Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lunch Date

This is Adam during one of the Saturday when we had our quality time together.. he requested for mushroom soup and bread at delifrance for lunch.. so healthy food it is.. by the way Dude was not here.. he's working..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MASM-Bank Rakyat Colouring Contest

I have been trying to make Adam to join colouring contest since last year.. but he seems not interested.. even at home when I try to get him to colour.. he would refused..

But this time around.. he was excited to join the contest.. so I registered him up.. this was actually during the Malaysian Environment Week Celebration.. but I brought him to the 1st day of the contest so that there will be fewer challengers (because the highlight of the celebration was the closing ceremony).. 

But what I can say about Adam.. is that.. I am very proud of him.. he just sit down even uncomfortably... and coloured as instructed.. but he's still poor in colouring inside the line and still need instructions to change the colours to use.. Need a lot of practice.. maybe should bring him to more colouring contest so hat he can see how people actually colour..

He didn't get any placing but.. the goodie bag has made Adam happy enough.. And he couldn't stop talking about his colouring contest experience the whole night!

see how uncomfortable he looks

started colouring with a green

change to blue when i asked him to
then change to yellow
he's done.. notice that he already menconteng?
all the contestants
ahahah.. bengang with mama

a good acomplishment for a 1st timer

cheeky dance line

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pink Rainbow

A birthday celebration at the office.. and the cake made by one of the department's staff..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Makan - Makan || Padi House, Galeria

Seperti biasa.. another day special lunch.. actually bukan apa pon.. it's just dah muak dengan the usual cafe food..

our drink - warm honey lemon and apple juice

chicken parmigiana

fish and chips

Padi House @ Galeria, Putrajaya
Galeria PjH, Jalan P4W, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4, PUTRAJAYA 
Hours : 1000am - 1000pm daily

I Say 

Price : as always.. worth the penny for the food they serve  
Food : I always love the food since its different from the normal office cafe food.. 
Service : smooth service eventhough they were full during lunch hour  
Atmosphere : love the ambience   
Cleanliness : clean  
Parking : parking is not a problem.. lots of basement parking if you don't mind paying RM2.. if not park by the roadside at your own risk

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My baby now is a big boy and he only play with big boys.. these are pictures of him during one of the balik kampung trip.. nampak sangat kejakunan budak bandar balik kampung.. everybody went kaki ayam and my son is geared with his sport shoes.. ahahahah..

But in the end the boys came to me saying "susahla main dengan Adam asyik kene bagi chance kat die jek!".. too bad..

Monday, October 21, 2013

Makan - Makan || Cafe Jiran, Wangsa Maju

Another red meat cravings.. so head to the nearest western joint available..

all mine ~ T-bone steak

Went back with a happy stomach.. can I have this again tomorrow??

Cafe Jiran, Wangsa Maju 
No. 23, Jalan 3/27D, Seksyen 6, Wangsa Maju 54200 KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 019 - 369 9436 (Mohd Fazli) 
Hours : 0500pm - 1200am (mon - sat) | 0500pm - 0100am (sun)

I Say

Price : affordable for a western food joint  
Food : love the steak.. just as I like it..
Service : happy with the service
Atmosphere : cafe like with soft music playing on the background 
Cleanliness : clean 
Parking : its quite difficult to find a parking space infront of the cafe but there is a huge parking space at the back of the cafe..

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Evening Train Ride

My dear Adam loves train so much.. name it.. Thomas the tank engine.. Chuggington.. he can even remember all the PUTRA LRT train station.. almost every weekend he would ask for a train ride..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Makan - Makan || Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda

One day, a colleague was craving to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.. so off we go to Alamanda.. i thought we were the earliest since we left the office at 1.00 o'clock sharp!.. but still there were still lots of people are already seated.. it was quite difficult to get the waitress's attention..

So these are our order..

lemon mint or something
our drinks
our fried platter
We shared this platter among the 3 of us.. and it was just more than enough.. 

Funny quotes printed on their serviette.. I was made known that there were couple of other quotes.. but was not used during the visit..

G83, Ground Floor, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Alamanda, Precint 1, 62000 PUTRAJAYA
Tel : 03 - 8889 5160

I Say

Price : i think we paid around RM50 for the 3 of us
Food : I always love their platter especially the rice.. but now it tasted a bit different
Service : maybe it was during lunch hour but it was quite difficult to get a service
Atmosphere : a normal restaurant
Cleanliness : clean
Parking : shopping centre parking lots

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Balik Kampung for Raya Korban

These are pictures of us on the way to Jengka to pick-up SIL and then shoot back to Melaka.. nothing much we (we as in me and Adam) did.. just picture taking and singing..

And this is Adam this morning before going off for Solat Sunat AidilAdha.. and before he fell down and spoil his entire Raya look..

Adam and Dude changing to their uniform to help in during korban.. this his first experience watching the process of sembelih and melapah.. and he sit through the process without getting tired.. what a success!!

And that night I managed to prepare a BBQ spread for the whole family.. another success.. my coleslaw and mashed potato with gravy was a hit! At least now I have a kitchen specialty when we go back to Melaka.. instead of being just a 'supervisor'..  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Makan - Makan || Desserting @ Serai, Cyberjaya

Eventhough we've been here before with not a very nice experience we came back.. with an eye for their cake.. the pavlova was to die for.. we even make a point to have just desserts after having our lunch somewhere else.. it was THAT GOOD..

This time around we tasted another cake.. hazelnut roche.. a chocolate version of the berry pavlova.. oh! no words can describe..

berry pavlova
hazelnut roche - new love

P3A 16 & 17, Shaftsbury Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6, CYBERJAYA 
Tel : 03 - 83226717

I Say 

Price : ++RM 16 for a slice of cake 
Food : the cakes were delicious.. no comments here 
Service : service has since improve from our last visit.. maybe it was not during peak hours 
Atmosphere : nice atmosphere.. 
Cleanliness : clean..
Parking : parking infront of the building or at the parking block at the back of the shop