Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cameron Highlands Holiday - Day 2

I was awaken by a frozen was super cold!! but Adam remain and the husband was fighting for more blankie..i think Adam loves the cold..or maybe because of his comfy sleeping bag..we started the morning avoid the crowd at the plantation..

the bush walk

so after a super speedy breakfast (and plan to catch up on breakfast at the plantation!) we headed to the Boh Tea Plantation (where the combination of hot tea and scones are to die for)..a lot has change..we can no longer drive up to the factory..we have to climb up the hill to the tea centre..but thanks to my SIL with the baby in her womb..we get to bring a car up..

the view during the climb up

me & my baby boy
Tea plantation from the Tea Centre

Just the three of us
The old school way to enjoy a cup of hot tea
The super yummy scones

The view up there was breathtaking..the cool air and all..and the renovated tea centre complete it all..we chose to be seated outside to enjoy the view while enjoying our cup of hot tea with scones and pies..since its windy and Adam starts to shiver and his lips are blue we move indoor..while some went for the tea factory the tea centre getting crammed we made our move to the next stop which is...

Not that interesting place to visit since most of the butterflies are from the Rajah Brooke's species..but one thing interesting is that we got to see how butterflies are made (??)..
Then off we go to the strawberry farm from the day before just for the ice cream!! yumm!!

Adam enjoying his new toys from Opah

The rest of the day was spent in the apartment doing nothing and sleeping since its raining..i woke up only to see this from the balcony.. i wish this vacation can last forever!!

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