Monday, December 27, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia || A' Famosa Resort, Melaka || Day 1

We went to A' Famosa resort over the weekend.. Joined by my brother and my parents.. Sis cannot join coz she has something to attend to.. Somemore need to prepare for my nephew's registration the monday after..

Left for the resort around noon.. stopover at my cousins' house in Bangi for lunch and a quick catch-up on the upcoming wedding arrangements.. Then off to Melaka..

Adam on the way
Met my brother and family at the check-n villa.. i t was almost 4 o'clock (note: the check in time for the villa is at 4pm) the area was jammed! I think when they plan this place they didn't anticipate of loads of cars coming in because there's not enough parking space.. so my parents and my bro waited at one of the empty villa nearby while I went for check-in (Mr. AZ haven't arrived from his bro's house)

Playing peek-a-boo
My big boy
Playing with Waeis
It was a rather an uncomfortable check-in for me.. the place was crowded..people were getting restless. and the aircond wasn't helpful at all.. finally it was over and we had our unit..

Arriving.. I was quite dissapointed as the pool was located at the front porch and no cover at all.. so gone my idea of swimming freely (??!) and my first impression of the villa (I was the first one to enter).. I was awed by the size and the ID..

Our unit
As we settled down.. and Mr AZ also have arrived was raining outside.. my nephews and nieces was already change to their swimming attire..Ignoring the rain they swam..They enjoyed themselves.. because they don't have to share the pool with other people.. Little Adam and Mr. AZ join them after the rain was over.. much later in the evening..

Little Adam and Mr. AZ

Waeis was jealous
My brother went to buy the entrance ticket to the Cowboy Town for the night's parade.. After couple of packets of 'quick mee' (as my dad call it) and Maghrib.. we went to the resort's entrance to the Cowboy Town.. the place was already packed.. and we headed towards the parade area.. there the place was already full and the show has already started.. I pity my mom as there was no place for to sit and watch and some inconsiderate people was pushing from behind.. i think after the second part of the show she had enough and said she'll just wait for us outside the parade area.. and me joining here after sometime as i was getting suffocated.. later joined by my father and little Adam..


Me and Little Adam in the town

The fireman (??) show
Then there's intermission.. during that time i found a place for my mom to sit nearby my nephews and niece.. me and Mr AZ search for other place for us to sit with Little Adam and we found quite a nice place at the beginning of the parade (meaning that we get to see first before other people)

After the intermission was the parade and the much waited fireworks.. the show was superb! everybody was enjoying themselves.. before the fireworks show they have this Xmas show (since it was 25th) and they even have the snow maker machine..The fireworks was worth every cents paid..

One of the fireworks

Another firework

Then me and my nephews and niece when to watch the 4D movie at the theater nearby.. it was a haunted house movie but it wasn't scary at all..

At the theater entrance

And we ended the day after that..

Me and my niece

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