Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cameron Highlands Holiday - Day 3

It's our last day in Cameron..planned for nothing just to head home beat the traffic from north..
We made a final cameron tea shopping at the local store and start moving down.. and we made another pit-stop in Ringlet for vege's, fruits and flowers.. Adam was was a relaxing shopping for me..i chose roses..some fruits and vege's and also souvenirs for some friends..
And off we go..planned to make another pit-stop at Lata Iskandar but was cancelled later..And finally we reached the lowland.. another stop for lunch at R&R Tapah.. so-so food..not that interesting..or is it me stomach that was bloated with nutritious food?? eheheh..
It sure was a walk down the memory lane for me to visit Cameron Highlands after so long..we used to climb up almost every month during Abah crazy days with golf..he loves golfing up there because "sejuk!! xyah peluh2 and x penat jalan jauh!".. Adam loves the cold weather.. Hubby loves the homemade icecream and the fresh vege's..and he planned for the next trip up to be longer so we can visit more places..
Till next holiday!!
Adam sleeping
Me choosing the roses
Still sleeping because he enjoys the cool weather
My cutie pie still asleep while me choosing souvenirs

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