Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Makan - Makan || Meat U Here Steak House, Wangsa Maju

Another meat craving session with Mr. AZ and Adam.. feel free to read the review of my first visit.. but this time around my mother join us too.. while my father went out with my sis and family.. ehehehehe.. we went different ways that night because of different cravings.. ahahahah.. kesian my parents..

Had my usual.. t-bone and Mr. AZ went for grain fed sirloin.. even my mother had the same with Mr. AZ.. my bad.. because I thought they have salmon in their list of menu.. sorry mak..

Adam mushroom soup
my t-bonesteak

Adam as always will enjoy his bowl of mushroom soup.. eventhough he already had his dinner before Maghrib.. I as ever love my t-bone and i saw that my mom love her meat too.. but maybe the portion was too big for her appetite at night.. Mr. AZ was happy man that night because he get to finished 1 and a half portion of grain fed sirloin.. the mashed potato and coleslaw is just the same as my first visit.. would be my only place of choice to fulfill my "ad-hoc" crave for meat!

Meat U Here Steak House, Wangsa Maju
No.25, Jalan Wangsa Delima 12 (Wangsa Walk), Section 5, Wangsa Maju, 53300 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel : 03 - 41420029 
Hours : 1100am - 1100pm (Mon - Thu & Sat - Sun) | 230pm - 1100pm (Fri)

I Say
Price : quite expensive RM 160++ for a t-bone, 2 grain fed sirloin and a bowl of mushroom soup.. what do you think? worth every cents
Food :  I fell in love again with the mashed potato and coleslaw.. and love the way they cook my meat..
Service : great service
Atmosphere : a casual and relaxing setting perfect for any ocassion
Cleanliness : clean..
Parking : parking is still a hassle..park by the roadside if you are lucky.. if not park at the parking area of wangsa walk mall but you have to walk to the steakhouse

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Makan - Makan || Serai @ Shaftsbury, Cyberjaya

On our mission searching for a nice place to eat.. Ended up in Cyberjaya.. Mr. AZ suggest to try the foods at his work place.. proud sangat dengan working place dier tu.. eheheh.. Tapi mostly eating place kat situ cafe macam O'Briens and Subway.. ada jugak Yati Ayam Percik and a couple more.. tapi we finally chose Serai because of good reviews for Serai at Empire..

Masuk je the restaurant like wow! full house!! luckily empty table for us.. ceruk la sikit but who cares? browsing through the menu and glancing to the other table.. we noticed that most of their customers ordered set meals.. so going on a different direction, we decided to try their ala carte menu.. ehehehe.. Ordered one dish consist of tom yum for soup, squid and fish for mail dish and asparagus for vege..

Service adalah sedikit slow sebab terasa lama betol before dapat drinks.. I ordered Minted Calamansi Soda while the others ordered watermelon juice, apple juice and coke.. 

my minted calamansi soda

our drinks

After something like about another 20 minutes baru our order came.. tapi just the Deep Fried Salty Egg Squid (standard portion) and Asparagus Belacan (standard portion).. tapi sadly the food dah sejuk.. the squid would be much better if was served hot.. then our rice came.. sebab dah lapar and didn't expect that the other dish would be long behind.. kitorang pon apa lagi.. membantai laa.. 1/2 of the squid and asparagus barulah tom yum seafood served.. hmmm.. i've had a better tom yum.. even the isi sikit.. then we waited and waited somemore for our deep fried fish.. terpaksa stop makan if not nasi habis by the time the fish came..lepas dah tak sabar tunggu we asked the waiter, only to be informed that it would be much longer sebab banyak order.. boleh?? baru nak bagitau?? kalau tak tanya tadi? tunggu sampai petang ke? then we change the order sebab nasik banyak lagi and lauk lain dah habis.. change to lemon chicken.. which the waiter promise to be ready in 10 minutes.. hahahah.. 10 minutes la sangat.. we almost gave up and nak balik dah.. baru la the chicken datang and it was serve hot.. and naseb baik the chicken was very delicious..crispy chicken with lemony sauce.. yumms!! tapi tak cukup untuk men'cover' other downside of our experience..

deep fried salty egg squid
asparagus belacan
tom yum seafood
lemon chicken

Before going off, we decided to try their dessert which received a lot of good reviews.. especially the pavlova.. and through to the reviews.. memang sedap! not too sweet just enough creamy taste.. double yumms!! 

