the mee udang was the best so far.. there we can choose our prawn to be served together with the noodle.. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but from the signboard, it shows that TV3's JJCM team have been there.. We ordered to bowl of mee udang with loads of prawn and 2 plates of nasi goreng ketam.. sorry no picture of the food as we were hungry cause the time has past 2 p.m. Adam enjoy the restaurant's water feature that act as a cooler.. they recycle the water taken from a creek nearby to cool the roof of the restaurant.. The total bill came up to around rm100 for 7 people.. affordable and worth it..

After that we rushed to enter the island since my brother and family have been waiting for us to checked-in..the journey from Sungai Dua to Batu Ferringhi took quite a while with the usual traffic jam.. We stayed at Holiday Inn-Tower in Batu Ferringhi.. we got a good price for the rooms plus breakfast since it's the peak season..

On the bridge

The room was super luxurious.. Adam seems excited by the room.. he sang and laugh.. i think he loves the smell of the hotel room.. heee.. just like his mama..

View from the room

On the super big bed

Having the time of his life

Posing for the camera

Playing on the nicely done bed

After maghrib, we went to a nearby restaurant to enjoy the seafood there.. we have to find an alternative for Telok Tempoyak since the concierge at the hotel informed us of the massive jam in the town area for us to cross to the other side of the islan to Bayan Lepas.. the food was so-so.. but we enjoyed watching people doing the para-sailing and jet-skiing.. After that..we roamed through the night market along the Batu Ferringhi street.. me and the husband shopped for dvd's.. Adam was not in the picture cause it was late and the parents brought him back to the hotel room..

While waiting for dinner

The seafood dinner

At the Batu Ferringhi nite market

That was the end of our Day 1 in Penang..

p/s: Adam had his first Fish 'n' Chips during dinner!

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