Thursday, January 27, 2011

She Bangs!

In the fever of the current American Idol 10.. I was brought back to this man.. William Hung.. still remember him??.. I wonder what he's up to now?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Papa's little boy

I was getting ready to go out for lunch when I saw little Adam all ready and he's playing X-Box and enjoying it! He handle the joystick like he knows what to do.. with shouting yess!! and goal!! aiyayai..

here goes the pictures..

p/s: please excuse the mess.. heeee.. it's guling-guling weekend time!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Adam Current Favourite

Lately little Adam favourite thing is chanting on the selawat that goes like this "Sollatullah Salamullah A'la Toha Rasulillah, Sollatullah Salamullah A'la Yaassin Habibillah" this selawat will go on and on and on be it in the car.. playing.. eating.. whenever he feels like it.. but it is so cute and made me a proud mother and Mr. AZ a very.. i mean verrryyy proud father..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding || Zakwan & Alia

This time me and Mr. AZ was invited to the groom's side reception.. this reception was by invitation only..initially the place was given to my parents but due to some unexpected circumstances we were sent as the stand-ins..I don't mind since the reception took place at Saloma Bistro.. and I've never been there.. My cousin put as Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu to be the attire..

Arrived there on time and was given a perfect parking since we were the bride's entourage..There were 3 section of the the hall, at the foyer and garden.. according to the host the guest list seems to expand day by day that they have to add the number of tables..The theme for the night was P. Ramlee & Saloma and all the grrom's side was all in character with their attire and what not..Even the music entertaining the guest all through the ceremony was by P. Ramlee & Saloma.. The table names, the menus and the list goes on..

When the couple arrived, 3 kids equipped with kompang and hailer shouting "Pengantin dah sampai! Pengantin dah sampai!" around the hall.. Then the real kompang sounded and the couple came in.. Their dais only appear after the couple standing in front of the stage.. quite an intro..

All in all i really love the reception with all the bringing back the P. Ramlee & Saloma nostalgia..Even with all the gimmick the host still manage to end their reception at 10.30..very impressive.. The food was yummilicious..

we are here

the menu

my man

our table

the favors - personalized thank you tag


watching the merenjis session
the bride's uncle

walking to the dining table
food presentation by the Saloma team
atok & annie
cake cutting

entertainment by the groom's cousins

the cutest of all - Labu & Labi the photographer

p/s : all these pictures were taken using my new toy! heee!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wedding || Alia & Zakwan

The girl that got engaged on her birthday last July got married today..she's my cousin's daughter and make her my second cousin (??) Planned to attend her akad nikah but ditch the idea later in the morning.. so we just join during the reception.. heard the ceremony was beautiful.

Uh ohh.. the hantaran from the bride's side was made by yours truly and sister.. anyone interested can make your way to my other blog All Pretty Things by aidaY You can also ask me here.. whichever us fine with me.. heee..

the bride
walking to her husband
lovely couple
little Sara
hantaran from the groom

hantaran from the bride

Monday, January 3, 2011

Makan - Makan || The Loaf, Pavillion

We headed to Pavillion to experience The Loaf ourselves.. Expecting a nice evening tea with the family.. it was a hectic one instead..the cafe were full.. all the breads are gone..We head upstairs to the bistro so that we can sit and enjoy our evening coffee.. I end up ordering a carbonara and mushroom soup for little Adam.. which he refuses to eat.. i think he prefers the usual cream of mushroom soup.. little Sara on the other hand was enjoying every bit of this outing very much.. as she spent most of her time at home..

Enjoying his evening coffee

Some of the bread that we mange to grab

little Sara
All in all the food was so-so.. I didn't like the carbonara that much.. the soup was ok also.. but the coffee.. as in the latte was superb.. i enjoy it to the very last bit! I guess if we spent more time there maybe i would enjpy the food.. and if.. the cafe offers more variety in its menu.. i would surely enjoy my tome there..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Fresh Start