Sunday, February 28, 2010

Balik Kampung Trip || Day 1

Adam enjoying his morning sip

Showing his affection to the pussy cat

It has been a long time since Adam's last balik kampung we went back to Merlimau for the Maulidur Rasul Holiday.. Adam was very excited all through the journey..But as soon as MIL's to take him he rejected her.. I was really surprised that he rejected MIL..maybe it has been a long time..would take him some time to remember faces..But he accepted the kids well..
I noticed Adam are a bit restless due to the heat.. please excuse my son.. he's very used to having the luxury of aircond back at home in KL..and it was hard to make him sleep.. but as soon as i bathe him with the cool water.. he slept soon after..

later he woke up along with me and the husband.. by that was almost nite time.. the husband decided to bring us out for a spin in Melaka city.. at first i thought of going to the much publicised Jonker Walk..but the inlaws are a bit reluctant since they have been there.. and according to them it was not that interesting.. maybe our taste are not the same.. Not wanting to make a noise about it, we settled for the nite market besides Mahkota Parade.. it was ok but i was looking forward for some artsy crafty stuff or even some antiques.. Adam on the other hand was sleeping allthrough the nite market walk.. all the noise and blasting music from the PA system didn't even bother him.. surprisingly he woke up as we starts our journey home.. we passed by Jonker was very happening.. and i love all the lanterns hung along the streets.. this can only be seen during the Chinese New Year..sadly i didn't get to take pictures as Adam was sleeping on my lap.. and the husband's driving..

The Menara Taming Sari at night

Well, that ends our day.. Adam slept peacefully directly under the ceiling fan that nite..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maulidur Rasul

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 3

Morning sun

Me & Adam strolling along the beach in silhoutte

This is our final day.. we had an early morning.. hit the beach for a stroll and some photo taking.. i tried to put Adam down on the sand.. but he refused and screamed with all his might.. and then had our breakfast at the hotel.. verdict.. food was nice.. better than in Primula.. but according to my brother & SIL.. they preffered Primula's spread better.. as for me.. i had more than 2 rounds of the breakfast..

Adam enjoying the waves

Do we look alike?

Afraid of the sand and tiny crabs

maybe he feels icky

with Opah

table centrepiece during breakfast

After the breakfast.. we brought Adam for his dip in the pool.. this time he was more confident to be in the water than before.. he now can paddle his feet to move around the pool with Ilman's watchful eyes.. i see a lot of visits to swimming pools in the future..

Adam during his swimming session

Clapping for himself

After his midday nap..we packed-up and checked-out of Impiana heading home.. took the east coast highway from cherating.. the journey was tiring.. i guess we're drained out of energy..

Helping in the packing-up process

Nearing Temerloh we decided to stop for lunch at any restaurant serving "masak asam tempoyak ikan patin".. Stop at another small restaurant called C'wok couple of km after Temerloh's toll gate heading towards Temerloh's town.. The fish was totally fresh as the restaurant owner catch and clean the fish at a stall selling live Patin fish infront of the restaurant.. the asam gravy was so nice and a nice amount of tempoyak was added to complement the fish.. all of us enjoyed more than 4 servings of the dish.. and the dish was complemented with ulam raja and sambal tempoyak..yummaaaayy.. we even take home a couple of kg of fresh fish for future cooking.. heee!!

We arrived home around 5 p.m. and unpacked and passed out.. the journey was a nice one even with a few hiccups here and there regarding hotels and food even the weather was not on our side.. it was super hot that we spent most our time inddors except for during visits to the swimming pool..perhaps we could make the vacation a little bit longer so we wont be rushing here and there. and to count in traffic jams and the journey..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 2

The 2nd day started with breakfast at the hotel.. the verdict?? Primula need to add a little variety to their breakfast menu.. I ran out of what to eat after the 1st round which is couple of chicken sausages & a scoop of spaghetti alfredo..

Adam enjoying his morning dip

Eyeing other kids' float

Playing with his cousin ~ Afnan

Ilman showing hitting the slide

Next we hit the pool.. Adam was afraid at first especially after a big splash by a bigger chils near him.. but as he gets comfortable in the water.. he tried to kick his legs in the water and moves around papa.. with the watchful eyes of his older cousins.. We took him out after his crinkled fingers and toes became visible.. then the rest of the morning went by with him sleeping..

Envious.. your time will come Waeis!

By noon we checked out of Primula to our next destination which is Cherating.. but need to make a quick stop at Seberang Takir.. to a keropok lekor stall near Biro Tatanegara.. there we had couple of plates of keropok lekor with loads of fish, delicious fried & grilled satar.. a lovely desert called Bingka (pronounced bike) and washed down with purely coconut drink.. we even bought couple of RM's worth of fish products.. Thanks to K. Laili and family for your hospitality..

Crossing a bridge toward Seberang Takir, we got to see the famous Crystal Mosque.. i always imagine it to be huge.. to my was quite small for the story been told..

Around 2 p.m. we started our journey to Cherating.. expexted to arrived at Impiana Cherating 2 hours later.. butttt.. we only arrive at the border of Kemaman & Cherating at around 5 p.m. it was exhausting.. but we made a stop for our lunch cum dinner at another small restaurant right after entering Cherating.. there we had KFC bought near Awana Kijal which is on the way and the restaurant's specialty Baung fish cooked in Asam gravy.. and a fried Baung fish plus fried kampung chicken.. it was a vary satisfying meal..
A couple of minutes ahead we reached Impiana Cherating and checked in.. first impression.. there were no elevator??!! the bell boy had to picked up our luggages (which is a lot! especially Adam's) couple of flights above.. and the room was located far ahead from each other.. and we got the room that is one level up than the lobby.. poor mak..with her knees and all.. but there were no more rooms available to change.. then there were mixed up on the room..but that was a small matter.. there were lots more coming.. the aircond was not working in 2 of the rooms.. towels was not provided in all the rooms..only after we reported it that the towels came.. and it was 6 P.M!! what kind of a service is that?? it seems that the room was not ready.. A note.. not to stay in Impiana Cherating anymore after this.. lousy service..