By the time our bill came we were quite shock by the numbers.. tapi takpela for the sake of trying a new place.. atleast we can say that we've tasted Serai.. But maybe it would take us longer time to be coming here again.. sorry!

When I go through our bill at the office only I realised that the waiter served us with a large portion lemon chicken.. and I remembered that he didn't ask us on the portion during the order change.. urrgghhh..

Serai @ Shaftsbury, Cyberjaya

P3A 16 & 17, Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia 6, CYBERJAYA
Tel : 03 - 83226717

I Say
Price : Expensive to pay RM 160 for food that you can get a way better tasting elsewhere..
Food : We were not satisfied with the food.. It can taste better and can be improve.. But we love the pavlova and the lemon chicken..
Service : service can be improve..
Atmosphere : nice atmosphere.. a high end cafe perhaps?
Cleanliness : clean..
Parking : parking infront of the building or at the parking block at the back of the shop

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Makan - Makan || Alaa... Kasim Ikan Bakar, Alai, Melaka

During one of the weekends, we went back to Melaka for BIL's wedding.. But I went back with my parents a day later after MR. AZ.. but my parents stayed at Renaissance Hotel in Melaka town.. Masa tu tak berapa sihat so terpaksa tumpang my parents.. Rasa tak selesa orang tengah sebok-sebok nak kenduri then I was there helpless tak buat ape2..

Sampai hotel just nice after check-in time, so I went to checked us in while abah parked the car.. Lagipon booking was made under my name.. katenye government rate.. heee.. Adam was super excited! macam biasela.. always happy bile enter any hotels.. 

sebokla tanya.. "mama, what are you doing?" 

bila cakap "I'm q-ing to pay for our stay in hotel. Do you want to sleep here?" 

tros jawab "yes, yes, yes. Adam love hotel"

After that teros naik our room, the view memang best.. Kampung Morten and the river cruise.. Adam was super duper excited.. melompat-lompat.. naik katil and turun katil.. 

then i said "Adam, lepas ni malam ni kite sleep rumah nenek ok?"

Adam, "Noooo!! Adam sleep hotel!"

Sudah! macammane la nak balik rumah MIL malam ni?? takpe kite tunggu sampai Mr. AZ datang nanti.. We planned to have dinner at one of the ikan bakar restaurant.. most probably dekat Alai.. My sister and family will be joining us later at the restaurant.. Petang tu just hang out dalam bilik.. After bath and susu, Adam slept peacefully..

Close to Maghrib macamtu Mr. AZ sampai and dalam pukul 8 head out to Alai.. to be exact Crystal Bay.. My sister is already on the way.. so we'll be meeting her up there instead of at the hotel.. Masa nak keluar hotel room tu Adam dah bising-bising that he wanted to sleep hotel.. we just ignored him and said that akan datang balik later after dinner..

Rushing jugakla nak ke kedai ikan bakar tu sebab takut crowded since it's on a weekend night.. Sampai situ memang dah penuh pon.. tapi luckily ada satu family baru je bangun just infront of us.. so teros duduk and it is dekat kedai yang most review i read about was a positive review.. it is Alaa... Kasim.. 

Since my sister tak sampai lagi, I took the resposibility to choose our food.. with abah of course! i don't trust my decision.. muahahahha.. so kitorang pilih udang, sotong, ikan.. then later my sister tambah ketam.. For udang ada 2 cara masak, half masak sambal (especially for Mr. AZ) another half bakar, sotong semestinya goreng tepung, ikan bakar sambal and ketam black pepper.. Air a jug of tembikai and nasik lemak..  Yang best masa tengah pilih bahan mentah tu, timing kitorang memang tepat sebab orang kedai tu baru je tambah sotong and udang.. Dapatla pilih udang and sotong yang besar-besar.. rezeki...

sambal kicap
nasik lemak
udang masak sambal
udang bakar
sotong goreng tepung

Memang la ramai orang sebab nak dapat nasik lemak pon lambat.. but dapat nasik lemak sekali dengan udang masak sambal.. just nice.. so apalagi? bismillah lepas tu tak angkat muka dah.. ahahahahhaha.. then udang bakar pon sampai and sotong goreng tepung.. paling last is ikan bakar and ketam.. Udang masak sambal okla.. tapi pedas sikit for me.. orang lain sumer ok je.. tapi we like udang bakar better sebab udang tu dibakar dengan garlic butter.. yummss.. sotong goreng tepung pon best.. love!! ikan bakar masak sambal rupenya portugese style ikan bakar tu.. masak dalam foil.. pon nice.. the fish nicely cook.. for ketam.. hmmm.. biase je la.. sebab macam kering jek.. not to our liking..

