Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Presenting Pak Aji & Mak Aji kecik solat jemaah.. Seriously tak tau derang solat apa.. sebab satu rakaat full tapi lagi satu halfway.. tiba-tiba je dah bagi salam.. bila tanya solat apa.. buat tak peduli..

Actually derang excited dengan sejadah baru.. identical but lain warna.. adam kaler ijau.. sara kaler pink.. tu yang tiba-tiba berjemaah tu.. Kalau sedar.. telekung sara tu dah kecik sangat.. kepala pon dah tak muat.. kejap-kejap melorot tutup muka..

p/s: sila abaikan background yang semak itu.. Adam tengah mood "mengemas"..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

21st Ramadhan 1434H

We've reached nearer to the end of Ramadhan.. It seems like only yesterday was the first day and puff came then 10 last days.. I just can't get enough of the month..
Today Iftar's was like a feast.. I came back with a couple of lauk for berbuka.. while my sis cook a couple more dish.. Luckily everybody came to the table with a huge appetite than usual.... hehehe..

ikan jaket goreng
masak lemak nenas & ikan kering
ayam goreng kunyit
fresh ulam
sambal & tempoyak

sambal tofu & terung
sambal udang & petai
bayam masak air
lepat liat

Actually there is a bowl of masak lemak cili padi ayam but I forgot to take picture of it.. Thanks to Adam and Sara for being impossible during the preparation for Iftar.. I was being really impatient.. So abah & mak took both of them out for a drive.. ehehhe.. thanx to them.. if not I'll sure be shouting till top of my lungs every second.. They came back with a new Adam & Sara.. a little bit controllable..

Monday, July 29, 2013

20th Ramadhan 1434H

Hahaha.. so I'm back from Dude's hometown.. and I'm ready to update our Iftar's menu.. Mostly were heated from yesterday.. but we enjoyed the food.. eventhough simple but membuka selera.. I had seconds.. But I did managed to roast some chicken for Adam..

And we had some dishes cooked up from bekalan given by MIL.. pisang..

banana fritters for appetizer - pisang from MIL
asam pedas
masak lemak nanas & ikan masin
sambal ijo petai
salad a.k.a ulam
roast chicken
pengat pisang for dessert - pisang from MIL

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Balik Hometown

We're going back to Merlimau today to celebrate the Ramadhan with inlaws.. Adam was the most excited person.. because of two reason.. ONE.. he got to meet his cousins.. TWO.. he got to get on the train (he would say step on the train) for us to meet Dude at Putrajaya Sentral since he's working..

So I'll be off updating our Iftar's menu (won't dare taking pictures at inlaw) for two days.. will only be back on Monday!!

These are an updated picture of Adam on the way to meet Dude at Putrajaya Sentral (since now I've arrived at hometown)..

in the ERL on the way to Putrajaya Sentral
while waiting for Dude at Putrajaya Sentral
keep himself busy playing cars

And the most sensational picture of Adam..

hemsem boy

with his new aviator.. no more rebut-rebut mama & papa punye yeh??

Friday, July 26, 2013

17th Ramadhan 1434H

We're some sort of having a cook's block (kirenye macam writers' block la) on what to cook for Iftar today.. and in the end these are what we have on our table..
sambal ikan bilis petai
kobis goreng

sambal sardin
tempe goreng
cucur jagung bilis for appetizer
sayur lemak suhun and tofu
cincau for drink


Thursday, July 25, 2013

16th Ramadhan 1434H

These are our lauk berbuka for today..

sotong goreng kunyit
sambal udang petai

tempe goreng
ikan masak 3 rasa
kuzi kambing

masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15th Ramadhan 1434H

Now out Iftar no longer belonged to any theme.. dah jadi caca marba.. based on who craved for what.. everything in put on the table.. paling banyak is from me.. akibat banyak sangat blog hopping.. ngeheheheh..

Somemore today, I got tempe that I ordered from one of my officemate.. this tempe is made fresh.. I received the tempe that is warm and have this fresh smell.. yummeehhh!! dah goreng sangatla sedap.. memang lemak berkrim.. ratah gitu je.. 

fresh tempe goreng
masak lemak telur itik

sayur labu & bayam
kari daging

kerabu kerang-taugeh-paku
ikan masak tiga rasa
ayam percik black pepper
salad suhun
soya panas

soya ni a little bit let down.. cair sangat and to sugar sweet.. takde rase lemak langsung..