Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is so cute!

I know i know.. some of you guys have already seen this advert.. but i just can't stop myself from publishing this.. ouuhh.. this is sooo cute.. When little Adam understand what Star Wars is I'll buy him the suit.. so little Adam.. pleasee pleaseee watch and love that movie ok??! 

I put here also the making of the advert which is also very cute.. I just can't stop myself to watch this advert and the making over and over again..

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been wanting to join in the craze of macaron when i read in most of the blog during my blogwalking.. but I'm not sure on where to get it.. The one in Empire somewhere in Subang was out of question.. try to persuade Mr. AZ to go there.. but did not succeed.. Not until I found out about this lady.. she took my order and walllah.. 
The Macaron was super cute and nice.. the jam filling.. yummeh!! per box came with 25 macarons with 4 flavours of your choice.. and also colourful! so loving it! will surely order again for other flavours.. 

For orders do visit Cikmin Macaron.. or search her in facebook.. remember this.. Cikmin Macaron.. If u're unable to self-pickup, she can arrange for postal with charges of course!

order from her
25 macarons in a box
4 flavours
yumm yumm yummeh

p/s: ooohhh... i'll be in trouble if i went for a blood test.. I'm sure my sugar level will go beyond the acceptable limit...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Lost

Pagi tadi after Subuh, we got a call that Atuk Mr. AZ passed away.. It was a great loss to the family and to us..

"Al-Fatihah ..."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Makan - Makan || Nando's, Ampang Point

Last Saturday, we and SIL had a late lunch at Nando's Ampang Point.. had the normal 1/4 chicken meal mild peri-peri with old style chips and coleslaw.. and had it with garlic and hot peri-peri sauce.. yummeehh.. this is the first time i manage to finish the quarter bird.. but didn't manage to even finish up half of the side dishes.. luckily Mr. AZ was there.. heeee..

peri-peri sauce
this cuddly even joined us
his first time eating the chicken here
my order

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Boot Are Made For Playing

This 'Phua Chu Kang' boot bought by my sis for little Adam.. he love this boot so much that he slept with the boot during his afternoon nap after my sis gave it to him.. he even wore this boot during one of the trip to Jusco..

To put the boot to its use, I let little Adam wore it during his morning gardening.. my parents bought a sandbox for him to play with.. so these are series of little Adam with his boot and sandbox..

the boot
excited to play out of the house
my own Phua Chu Kang
his sandbox
being organize
gardening little Adam style
loves the star
big boss after a hard day at work

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monkey Business

We went to watch monkeys at Taman TAR Ampang area after breakfast just now.. Lotsa monkey doing their thing and minding their own business.. little Adam was having a great time getting to know monkeys in person..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Makan - Makan || Murni Discovery, Aman Suria

We've been meaning to try the food here for ages.. we even surveyed for the restaurant couple of times.. Finally we have the time to have dinner there..I've read couple of food blog review about this place... and i think i have an idea what to order.. even for Mr. AZ...

when we arrived, the restaurant was full.. luckily there were a table for us inside.. I ordered a Mee Raja Tomyam while Mr. AZ went for their chicken grill.. as for drinks, Ribena Special for me while Mr AZ ordered I-Love-U.. there's a funny story during ordering that drink.. the person taking our order were a girl..

Waitress : "Abang, minum apa?"

Mr. AZ (tersenyum malu) : "I Love U"

and the waitress took the order and left us.. eheheheh..couple of minutes later our drinks came and then our food..from my reading, the review raved about how big the portion is.. The Mee Raja was huge nut Mr. AZ's grill chicken was of normal portion and it wasn't enough for him.. Luckily I couldn't finished mine and we shared.. sharing is caring.. no?!

ribena special
grill chicken
mee raja tomyam

Review : I love the drinks... maybe could try other combination next time.. I also love Mee's like meehoon but thicker..The grill chicken was nice too.. the black pepper sauce was the to die for. I can't stop licking it clean.. ehehehe.. next time maybe I'll try their fried rice.. We will surely be here again..maybe with a bigger appetite..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was watching one of the Glee Season 2 rerun series..the theme is anything Britney Spears.. and I was toxicated by Mr. Shue in this song.. uhuhuhu..