Lepas makan tu we separate ways.. my parents and sister went back to the hotel.. kitorang sefamily head back to MIL's.. Adam mengamuk sakan all the way to MIL's.. sebab nak tido hotel.. tapi once jumpe all his cousins..terus lupe hotel.. eheheheheh..

Ikan Bakar Ala.. Kasim
Gerai No. 1, Medan Ikan Bakar Alai - Gerai MBMB, Crystal Bay, Alai, 75460 MELAKA
Tel: 012 - 611 9161

I Say
Price : reasonable for all that we had that night we were only charge 100++.. Mr. AZ wont tell me the right amount..
Food :  The seafood was fresh.. the best so far for me.. but still in search for a better seafood place.. i love their grilled prawn with garlic..
Service : good service considering the crowd that night
Atmosphere : a food court.. what more can you ask for? on weekend somemore
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : paid parking..and the hardest on weekend night.. but someone will guide you to an empty space

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adam IOP 2012 Celebration Party || Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve

Last week was Adam's school final year celebration party.. they call it a party instead of concert.. it was held in Royal Bintang Hotel at The Curve.. We were informed of this party couple of  weeks back and I made sure that Mr. AZ took leave on that day since it is on Saturday (he works 6 days a week).. Whenever I asked Adam about the party, he always said "Birthday Party".. not even once that I saw him dancing or singing.. but he's teacher mentioned that they'll be performing.. 

This party is hosted by the Institute of Play (IOP) and participated by all their studios.. I think there were 5 studio all together under IOP.. and Adam is in Ampang Studio.. his teacher mentioned about wearing a shirt.. so I just put him on a red coloured tee.. hahaha.. talking about following instructions.. actually I was in the middle of a meeting when the call came.. and I didn't hear the teacher right I guess.. all his friends were wearing a white shirt.. sorry Adam.. my bad..

We went there after Mr. AZ weekly tennis session.. by the time we went out it was already 9 ++ and the party started at 10 o'clock.. we were at DUKE when a call came in.. it was Adam's teacher asking where we were since they were going to start rehearsal.. I don't think they mentioned any rehearsal in any of their call before.. well, they have to wait..

By the time we parked the car it was 9.30ish.. and I rushed both of Mr. AZ and Adam to find the hotel lobby since we parked at The Curve.. At the lobby, I can already heard some of the kids shouting and screaming wanting to go home.. whoaahhhh!! by that time I was already afraid of Adam's reaction.. but when he saw his teacher greeted him at the ballroom door and ushered him inside.. he followed her and waved goodbye to us.. that easy?? 

We registered at the reception table and were given coupons & vouchers.. the ballroom was almost half full with parents and family members.. the students were seated infront and parents at the back.. we were seated according to the studios.. our studio were seated towards the end of the ballroom.. 

While waiting for the party to start, Mr. AZ took pictures of Adam with his friends.. I was afraid to go infront at first.. fearing that Adam would cry and wanted to follow me instead of seating with his friends and performing.. Unexpectedly he just smiled, waved and then continue chit-chating with his friends.. seriously, this is a side of him that I never saw before.. usually he refused to leave my side..

Adam enjoying himself watching some of his classmates performing macarena

The party was a relaxing affair.. no protocol whatsoever.. the parents just enjoying all the performances.. but the downside is the difficulty of taking pictures or even videos of the performance.. when Adam's studio turn to performed, he was not on the stage.. well I guess he wasn't selected because he's too shy.. maybe Adam was the stage fright type.. just like mama.. haha! but then there were another song by their studios.. this time Adam was on the stage.. when the song starts, he started to sing and dancing.. another side of him that I never saw before.. not even a trace of stage fright.. only enjoyment.. I was so proud of him performing until I wept.. bahahahah!! talk about being emotional..