We ended up the day staying in the room due to exhaustion..

In one of the suite in Impiana

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade || Day 1

So.. we're back!!.. it was a tiring long weekend but somehow enjoyable..

Adam at the Petronas stop where we had our lousy breakfast

We started the trip early Saturday morning with the arrival of the big brother's family at 6 a.m.trying to beat the holiday traffic.. but we only manage to leave the house at 7 a.m. By the time we arrive the Gombak toll, the traffic had built up.. try to stop at the Genting Sempah for a breakfast but it was to congested.. and we manage to squeezed in at the Petronas couple of km ahead.. but the food was lousy.. and we were overcharged!! A reminder.. never to stop for a meal there ever again...

Adam enjoying his trip

And this boy enjoyed his trip too

The rest area up ahead in the eastcoast highway was totally full.. We regrouped again at a small restaurant near Bandar Al-Muktafi Billah for lunch.. it turn out we had a nice lunch compared to our dissapointing breakfast.. Had a fried fresh Lampam fish.. the price were reasonable..

Then we hit the road again.. this time straight to K. Terengganu.. We arrived at Primula Beach Resort close to 4 p.m. After refreshing ourselves and the kids hit the beach and pool.. we then went out to have the battered fried seafood at the beach nearby the airport.. unfortunately, we got a last minute info that the stall closed at 7 p.m. and double dissapointment as the road was jammed along the way to Seberang Takir.. and we had to divert to Losong and have the famous Keropok Losong..

Trying to tip the bell boy helping him with his luggages

On the way to seafood spree

There we had another info about fried seafood being available at Pantai Baru Buruk's food stalls.. so we head there and true to the info there was fried seafood especially squid..verry large squid.. but ii was a bit pricey.. but hey.. who cares??!! rather than not fulfilling our main agenda.. and the seafood meal ended our long day..

p/s: there's not much pictures here because the camera was with the nephew and the battery went dead in the middle of eating session..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year || Roaring Tiger

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sun.. Sea and Seafood Escapade

We're off for another makan-makan trip.. this time around we'll be hitting the eastern state of the Peninsular.. Hope everything running as planned.. daaa people!!

Pantai Batu Buruk, K. Terengganu [picture : googled]

Masjid Kristal, K. Terengganu [picture : googled]

Cherating, Pahang [picture : googled]

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Something For Him

This is the present i got for him for his birthday this year.. no.. i'm not paying for this.. but i gave the permission for him to buy it.. fair?? damn right it's fair.. eventhough me and Adam will get the priviledge.. but i'll let him fulfill his wish with his own money.. eheheheh.. But please don't do this for my birthday eh??

We purcahsed it on his birthday right after work.. but they can only manage to deliver it today.. it's either me or him won't be sleeping tonight! toodles!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday Dear Hubby a.k.a Papa!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Dinner || Victoria Station, Jalan Ampang

Bread & butter

The husband treat me and the parents for dinner at VS, Jalan Ampang.. Adam was so happy to get to go out at night..he loves to see all the lights..

Adam playing with butter spread

Raising his hands up high

With his milk

There were not that many people there..i think we were quite early.. we get to choose our table.. Adam was well behave..he even smile at all the waiters/waitresses.. he sings.. and starts screaming when i'm slow at feeding him bread.. I ordered VS T-bone's been quite some time since my last t-bone.. it was heaven!!.. the husband ordered mushroom something steak.. my mom..her favourite fish 'n' chips..while abah just settled with cream of mushroom soup and garlic bread..

The man who paid for the dinner

By the time we finished eating..Adam got cranky..sleepy i guess.. so we make our move since the men have to catch the football match that nite.. before we head home.. the husband made one big round around the city centre to catch the night live.. and Adam get to sleep peacefully in the car..


It's been awhile since my last visit to VS.. but the service was still good.. the waiters/waitresses was helpful and friendly.. they even offered to take care of Adam while we eat.. but Adam refused to be picked up..

The portion maintain on the larger side.. I ordered my meat well done..but it came to me as medium rare.. even the husbands' steak also came as medium rare.. but it was still nice.. i ordered potato skin for starter.. but regretted it because the skin was to dry.. and i can taste the charred part..yucky!!

Overall.. nice ambience.. but Adams' loud voice can be heard from time to time.. eheheheh.. definitely will come again for a nice fat chunk of meat..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Is..

I soo love these Love is .. comic strips by Kim Casali.. I even remembered during school days.. i had to fight for the comic strips in NST.. if i missed the hostel's copy then i'll try to persuade the librarian to let me cut the library's copy.. eheheh.. the strips is soo cuteness..

From today onwards i'll try to put a strip from my collection in my this blog.. i would love to share some of the love words from a wife to her husband.. it is said that this is the way she expressed her love towards the husband..
From what i know.. these strips has been translated to some languages..

Dutch: Liefde is...
Afrikaans: Liefde is...
German: Liebe ist …
Icelandic: Ást er...
Italian: "L'amore è..."
Portuguese: Amar é...'
Croatian: Ljubav je...
Russian: Любовь это... (Ljubov' eto)'
Spanish: Amor Es...
Serbian: Ljubav je...
Turkish: Aşk ...dır.
Persian: ...عشق یعنی
Finnish: Rakkautta on...
Danish: Lykken er...
French: L'amour c'est...
Greek: Αγάπη είναι...
I'll try to include some of these languages strips if i can found them..