Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing Pretend

This is a video of Adam during one of the visits to his favourite store.. Toys 'R' Us .. He was acting.. speaking a language unknown to others.. Maybe he's playing pretend playing in Playhouse Disney.. with Mickey and friends..as he is playing with Mickey's paperplate.. 


Monday, November 29, 2010

Its Byond ..


We've converted to A*tro B*yond a couple of weeks back.. For the price we paid to watch a couple of channel with HD is acceptable.. the picture was superb! BUT...

we ended up watching either a blank tv screen or a still shot of the current screening.. if we're lucky we get the sound to accompany the still shot.. Sometimes it took quite some time to even start up the unit.. It happens randomnly..sometimes it goes on without any problem for hours..sometimes it happens only minutes after start-up.. I was getting fed-up with all this mess.. i ended up not watching tv at all.. and i missed most of my favourites.. there's this one day that i almost threw the unit out of my window..ehehehehe..

Mr. AZ said maybe the problem is with our unit.. so now we're waiting for a replacement.. i hope!

p/s:  I'm not blaming A*tro or any particular person.. just releasing some steam off here.. heee..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A week in PD

I went to PD for the whole week for a course on GIS (Geographical Information System)..heh..sounds complicated right?!! yepp.. it sure is.. it's my first time attending this kinda course..interesting i might say.. the crowd was super nice and even the secretariat was fun.. But i have to state here that the food at the hotel was lousy.. the management need to make a major change in its f&b area..

Mr. AZ join me for the whole week while little Adam joined only during the end of the stay..he enjoyed the stay..  BUT.... he ended up with a fever.. until now..

These are a couple of the pictures i have during the stay..

The hotel

The sunset

Another sunset

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eidul Adha 1431H

Started the day early.. a peaceful day i must say.. prepare the clothes for my family.. and gets Adam ready for the day.. thought of dressing up little Adam with his baju melayu at first.. then i remembered that i have tucked away a nice jubah given by my bro & SIL.. So, for the first time little Adam wore his jubah.. he felt a bit awkward..keep on pulling the jubah up..maybe he's use to wear tee's & shirts..

Wearing his jubah for the first time

Then we had our Raya breakfast of Nasik Ayam and the normal ketupat rendang.. Next the Eidul Adha prayer..
After that, me and the husband brought little Adam to watch the process of korban..and to introduce to him a cow in real life.. i was afraid that he'll be uncomfortable during the process..but he was enjoying every bit of it.. but i had to cut the experience short as it was too hot and little Adam became unbearable..he was running all over the place..

Me & little Adam at the surau

Waeis in da house!

One of the cow waiting in line 

The korban process

My sis suggest that we have our lunch outside..and i tried to make little Adam sleep..but he was to excited to even sit still..he was playing and running in the house..feeling happy since all of his cousins are here..

Playing with the red rocking horse

Keep on playing while Waeis sleeping

Had our lunch with the family and then off we went to Mr. AZ aunt's house..my MIL celebrates there.. spent the whole evening there and then we call it a day..

That was how we spent our eid..how about yours?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Eidul Adha 1431H

From the 3 of us..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

He's now older and much wiser

Little Adam turns 2 today! we didn't celebrate much just a simple lunch between the three of us.. thought of buying him a development toys but most of the toys are off the rack..it's Christmas shopping.. perhaps after the holidays rush..but I bought something for him..

our cozy birthday lunch

Saturday, November 6, 2010

He's so into..


Now..we can't even turn on the laptop without him interrupting..i even have to transfer the video into my handphone to sit him still on the car, meal time and lots more..

He's just been introduced by the helper and he's hooked! i've been censoring what he's watching..i guess i fail.. Summore.. he can even follow the dialog word by word..so cute!

watching with his Micka*

he's so serious

*Micka = Mickey Mouse