 Adam performing with his friends..

 gangnam dance

their daily song by all the studios

their final song

After that a couple of performance by the rest of the studios.. towards the end there were performance by all the studios.. they even performed gangnam style where Adam enjoyed so much, and an encore of gangnam style.. then the teapot song and couple of their daily songs at school.. Adam was singing and dancing all through performance.. he changed alot! he's not the Adam that I enrolled at the school at the beginning of this year.. he's the new and improved Adam.. 

I was really impressed.. and greatful to all his teachers.. here.. I would like to thank the teachers (Teacher Thelma, Teacher Mimi, Aunty Egy, Aunty Cindy, Aunty Ika, Uncle Nizam and Uncle Saiful) in Tumble Tots Ampang Studio for being so patient in handling my Adam.. .. Thanks a million!!

with Teacher Thelma

I still remember the first day I sent Adam, he was crying and refused to leave my side.. but I had to.. Then I saw one of the teachers picked him up and hold him just the way that I would when calming him down.. When I picked him up at the end of the school session that day, he's still in the same position (on the teachers lap) when I left him.. that means, the teacher held him like that all through the session..

best of friends

After the final performance  we took couple of pictures and then helped ourselves to the refreshments.. after that we left because Adam was already asking for his milk..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adam is 4!

Today is my Adam's 4th birthday.. Earlier this year I had a lot of idea's on how to celebrate his birthday.. but in between work and everything I forgot to execute the ideas.. and I was down with fever after the wedding in Gemencheh.. and still am down with the fever and a very bad cough.. 

So I just decided to make some goody bags and buy a cake (he requested for chocolate cake) and sent it to the school for him to celebrate with his friends and teachers.. 

When I arrived at the school they were all playing.. so the teacher let me inside and I decline since I was coughing badly and with fever somemore.. afraid that I would spread my virus to all the kids.. Then my Adam notice that I was there and he saw the cakebox.. and was jumping excitedly.. and something caught my ears as he was introducing me to his friends.. "this is my mommy!" ehehehehe.. so cute.. such a big boy.. then I just left and let him enjoy the time with his friends.. but I did tell him that I'll pick him up when he finishes school..

and this is the look of the now turned 4 years old baby boy after celebrating his birthday at school..


Monday, November 12, 2012

Akad Nikah || Azizul & Shakira

An early morning on Sunday is something so not me.. but for this event I'll sacrificed my sleep time.. heee.. Gemencheh where the akad nikah took place is some 2++ hours from our house in KL.. Was adviced by the grrom to take the Simpang Ampat exit and head to Tampin instead of taking the Kuala Pilah route.. supposed to save time.. I slept all the way.. hehehehe..

We arrived something about 9.30ish.. everybody was there.. we were just in time bearing the most precious gift.. the sirih junjung.. After everybody was there.. we walked to the bride's house.. I guess the family was surprised by our big group.. so some of the younger generation stayed outside.. but I managed to squeezed in to take pictures.. these are the pictures of the akad nikah..

waiting for the bride
the bride
at one-go he's a husband
groom's hantaran
bride's hantaran

After the akad nikah we had a light refreshment before we off to rumah singgah while waiting for the majlis sanding.. there were already people coming for the kenduri by the time we leave.. Mr. AZ decided to follow his brothers to one of the wife's auntie house somewhere nearby instead of to the rumah singgah.. he said let the elder generation stayed there since it is much nearer to the kenduri..

The berarak took place around 12++ just before zuhur.. and it was in the middle of the day and the sun was super hot.. to make matter worst we had to wait for the other couple's family member to berarak together (the kenduri is for 2 couples).. why can't people be punctual? especially if it involves other people?


At the kenduri there not enough space for all of us.. since we were in a big group and there are 2 families.. so we just had our meal together with other guests.. no problem there.. the  food was great.. my favourite ayam merah & daging masak hitam.. yummyy.. nothing much happening or should I say I don't care on what happening at the main table because it was too hot.. peluh meleleh2.. I just couldn't stand anymore.. teros ajak hubby balik.. Adam pon started to get cranky..

Took picture with the bride and groom and off we go..


And now.. I'm down with fever and quite a bad cough..

p/s: the groom's hantaran was made by yours truly.. cantek kan?? theme colour magenta..